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  1. Art dump! Still working on Cheesecake's character......Not because I can't finish it faster but because I get distracted with other things and mental health has been up and down as well. ;/ But it should be finished this month at least.(I think)
  2. How do I get tot the Aion store? I can't find it!? ;-0 #noob
  3. Still WiP, I work too slowly, and most of the time I don't even art, I'll probably be 84 by the time it's done. At least I can be like ,
  5. Drawing Cheesecake's character. I started last year and kind of abandoned it, but I really want to finish it now! When I look back it's nice to see the changes I've made in terms of shading. (Neither of them were/are finished btw) Something I made for a friend from WoW, not Aion related, but whatevs.
  6. My bun! The real life PET peeve thread isn't complete without some pets right?
  7. That'll probably be my day tomorrow as its 2:30 AM! "_" OHLAWDAMERCY!!! And yes, you need to sew!! I can't color gold for the life of me, it looks like rust! (Quality is reduced due to the screenshot program) BUT STILL IT'S RUST!!
  8. Ben better tooo!!! But alright, I guess! Frustrated by art though, as usual.
  9. Eh, art comes at all sorts of levels, but it's good to do whatever you feel comfortable with!
  10. #art and you can tag whatever it is you're drawing! For example, if you draw Balaur, you can tag Aion, balaur, art, video games or mmorpg! Or all of them!
  11. Be sure to tag it with the appropriate tags, or nobody will see it, except some followers! https://twitter.com/Eshy__ If anyone ever feels like they want to follow lil o'l me.
  12. - When you look forward to dinner all day just cause food!! Bryos has twitter?
  13. - Being the definition of sweat, the weather is just awful!
  14. - Cold during spring/summer. I must be so special.?
  15. - When we're all sick once again because of toddler. I'm so done with the constant colds!!
  16. Oooou fun! I always wanted to do a DNA test, but I'm not willing to spend 100£ for it just yet. ?
  17. Reminds me of the MGTOW sub Reddit. ?I don't know why I read that one, but sometimes I just do!?
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