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  1. Professions Getting Buffed??

    Well I guess, everyone has their own opinion. But according to 6.0 update they would be removing archdaeva stuffs? Isnt aetherforging an archdaeva stuff? Just wondering no hate about it.
  2. NEXT AION 2018.1.17

    I just want to commend this comment. Did anybody ready the full text?? Its a really good point why one should not spend TOO much. Happy Holidays 🎄🎄
  3. Hello guys?? Is there any news of the professions getting buffed or newer design in 6.0? Or do we mastered professions on what others might say that are downright "obsolete". I hope they give the crafts a revamp. Well they said they would bring back old stuffs. I hope they really do. Do you guys have any news? Ideas? Lets talk about it!!
  4. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    I dont know the name of the gear. But its something that we sell and make some kinah. I particularly remember farming dark poeta for anuhart gears. And I dont know about pirated because we also use the nclauncher back then. We also used gamezaion... dunno. Still its the same aion. Lol.
  5. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    I totally agree with you. As a casual player, (I live in the pacific, imagine the ping) I miss the times when winning a pvp against a roaming ely/asmo in eltnen/heiron/beluslan/morheim isn't about gear. But about knowing your class' skills. Back in the day, (I think I played in a private server, still same content), we enjoy going to abyss and farming in the eye of reshanta. Looking for asmos/elys to kill while farming gears in the eye. But now even the eye is closed. Don't even mention professions... back in the day if youre a master tailor/armorsmith you can make a lot of kinah. But now all you can make are crap/outdated gears. Or skins... the only profession that survived are alchemy and cooking and both are on the verge of collapsing what with 5.8 coming and them adding more stuffs on aetherforging.. I dunno what went wrong with aion. But I think removing "these LITTLE things" made the game unplayable to casual players. We grind non stop to reach a lvl, well back then we do too. But instead of pining about that one level increase. We dont even bother because there are a lot of stuffs to do crafts, hunt, quests.. now. Grind or die. Gear up or die. Lol. No hate please... Lol.
  6. Mastering Alchemy

    Hello guys... @Kiatra-KT or @Plezurenpain-DN I was just wondering. Is there any craftable pots or anything between 460-499 except the recovery serum? The thing is super cheap in broker. Not really profitable to make. Unlike the wind serum which are really good. I spent like around 20m trying to craft the thing and end up selling it @ 2m. Anyways. TIA.
  7. SM guides.. Where art thou??

    Hmmm.. I havent noticed that blood medal one. Gonna check it out sometime. Well I cant opt for thenbest choice lol. So im going there thanks.
  8. SM guides.. Where art thou??

    @Medivac-KT my thoughts too. And I havent noticed that the cast speed was removed and was replaced with atk speed. Hmmm. Thanks for the info. I haven't got any prov weapon though. So another thing to acquire :(. I think ill work on getting full lvl 75 gear first then get the prov afterwards. Another question, what should I undercombine with my lvl 75 book. Thanks.
  9. Mastering Alchemy

    Hey guys, chill out. Hehe. Both of you helped a lot. Im now starting to do expert alchemy quests so wish me luck and any tips?
  10. SM guides.. Where art thou??

    I guess thats my best option. Hehe. Anyways got a new question. @Medivac-KT so I got this lvl 75 ap book and I dont wanna lose it with under combine. Do you have any idea for second best atk spd for under combine as prov (using gear calc) cant be fused under prime.. and come the new update the need for abyssweap of lvl 75 grade would be in demand... so.. thats my dilemma now. thanks. And btw im working on my ma/mb gear. I am no on my way in having a lvl 75 ap tunic (from royal archon) I know a lot would say to just buy off the broker but im already at +8 so no turning back. Anyways, should I retain my arena gloves (for atk speed) or opt for the lvl 75 ap gloves? Thanks.
  11. SM guides.. Where art thou??

    I dunno if in gonna cry or thank you. Anyways. THANKS A LOT!! I cant build any of the sets you mentioned (as of now). I dont p2w, just a casual player. But still. I wanna try doing the MA/MB Set. Thanks for the info.
  12. Noob SM Need additional help

    If you expect to kill a mob in one shot then being an SM wont be fun for you. SM is more like a killing me softly (though not really) type of class. It includes placing numerous debuffs. But for lowbies remember to always attack using your pet first. I recommend using fire as it levels up first compared to other elements. And use your pet skills it might not seem but it does a ton of damage. I recommend making a customized chain skill for all your offensive pet skill then doing it in one round. After casting all your pet skill use your DOTS (Damage over time skills) these are erosion, cyclone wrath, and servants. Avoid using bomb skills (stone scourge) if the health bar of the mob is high or youll get agro. And ill add this for new SMs out there. When using fear (single target) use chain of earth after landing fear to root the target. For AOE Fear (Fear Shriek, Multiple Target) use blade of earth after successful casting. Remember to use then AFTER fear or the debuff will end first than fear and youll just agro every mob in the room. Hope this helps.
  13. Mastering Alchemy

    Nice tip there.. ill keep that in mind. About the bracing water... hmmmm. Havent done infinity shard actually.. another thing to do.. lol. How about manastones like @Kiatra-KT had said?? Is it really a ripoff?? I was hoping to create some mb 27 conposites.. anyways.. Thanks for the info.. And ill message you when I need mats. I think I have seen your name ingame.. hehehe..
  14. Mastering Alchemy

    Wow. Thanks for the vast info. Im actually at 300-399p now. The crafting is really taking a dud now. As in you need to repeat the work orders 10 times to change the tasks.. Thanks for the info. Now im crafting GHP but theyre a bit laborious and I dunno if its worthit... im looking at crafting other stuff like scrolls which has fewer mats. Thanks. You even included a pic. Im an SM too. Hehe. Anyways. Thats my goal actually, craft flight serums and ofc the bracinf water. But I saw its recipe and gah. It has a ton of mats to collect... Thanks guys for all the help. Right now what iam doing to have the mats is morphing. I lvled up my aethertapping to one of my alts (inventory!!!) and uses the aethers on my alchemist. DP wont be a problems as there are a lot of mobs in nors or enshar to farm dp. But any other means of acquiring them? (Except ofc broker and essencetap) NPCs??? Thanks..
  15. SM guides.. Where art thou??

    Hmmm. Interesting. @Forgotten-DN I dont have a clean mythic soph frigida. My soph is at +15. So youre saying I should just sell the frigida and look for other weap to fuse with my arch book?