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  1. We were owning the Elyos, we restricted them to a bottle neck and practically owned the fortress but I disconnected and I thought it was something wrong with battleping but I returned and my alliance had disconnects and the Elyos were suddenly swarming in. Like someone else said, this is unfair as it was just the Asmodians that were affected. We were on 6k points and Elyos on 2 k before the mass disconnects.
  2. Gosh we need Hime to save us from this sea of salt. Honestly, we tried so hard to get skill cards which were like 4bill then because the rewards were so skewed to junk. I mean, grinding out instances just to get a single piece of food worth less than 70k kinah, now these skill cards are like 100mill kinah and were awarded from better events.
  3. Bloody retarded, I was one of those people that had to wait out the XP buff because you can only refresh when it expires and now it was all for nothing, I just wasted that time and will have to do it again?
  4. Meanwhile wings aren't giving anything despite being as difficult to enchant as armour and weapons.
  5. Yeah I heard there were issues with a legion mate of mine who couldn't buy Ncoin through the website so had to get Ncoin through Amazon and get the codes from there in order to get lots of Luna.
  6. Is using Steel storm stage 2 good for single target DPS, it feels faster to pull off than say meteor strike.
  7. So this will all take place after the server merge right? SFT would be a good way to meet new people in the merge.
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