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  1. from what I realize I'm not the only one who is getting tired of the low drop rate. We will have to wait if this Wednesday there will be improvements,We hope that the response from the GM is not too late, that they do not expect several players to withdraw from aion.
  2. this drop event is false,you are not the only one, many more players left the game.
  3. since the drop event is false, at least reduce the number of fading marks to 10, It is more reasonable, so they stop making false events.
  4. Hello all, I would like to know if the drop event is helping you to get eternal weapons, I have already spent 40 times killing tahabata, until now I have not been able to see that he dropped something eternal, since Wednesday the event began I have been killing him 5 times and the truth is that the drop is horrible. Or maybe it's just me that this happens to? I'm spending khina scrolls reset dark poet, blue balaur but nevertheless this is too ugly, more than 40 times killing him and the worst thing is that not even with drop eternal event I don't know what to think. this event l
  5. Hello everyone, something similar happens to me, I have been killing tabahata almost 40 times and I have not seen any eternal weapon, every day it is more difficult to find players for dp rank s, because the drop is very low, this discourages a lot. I don't know if it's my bad luck, or maybe there's a drop bug, I don't know what to think I'm very discouraged, I think I'm even sad lol, hopefully I'll solve this.
  6. Well even in that you are luckier than me in your 40 times 2 eternal pieces, I will complete 30 and I have not seen anything eternal, if you are very right it is crazy how it works, but hey I will try this last month, Greetings 😄
  7. You are absolutely right, what I think is that Tahabata is not easy to kill but despite that, the drop rate is so low that it seems ridiculous, I am going to complete the 30 times killing Tahabata and so far nothing eternal comes out. I'm not really lying, this is crazy, I have had several runs and nothing eternal, there are several players who are stopping to go for this reason, it is increasingly difficult to form a party HahahaYou must pass your luck I am about to arrive 30 times and I have not seen anything eternal ,I'm happy for you gz
  8. there are many players who think the same that it is a waste of time, never drop anything orange,Several players left aion, due to the low drop rate🤧this has me upset that is another problem the drop in tahabata does not vary can drop the same as yesterday
  9. I would have to increase the drop of the tahabatas weapons, I've been going to dark poeta for months, no orange weapom drops, it's just the loss of Khina🤬
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