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  1. I want to play Aion, I really do. But I just...can't bring myself to. I hate the transformation system SO MUCH. I hate how the new gear works (Can't upgrade one of my weapons because I will lose attack speed). I hate that NCsoft gave compensation gear based on what people had previously, something that's never been done in the past, for good reason. I love Aion, I really do, I've loved this game since September 2009, back when there were 200+ people all jammed into the little garden area next to the witch's in Ishalgan all desperately clicking at ribbits hoping they'd find Rae. But 5.8 through to 6.2 have just been...so -bad-. I didn't really like much in 5.X (Pandy siege, BoS and rifting were it, really. Oh, and Ereshkigal's design). And now 6.X and this GOD FORSAKEN DUMB ASS TRANSFORMATION SYSTEM. Just give me back my nyerking run/attack/crit/flight scrolls and throw out the nyerking piece of shit furry bullshit. If I wanted to see idiots running around in animal costumes I'd go to a nyerking furry convention.
  2. This Nerk be easy!

    You know a patch is bad when Bittena likes it.
  3. Idgel dome and dredge times

    2pm EST? That's great I can go to it finally. Haven't been able to do pvp instances in over a year.
  4. BC Coin purchases charge your credit card but don't actually give you any BC Coin.
  5. Transformations Are Dumb

    Nerf transformations to candy-level buffs, and give us back scrolls.
  6. Transformations Are Dumb

    This new transformation system replacing scrolls is dumb. I never used candies because Lumin should look like Lumin, not a nyerking penguin or a deku or a jester or KAISINEL. 10/10 on the hate meter. I know there are other threads about this, but I want to make my own because I'm a special butterfloof.
  7. Hiding transformations

    Transformation is the most asinine system that NCsoft has ever come up with in the 9 year history of this game. It's so nyerking stupid that it makes me want to kick a baby.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 25, 2018

    We're missing the extra stigma slot for having all +9 stigmas.
  9. Costume Rotation

  10. Daeva Dash Bug Abuse.

    It's not hacking. It's a bug, sometimes the door will open when you click on it. Just bug report it, I did.
  11. Rainbow Snake Festival 2018 Reward List

    Why would you rate a Berdin Amulet less than a star? XP stars are garbage, they're 25 million xp in a bank. That's less than one quest turn in. You can get way more xp out of an hour long amulet than you can out of a single, or even three, stars. And how dare you besmirch Our Lord In Hissven's good name by saying that a Rainbow Snake Costume is crap? Rainbow Snake is Chromatic Glory manifested. To wear Hiss costume is to be Blessed.
  12. 40 days! Attention: Katalam & Danaria

    Just to spite Lucimon I'm going to spend all my paycheck on Omegas.
  13. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    Tia Eye Status: DEAD
  14. Will you keep supporting this game after NEW TIA?

    Debating a hiatus until 6.0's released. The effort required to get gear that's going to be useless in 6 months is a debatable waste of time.
  15. Tia Eye NPC and rewards

    I do think, Hime, that y'all's choice to hike the prices this high is a mistake. I know I won't sway your mind, but I'd like to go through a few important points. - Currently, gear progression is very dependent on time-exclusive activities. Evergale Canyon is one of two ways you can progress with your PvP gear, but it is only available late in the evening (EST). There are a sizable minority of players such as myself who are unable to attend EGC during those hours, due to whatever reasons, whether it be work, timezone, or other obligations. This puts a gate on gear progression for us. This event was going to allow people like me an opportunity to gear up, but now, it will be very difficult to catch up with the folks whose schedules allow them to attend the time-exclusive content. -Currently, pvp gear progression's only route other than time-locked content is through FM, which is a surprisingly difficult instance. This means that for someone to gear up, they must find a group of highly geared and competent players to form a static to grind FM. This means your personal progression is literally in the hands of other people. There is no way currently to make progression on your gear while solo. This is a soft-gate on the content for a sizable minority of your player-base. -Korea did this event before 6.0's launch was announced. You are not. Your playerbase is well aware of the fact that 6.0 is coming (WINTER IS COMING) and that all of the gear that is being worked so hard to get will be made redundant. Everything your players work to achieve at this point is garbage-tier gear compared to what is coming in 6.0 due to the massive shifting of how statistics are used. The literal only exception to this statement is that some Koreans still use +20-+30 pvp weapons because they have godstones grandfathered in with them. -Let's be real. You guys screwed the pooch with the rather clumsy way you handled this event. I am not blaming you. I understand the difficult situation you were put in. However, the situation was not handled very well, and there is a large population of your playerbase that was already discontent with how your company has been handling the game. By increasing the prices this much, you're basically shooting yourself in the foot by angering your players even more. Had you upped the prices by ten to fifteenfold, depending on which item, you would have gotten accolades about fairness. Instead, you're getting 10+ pages of rage except for Aly. I literally just logged on, and for the first time since the event started, my friends list has exactly one person in the Eye, whereas it used to be everyone was. You've killed your own event. -Considering the advent of 6.0 and the game changes it brings, why do you want to make it so difficult for players to get their gear? This part I just don't understand. Why aren't you just being generous with your players and giving them an easier time getting their gear that will be useless in 6-7 months? Why make it so difficult? Everything that we're doing right now literally has no point, and will not help you come 6.0. I know I can't change y'all's mind, Hime, but I hope that you'll bring these points to the attention of the rest of NCWest's staff for future consideration. Thank you and ALL PRISMATIC GLORY TO THE RAINBOW SNAKE -