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  1. New map too big for NA aion

    yeah that too but it is too big for sure. i hope i am wrong
  2. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - August 21, 2019

    LMAO some people always say "F aion i am not going to come back" BUT i have played aion for almost 10 years now those who left aion more than half of them come back or not even left game, so plz IF YOU GONNA LEAVE AION BECAUSE OF ROLLBACK DONT SAY IT YOU ARE LEAVING. JUST LEAVE!
  3. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - August 21, 2019

  4. How many hits could you do in 1s?

    i dont think cruucruu hacks, i met him many times on field and beat him or he ran from me, always fight when there are few friends with him. i wouldnt say cruucruu is good sin but i can tell he is not hacker, well atleast when i fought him he doesnt use hack
  5. Can we request to Korea from here ?

    we all love aion cuz of pvp system none other mmorpg has pvp like we do. SINCE IN THE BEGINNING EVERYONE HAS COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERY PATCH WE HAVE PAST, COME ON WHEN ARE YOU GUYS GONNA STOP? oh i hate this patch because of this and that.... how we miss old 2.5~4.8 WAKE UP WE COMPLAINED BACK THEN!
  6. Thinking on coming back need opinions

    i cant agree more! busted by Haniya so accurate post.
  7. What a Shame

    so stupid even comparing temp vs sorc in group fighting BOTH OF THEM ARE GOOD! it is depend on so many stuff. this example is just to explain WHY ONLY! if i have (gladi) SM in my group i rather take temp than sorc because enemy will focus sm and to make sm last long even survive initial burst i rather have Temp BG if i have no cloth in our group like 2 gladi 1 chan 1 cleric 1 leather i will take sorc for super dmg and cc THAT IS STUPID TO EVEN ARGUEING WHICH ONE IS BETTER FOR GROUP PVP. sigh this is why EU players making fun of US (NA players) nyerk fight in game not here bunch of useless post argue stupid shit like that. DO RESEARCH! i feel you who argue about which class better in group pvp are super scrubs srry it is true reading how you guys argue and compare lol
  8. Thinking on coming back need opinions

    if you were keep on played you wouldve have legendary transformation by now we had event for it/ however you are thinking comming back? if you dont like spending money or cant, try to hold up until 7.0 on 7.0 it will be ezier to optaion transformations. if you are really planning on coming back while you testing waters if i were you i would do atleast weekly quest that is major quest that you have to do it no matter what you are P2W F2W doesnt matter.
  9. Account banned due to suspicious activity @Cyan

    1. ncsoft dont wanna ban any player, less play less money for them 2. i never saw ncsoft perma ban account without reason 3. if they do ban anyone in misstake they do reverse and unban but in this case not. he said he never use any program but i dont think so. 4. i met/knows many players who got ban but once they ticket they check issue and unban which is again in this case they are so confident that he/she used some kind of program 5. bot = hack they use same program edit: shugo console is HACK too, i know alot of people using it i hope they ban them too. it help alot if you know enough about aion.
  10. uh... how do they know about your cool story?
  11. Pandora gear

    he talking about pve not pvp
  12. Glady stigma

    be4 you guys follow korean players' stigma, do study first why they use that stigma tree. there are no perfect stigma build for gladi (pvp, pve) so learn to understand why they use those stigma tree first, and choose your stigma build
  13. What a Shame

    sorc was, is, will be strong class IF YOU KNOW HOW TO PLAY! sorc is one of hardest class to achieve highest skill on it but once you do that sorc is almost top class in food chain, you have to know all classes buff and cool time to be good at it. watch some korean sorc play and learn. i am sorry but i havent seen any top class sorc in NA aion yet (like how they play sorc in korean server) there are few you can ask how they play in NA aion players, i know few who is good enough to teach other sorc whisper me in game "BEAT"
  14. Enchanting stigmas is gr8

    STOP ENCHANT stigma NOW!!!!! do stigma enchant when we have event. and who said enchanting stigma EZ? i did 3 different toons all 9+ stigma i never even tried doing it unless event is up. stop now be4 you lose more money! be smart man
  15. transfer

    my bad if i was insulting you, my humble apology, i dont know i went DN cuz no fun in KT no asmos on field, i dont really care win or lose as long as there are players on field, sieges on DN we are almost equal win sometimes lose sometimes, ID/AD server doesnt matter. only 1 instance DN elyos lossing more than win which is pandora pvp instance.
  16. transfer

    lol you cant do simple math? 15 KT asmos - 20 KT elyos --> 5 elyos transfer to DN = 15 KT asmos - 15 KT elyos 20 DN asmos - 15KT elyos --> 5 elyos transfer from KT to DN = 20 DN asmos - 20 DN elyos i know some people cant do math but this is elementary math dude LMAO i transfer from KT to DN cuz there are more asmos on field. i agree with you rocky, they should open partially
  17. This buff on pve instances feel bad for ungeared ppl

    Idd is top pve instance BOS/FM ---> PF ---> IDD i saw players in korean server clearing idd group members were all lendary geared (korean idd was even harder than us) They can do it why cant we?
  18. Freakin' 0 Damage on enemy during pvp...

    Gearing requires skill in this patch. Pvp skill/gearing skill both are skill Thanks 5.8 is passed this patch much less gear gaps I dont know why people think gears and skills are seperate... IT IS PART OF AION SYSTEM. Also which classes can one shot kill? Not even 5.8 can 1 shot 1 kill unless use sheba. In history of aion NOTHING CAN KILL A PLAYER WITH ONLY ONE SHOT. I said this many crying post LIVE WITH IT OR LEAVE
  19. Freakin' 0 Damage on enemy during pvp...

    This patch is way better than 5.8 also i know many people over come gear difference thru skill yes you wont be able to kill fully geared player but they are not god like where 5.8 was. I was god like back in 5.8 killed 7~9 solo np but this patch i cant do that anymore so it is more balanced that be4. If you cant kill them solo make a group. This patch solo pvp = ez ap sack regaurdless of gears
  20. wtf is PVP now ? are you kidding me?

    STop crying. DN is opposite asmos are stronger so come to dn but regaurdless of server you have to understand pvp now days is group not solo if you want solo pvp spend more money or change class AT or cleric specially AT it is super ez to be good and op rite now i have AT alta with half lengendary half accient gears but i have no problem killing most of class unless they are super geared full ulti 15+ Aion is pvp game live with it or leave Simple as that. Post crying on forum wont change a thing
  21. Are Templars decent now in 6.5?

    This is 6.7 ish and yes templar is better than 6.2. Templar is good to play now.
  22. Arena 1v1 Aethertech

    AT is ez to be good and it is one of top class in 1v1 nothing to proud. Also really do not post here shugo console is officially illegal in aion. There are many players who dont use shugo. I dont. On 5.8 we had huge debate that shugo console is illegal or not and officially ncsoft reply it is illegal.
  23. i cant go support web page

    i log in and go to support and try to create ticket but i kick out from page and go to my account web page please help and i need ticket asap is it something to do with me transfering my main toon to other server?
  24. customer support not work

    it wont go to support page instead sending me to my account set up
  25. as you guys know alot of people want to free win and afk in evergale i am getting sick of it. regardless asmo or elyo let's stop this free bees once for all.. "Harp" SW he/she was afk as he is alli leader we couldnt do anything. i asked be4 start if you gonna afk give me vice so i can atleast arrange clerics and dps. it is free to PLAY NOT free TO WIN GAME