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  1. @Cyan Support just replied to my ticket saying: "As stated on the Patch Notes, new and returning players can receive growth support quests from the following NPCs..." This is the bug, the growth support quests aren't being offered to me since 6.2 update but were available to me immediately before the update. Is this being recognized as a known issue? Someone else in this thread mentioned they were having this problem in addition to myself and I have heard in game others said the same. I don't have any characters even to max level yet so I would like to know if this can be fixed or if I need to begin a new account.
  2. Anyone get any reply on this bug yet? I filed a ticket, but I haven't heard back from support at this point.
  3. Same for me and I was marked as a returning user before this update. I am going to file a customer support ticket and I was curious if you did that and if you received any response?