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  1. @Hime we have the reset but sadly theyre many things that seems totally off many stigma and skill looks totally off description are totally wrong some skill should be about 2.2k physical attack but now saying that its only 390 physical attack dont know yet if those stats are real or not but if true then many class just got theyre DPS reduce by almost 70% hope its just description bugg but please check this out best exemple i see my glad but Lockdown say 32 physical dommage when it should be 1323 physical dommage
  2. I would like to buy sin stigma +9 or +10 i need those list below Scoundrel Bond Quickening Doom Apply lethal venon Mail me Killstain in game the price you whant for them
  3. Well its pretty normal some already have some firebrand stuff ultimate +15 with the legendary stone that can be buy on BCM for the last 2 weeks and from player that since the start grind all theyre weekly siegle idl dreg its normal they got some ultimate nothing suspect in it and you cant get free firebrand stuff you must grind for it so stop saying its suspicious
  4. Really good guide did help me getting even better and little tips for pvp chanter is not that hard normally they will mostly use all theyre knockdown skill at first let them to after the 3 use RS then 5 rune silence ambush binding rune backstab then your silence back up they will run silence stunlock and win never had hard time vs them same apply vs aetherteck but keep your silence for when they destroyed theyre robot for instan recovery so they are dead for sure
  5. Aly-DN im not saying something to guaranted the +20 just an item to assure that the weapon armor wont break up its still gonna be a RNG progres and for now +20 gas become mostly a standart in game the special thing is +30 for the bonus pvp - pve gear that so far are only possible on arena gear because not break for pvp
  6. Creating a new stone for end enchanting or new kind of enchantment or event scroll that when on would prevent from destroying item when enchanting past +15 even with the last upgrade of success rate lost more than 28 prime stuff trying to +20 some still none work so far so i was thinking maibe could upgrade it whith higher stone than omega or luck scroll and like a said a prevail scroll when put on the item it prevail the destruction of him and only loose the enchantment ans not everything
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