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  1. I am not happy i am upset too. Me selfish? Maybe you are rite but arent we all think themslef first? Dont nyerking pretend anyone of us do. At the end me myself is first. Why cheaper tempering and omega hurt not only econ but also game itself? Whoever has money they will smile on cheap items instead 20+ they will 30+ 2 enchant skills... the gap between who spend money with grinding and who spend no money and no grind will always have gear gap that what this game is... Ok good bye forum this is no point argue. Have some mercy on those who farmed 4k+ tempering and omega who is a
  2. I did farm too i have close to 2k i am upset too but if you guys want put an end of fighting against people has spend money you have to spend some money too. If you dont mind going slow on gears then grind more and spend less money or fast less grind and spend more money than others. I do spend average 1k~2k but i have 3 fully geared toons. 300~700 per acconut. Isnt 300 per month is average spending in aion (talking about above average geared people)?
  3. Actually you know they reward and change 5.8 ap gears to 6.0 gears? In korean server if they have 30+ purified commander setschange to best ap gears in 6.0? If omega was cheap as i mention people who has money will go for 30+ because of that reason. It means no metter how us try hard who as money will take us even at 6.0
  4. It is mmorpg ofc you need time for grind for stuff. Do you think some1 play for 2 years and someone play 2 days same? Do you think it is fair? Edit: why dont you ask to give all of us best gears in the beginning of everyday? If you want that play notaion they give free gears in the beginning
  5. Do i have to explain this? Ok kid listen 1. I checked nc shop at that time they didnt put up temper for sale. 2. Who would put tempering for sale knowing there will be more tempering available?
  6. Let me point out one thing guys I see some of 24/7 fatty farmer (1person) put 200 tempering solution(be4 nc shop) If it was old prices 4000 tempering... COME ON 1 PERSON FARMED 4K TEMPERING... GOOD GOD YOU GUYS HAVE NO LIFE. let me show you if in that case what's gonna happen next... some of people play with money in hand they will buy them ALL and enchanting acessories to 9~10+ not only that but also enchant stones, you guys complain some people 20+ their armor rite? Those people will havr 30+ if it was old prices.... 30+ 2 enchant skills on every armors... can you se
  7. So basically you saying they need to give you soul stones? While you can farm in the beginning of 5.8? No offence but i see how SPOILED some of players in na aion. Some people were saying to us (people who tried to clear FM when it came out.) THOSE FREE BEES SAID "why would you try so hard JUST WAIT NCSOFT WILL GIVE US GEARS LATER ON" Look now you guys crying not having lvl 80 gears.... YOU GUYS WANT FREE STUFF (not in money but try to grind soulstones) TOO MUCH IT IS ALMOST STINKS. I can show you some people who have 10~12 manastones WITHOUT SPENDING MONEY PURE GRI
  8. you are right but that's how korean server went thru same path as you just said. NA NCsoft learned from korean server so they have tried lower the cost of items putting it on instances (way more drop than korean seerver) and also make gear difference minimum as they can possible (Look at 3.4~4.8 people farmed i farmed EB for 65 ap gears but they gave away many AP items). i am not try to argue some people think differ as their own situations, i am here asking players NCsoft said they will try to make this issues fixed in future, then let's see how they gonna do it for fair to every players.
  9. Guys why are we fight and barkING each other ? If you guys wanna complain, complain in rite direction. It is ncsoft who made game like this. Also yesterday I saw some of you who 24/7 farm putting 200 tempering solution after npc appears and at that time ncshop wasn't selling solutions yet. If it was old price he would have 4000 tempering solution. And that alone it will major economic destroy. One more thing if above happened with old prices do you know who benefit? Those who spend a lot of money cheap items = more wins those who spend more money on a ion You guys just thi
  10. It is not that bro they ask for time to recover let''s see how they are going to do
  11. We can delay 6.0 so that people can catch up and get ready for 6.0
  12. ㅡ Yeah you farm coins in 1 hour what if fatty was group loot? More people pvp rather than farm therefore you won't be able to farm 25 coins in 1 hour cuz contantly pvp while you are farm coins
  13. M Effort? Lol chasing altas? Or multi log and get benefit out of event? While others doing 1 account and follow RULES? you said effort? Did you try form FM instance every week? And actually clear it? Go do that first then talk about effort I will listen
  14. My point is do you think you would be able to farm 100+ per day? No you cant. If it wasn't league loot more people pvp than farming so there would be constant pvp while you farming also forget about fatty farming if it was group loot asmos and elyos will be there fight for fatty. Also have you try farm coins without faty? I did for 2 hours I got 20~30 coins due to pvp and proc to drop coins. I WILL SAY AGAIN STOP PRETENDING YOU GUYS CAN FARM EVEN 100 COINS PER DAY IF IT WASN'T BUG LOOT.
  15. You better be reasonable first. Lol stop pretending you can get 1k coins for farming 1 week. If it was group loot I don't think you can even get 100 coins per day. X20 price NC soft check how many coins looted. If it wasn't bug people will get 1 omega per day if they try to farm even elite people. PRICE ARE VERY REASONABLE.
  16. 1. Yes people got ban for auto noting also I saw a lot of people got ban for using hack (experience of play a ion for 6 years) 2. Not that I have job but you guys knew they gonna change price they said on in the beginning of event since there were loot bug. You guy choose spam the ship out of it knowing that it is bug and price will be change 3.I remember my first glad account got ban for spamming instance bug (cera medal drop instnace) I wasn't cried I acept and move on. IT IS YOU GUYS WHO TRY TO GET EZ STUFF OUT OF BUGED LOOT. Nobody ask you to farm KNOWING THAT PRICE WILL CHANGE A
  17. Can you buy commander soul stones? Can you buy lvl up? Can you buy your skill in game?
  18. Yes It is not even insulting for me I know I have better skills than more than half of this forum fighters but I wanna show some of them how shame it is just blame on other people for what they can't do or dont. Go blame NC soft not other players who willing to spend money. After all we or they are the one who pay NC soft and most you benefit from them Cuz server is not closed CUZ of those who spend money on aion
  19. I am srry I have money that I can spend every month 300 per accounts. Was that your money that I spent? Srry you think 1k~2k is big money but for me it is not be I spend money on a ion I spent it on drinking and for other fun play fact I rather feel better that I stop and spent money on a ion CUZ when I use to spent money on drinking I spent around 10k per month. I AM SORRY BUT IT IS NOT THAT MUCH MONEY FOR ME.
  20. I like new prices come on people let's be honest. Having alta running coin farm is ILLEGAL and most of people here crying about high price did you guys used alta? And IT WAS YOUR CHOICE TO TRY TO USE BUG AND MAKE MONEY. price is very fair for those who didn't have time to farm 24/7 IT IS LUCKY NC SOFT DIDN'T BAN THOSE PEOPLE CUZ THEY(players who abuse bug loot)KNEW IT WAS BUG AND ABUSE IT UNTIL THE POINT THAT EVERYONE HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ECONOMY. THANK YOU NC SOFT TRY TO MAKE IT FAIR ENOUGH.
  21. CAN ANYONE POINT OUT P2W IS CHEATING? IT IS PART OF GAME. IF YOU GUYS DONT LIKE IT COMPLAIN WHO MADE GAME NOT TO OTHER PLAYERS I spend average 1~2k per month because i have 3 fully geared toons. Some will say i am p2w too some say average depend on how deep is their wallet. AND I AM SKILLED PLAYER. PLEASE GO COMPLAIN IT TO WHO MADE AION NOT TO THOSE WHO FOLLOW SYSTEM RULE
  22. i know man life suck but face the truth is only for brave people
  23. thank you! so please stop crying or calling others p2w with no skill cuz some people dont have time to practice aion cuz they have to make 30k and spend 3k on aion while 3k pay check people think spending 3k is stupid, i know it is your whole pay check i understand calling them stupid but for 30k pay check people it is like 300 for those who get paid 3k
  24. i agree everything you said but it game not people, ncsoft made game so please go complain it to ncsoft not to those players who find it is fun to play with some money!. think this way some people get paid 30k and spend 3k on aion and some get paid 3k and spend 300 on aion. you get the point? STOP COMPLAIN TO PLAYERS GO COMPLAIN ABOUT IT TO NCSOFT
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