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  1. Best open world dueling partner. defenetly will be remembered as one of the greatest and most respectable players
  2. Released my 2nd pvp video, criticism is welcome, still learning how to edit.
  3. Im mentioning governor because my point is not "QQ i wana be high rank" as some people think. My point is that some content is completely unavailable for some players just because they joined in late. people seem to forget (or try not to mention) that the calculations i made is for a player doing everything he can to get rank. that aint easy, it would probably take more weekly time than an actual real job. and after all that work you still need over 3 years? and even after 3 years you wouldnt be even close to governor because the current governor obviously made more gp during those 3 year
  4. Because it was easyer to get rank before than it is now. remember the ap to gp trade? it got removed for a reason but the people that abused it kept their gp. also the current system will get harder and harder as the time goes by because there is no gp decay. As Aly-DN mentioned that's not how it works, even if i wanted to become governor people outside the top 10 have no chance of reaching such rank in the next 5 years if the system stays the same.
  5. It seems like you're taking this too personally instead of actually trying to solve the problem so im just gonna leave you to yourself.
  6. Making pointless arugments wont get you anywhere. did you take 3 years to get out of poeta? i didnt. no one's talking about something you can archive in a week or a month but something impossible to archive. ill mention a 3rd time that the calculations i mentioned was for a player that does every single instance and every single siege and wins most of them. you really think a player fresh out of poeta can do that? if you're counting a player like that it would probably take him 10 years or maybe more to reach the governor status. we're playing a game not running for president. You shou
  7. i think you're missing the point of the entire post
  8. who said it was easy? are you really that scared that a new player will steal your rank from you? maybe he deserves it more than you if you're going to lose it that easly. as i said compare it to league of legends ranking system that resets every year yet the top players are always on the top. because they deserve it, not because they have played longer than others
  9. That's where you're wrong. 2 years is actualy quite acceptable but did you read my post? it would take over 3 years for a new player to reach the value you have now. if you keep playing there is no way a new player would ever be able to reach the highest ranks, also the calculations i made asume you win most of your instances, a player like this is not exacly "new" to the game. I get your opinion because you're part of the high ranks but im looking at both sides, if you think you deserve governor you should prove it. not slack and get the minimum gp requirement per week to keep it while anyo
  10. Maybe you're the one that doesnt know how it works. saying that the gp access is the same to every player is pretty in words and all but that's just a way to hide the fact that its unfair to whoever comes 2nd to the game. there is no competition when you're starting with a 3 year worth of gp disadvantage.
  11. I think some people are missing the point. im not saying to take away the rank from people that worked hard to get it but reduce the gap to something possible to archive. The current gp system works exacly like the money pyramid scam, the last people joining are nyerked.
  12. Recently i saw myself tempted on trying to get 5 star, wich also made me wonder how long would it take to get 5 star and how's the current GP system. A few maths later here's the results: The max amount of gp obtainable per week (IDL / OW / Dredge / Arenas / KBF / Glory / Tenacity / Spire / EB / IWW / Illuma and norsvold gp quests / upper abyss siege / Panestera / Evangale / Kaldor) is 21765 (23197 if you use value boost pack) if you win every single instance and siege that is. Now lets compare this with the current asmodian governor wich has 1 879 368 glory points, it would
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