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  1. Stuck at Lvl 48?

    A great way to get some XP is Taki's Missions, they helped me level up a lot, and i advise it for you, do daily a taki's mission and it will help you level up fast.
  2. What gear should i buy?

    How much would i have to pay for full gear after level 68?
  3. What gear should i buy?

    will i be able to modify this set or it is like the lvl 10 one(just able to remove manastone)?
  4. What gear should i buy?

    I made my assassin about 4 days ago, i know nothing about the game, just the basics, and i saw that in the armour it says that i should use it until level 50, i'm now at level 51, and i need to know what to buy or if i'll receive another gear, i acctualy want to buy some items, but i don't know wich, what should i do? can you guys help me out? like, tell me what item to buy and what to do with it(put some manastones, IDK). Sorry for the stupid questions and for my bad english.
  5. Server Down?

    I can't log in aion, is the server down?