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  1. kt server down let us in @Cyan
  2. I'm not a cry baby,mostly i just bear what ncsoft throws at us.But really we need help on this .The way coalition works now is killing our sieges.At least allow us,the active people to select which coaltion/ally to go,please for the life of me.Then the lead can at least put xforms,heals,blah blah in specific groups.It helps so much in strategies,and afkers can go afk all their life we don't care,as long as they stay in another ally/grp..Please @Cyan take a look at this,help our sieges be more fun,more active,engaging and healthy,poke 'em devs for us......
  3. So,I need a little enlightenment here.As for the first round,first 100 who qued can get in.After,we get a title for the second round.We use this to be able to get in to pan right? And asherion's flight portal takes in 100. How the heck are we getting more than a hundred people in there that some cannot get in? I don't understand ,if only the ones with title from first round gets in,shouldn't we just get the same 100 in second round? @Cyan or anyone who can give me any info please I would appreciate it
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