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  1. None of the characters on the account in question did the old free minion quest and not one of them recieved this new one upon logging in.So thats not it.
  2. Oh that's weird because all my characters on two full accounts have the icons but my third account doesn't and that account didn't get the level 10 minion quest either
  3. So it seems almost everyone and their grandmother has the Returning User icon in front and after their characters name.One of my accounts doesn't have that on any of my characters.I'm just wondering how does one qualify for this and why this one particular account doesn't have it.
  4. @CyanIs the accumulating snowballs only for accounts with an Archdaevas on it??My alt account with all characters under 65 and above 60 is not accumulating any. Also on another account with Archdaevas the event timer isn't showing any snowballs.
  5. Re-logging doesn't seem to help. Randomly what happens is the timer will run out and I dont get a box so I re-log and no box still and the timer will be at some random number like 19 minutes.
  6. Am I the only schlep having problems with the event timer and receiving boxes?I thought for sure I would see this topic addressed on the forums and nothing.
  7. Thank you for your original reply and yes that's exactly what I'm asking. The quests that reward kinah are so little its laughable and the drop rate of trash items to vendor sucks. Which leads me to believe the majority of Kinah circulating in the economy was originally farmed by bots 24/7 and sold.
  8. Hi guys, so yea my question is as the title states. What quests reward Kinah? I haven't found any that mirrors the current state of the economy.I understand how to sell items on the broker and make Kinah that way but I am curious as to where the origin of the Kinah comes from.
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