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  1. I'd like to have this too have been looking for this forever.
  2. People should not expect to buy a house only with the money from compensation. I've sold my mansion right when I read about the merges because I simple dont believe in a fair compensation, and what I paid before was not even close to what people were paying recently. And I always knew there would be some problems like people are having now. You all should not put 100% of your expectations on ncsoft, people are tired to know that they are slow and not always fair so... for me you all lost time on not making money for housing, with that bunch of events with good compensations. I did lost mo
  3. Excuse me but the first two messages you couldn't use the candy because you were too far, after that you used 7x and killed the pumpkin. :3
  4. Same problem here. Had to rollback to the previous windows version
  5. Yeah lawl, just figured it out. Never knew these entrances were there; tyvm.
  6. If you are talking about the orange/yellow portal that moves you to silentera canyon I know what it is but once you are inside and port into the first gate to go to besh it moves you to standard server thats what I'm talking about.
  7. Tyvm! I'll take a look I'm from the "old school" so never knew the portal used to be there.
  8. Where is the portal to beshmundir temple on fast track? When I'm on fast track and pass the portal in silentera it moves me to the standard server...
  9. If you read the bundle you can see it says greater supplement, nothing about chance. And as far as I remember before the last update I never did get regular supplements.
  10. Hello The greater supplement bundle that drops in adma and theobonos are giving normal supplements instead of the greater ones. This is happening since the last update.
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