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  1. Wow, thanks for the write up. So basically I gotta get further in game first.
  2. I want that white, black and gold one for my elyos.
  3. Yes I'm having trouble entering the instance. I can get in a group but I never get to teleport to the area where everyone else is. I can take a pic tomorrow and show you since it'll be easier that way.
  4. I tried that, it seriously just won't let me start the quest no matter what I try. Is there a guide or something with a lead up to the quest start? Cause maybe I'm missing something to start it. Apparently I'm supposed to had been able to start the abyss quest at level 25, but I never got any of those quest at that level..
  5. There is a group quest called Nochana traning champ. Every time I try to start the quest by talking to rogan it keeps saying you have already applied to enter Nochana training camp. So even when I find a group I can't teleport like they do. Am I missing something here?