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  1. EC compensation ? it is been almost 2 month!

    and now my acount got blocked, seem like every damn time when i try to buy more than $100 i am slowly getting sick of this game. so many bugs
  2. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    NCsoft WTF is going on? you guys blocked my asmo account due charge back but no charge back claimed what so ever, (checked and have proove in hand) so i let support knows (including pics of proove there are no charge back) that on ticket BUT since then NO nyerkING REPLY? is this for real? ncsoft customer service nyerking sucks? it has been 7 days, i want something for my missing quest and AD, EC, ID, IB etc. come on guys i was support NCsoft staff members i liked them i had never had problem like this since 9 years ago. never charge back anything, been prestige for many years for multi account.
  3. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    it will be delicious getting healed by cake sweet thing ^^
  4. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    lol make sure put some fruits on top
  5. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    so, what's it like being a piece of cake?
  6. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    but if you dont care why troll after i said my income? since then all your reply contain some what Sarcastic. if you dont really care why you even talk about my income over and over again? can you tell me reason? i didnt even emntion about you, i didnt even know you were looking at my threat from the beginning, why jumped in and being Sarcastic on your first post if you truly dont give a rats about what i make? and you keep on saying i am p2w come and duel me in game i will make myself equal gears to duel you as long as your are not painter i will duel you.
  7. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    yeah you are right but that jaimie start being rude first, say "oh go find another account to play on"... i know people dont give a F about how much other make, i said my income because someone asking me do i hiding anything or something so fastest way to explain was i do not care about $50-$20-$10 etc. maybe that offended him but why? i didnt talk about him... i wouldnt be mad or dislike when someone said how much they make or how rich they are, it is them not me. if jaimie truly didnt care about how much i make why even post on this threat talk about my income? does his first post help me anything? i think he want to troll me since i told my income which is i cant think of anything but pure jealousy. anyway finally i found out what went wrong, it was paypal who tried to use my old credit card, well i call my old credit company and they will cancel it. yeah i dont care about what other make and how rich they are too, but jaimie's first post looks like he cares. i was just try to explain i am not the person who lie about money (payments) so i have to bring up my income. i dont know how can one be offended by hearing others income if they truly dont give a rats.
  8. Ncsoft please check craft proc rates

    wow that's really low i was gonna try craft but let me hold on to it. thank for sharing
  9. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    The way you said on very first post. You asked me to forget about my account which is very offensive for me anyone. Who the nyerk are you telling me to give up on my account. Dont try to be nice now. You could've said stuff like above from the beginning. Dont you think you being rude on first post? Forget about my threat go make more money. Private jet? lol me making good income made you sad? I dont know about other but I am for sure you dont have Jack shit since you keep mentioning "wealthy" I am sorry I am not only making good money but also my family business is multi 6 figure income every year. My family built Guam air base, international air port for korea and Saudis Arabia and more. Are you going to make fun of it too? Just WALK AWAY
  10. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    What's wrong with me? Nothing wrong. You are the one who start saying stupid shit like oh you have enough money, forget about your blocked account just go pay more for new account. Are you really? Dumb enough give up on your stuff cuz you make good income? What's wrong with you man? Go ahead give up on your stuff, I am not a loser giving up on my stuff. Atleast I will try to get it back. I can't think of any other reason that's why maybe jealous? Or something? Why are you try to trolling here?
  11. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    Thanks for help I will try that. What you just explain clear my head real good. Again thank you ^^
  12. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    yeah i agree with you everything you said man i didnt cussed them out from the beginning, i start do that due to late reply and i sent prove of pictures that they took out money already but they keep on saying samething over and over again... that made me angry. i couldnt help, my bank said no charge back dispute on record but paypal said i have dispute for payments and pyapal told me i gotta talk with my bank but bank cant found charge back... i am getting tired...
  13. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    i already apologize i think about me being offended. i wasnt trying to say i am rich and powerful... simply i was trying to explain i wouldnt lie about money. (it was fastest way to explain i wouldnt hide or lie about it, maybe i was wrong rather people got offended about it) JakeToday at 11:30 Hello, Thank you for your patience while we reviewed your issue. Unfortunately, we cannot re-bill you for purchases made on your account if those purchases were reversed or chargedback, and repayment is not an option. Chargebacks and reversals will be reviewed by our payment processor. If we receive notification from our payment processor that your payments are too high risk to continue to allow, the account will be closed. Also, I know this is very frustrating on your part but we can't do anything unless the chargebacks are reversed so please refrain from using profanities as it will not help with resolving your issue. Again, we can only recommend that you coordinate with PayPal and the financial institution regarding the chargebacks. We will automatically unblock the account once all the chargebacks are reversed and the funds are returned to us. Until then, I'm afraid we can't help you regarding this issue. Kind regards, Jake NCSOFT Support Team this is what i got reply from ncsoft.
  14. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    really Aly? you think Jaimie wasnt out of line? he told me to forget about my account and go ahead make new account? whouldnt you be offended when you are my situation? i dont know man, i am not here to fight i am here to share and get some advise but some of them try to be an ass... yeah i am waiting on reply i hope they will do soon.
  15. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    You are right but we all think and act like it is ours lol. You know what I mean by my thing...
  16. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    I do not try to attack anyone. If you felt that way. My apology. The reason open up how much I make, was to try to help understand my situation "i wouldn't lie for few dollars" It got me offended when some of you asking do I hide something. Look at jaimie post. Is that help me anything? Sound like he just jealous or something. Well for the ticket I am waiting on reply.
  17. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    That's you, not me. It Is stupid giving up my things. Maybe you dont know but people make good money doesn't mean they will give up there stuff. Just jealous? Or no brain? I make that money with hard working. Why would someone will be stupid to give up their thing because of they make good money? Are you stupid? Maybe that's why you can't make that much money as you said "IF I have....." If you just jealous I understand.
  18. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    Really? Is that a question? nyerk no man nobody touch my account Damn I think I need big rewards for ncsoft misstake. This is what I found out. They (ncsoft) took out money from my credit card. I confirm with card company that they couldn't found charge back because THE TRASACTION WAS COMPLETE!!!! NCSOFT ALREADY TOOK MY MONEY. I PURCHASED ON SEP 5TH AND MONEY GOT OUT ON SEP 6TH I AM TICKETING RITE NOW
  19. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    i make around $30k+ (net profit) a month i wouldnt do funny stuff for only $10, $20, $50... so people who think i hiding something or not telling the true please walk away. update i checked my bank again they were saying that it could be merchants erorr (NCsoft), paypal gave me case numbers but there are no case going on how there are even case on paypal? on ticket i told NCsoft i would F pay whatever NCsoft think i claim charge back... but no reply for that question.
  20. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    they reply and said i have charge back...... i am lost here.... my bank/paypal they said i have no charge back for 10 years record for paypal i dont even know how to charge back, i dont think paypal can do charge back? charge back is for credit card right? NCsoft PLEASE GO CHECK SYSTEM, I HAD NO CHARGE BACK CASE, NOTHING, I ASKED MY BANK IS THERE ANY CHARGE BACK HISTORY ON MY ACCOUNT? MY BANK SAID " NO SIR YOU HAD NO CHARGE BACK FOR 10 YEARS WHICH IS SINCE OPENING OF ACCOUNT" BUT NCSOFT REPLY MY TICKET THAT I HAVE CHARGE BACK guys i need some help on this, can anyone give me what should i do?
  21. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    can you guys believe they didnt reply for almost 2 days? After i said i didnt asked for charge back and i have evidence for it, They didnt reply... before that they were replying back to me within 1 hour......
  22. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    thanks for support guys. i heard there are others who had same problem like me. his account got locked for 1 month. i know i didnt claim charge back cuz for 10 years i my bank account NO charge back history ^^ NCsoft response my ticket please.. the longer i wait bigger lost for me since it is very beginning of new patch. i have friends who already finished there upgrade (many of them) me due to this block i only upgrade 3 parts ec was bugged i heard, i spamed AD, ID everytime. (now all my friends done there gears). come on i dont feel like excite about new patch anymore...
  23. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    lol sup man ^^
  24. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    over 24 hours
  25. New map too big for NA aion

    it has been 3 days 7.0 aion and i notice it is super hard to meet opposite side. too big to meet any opposite faction. maybe it is small enough for korean server but here NA aion we have much less players than korean server. server merge needed big time.