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  1. I was very clear in my statement, NA needs auto hunting, all the events launched after the creation of this system require the need for auto hunting, as was the event of chocolate and melons where it was necessary more than 2 thousand items to buy the things in the npc sometimes, that way there are two ways to solve, or provide in the game simpler ways to get the cubics and also drastically modify the price of items in the npc of the events or simply deliver the game the way it was designed by the creator including even the vip equal to the asian one and with the same value of 10 monthly dollars

  2. With a change in a schedule that was already complicated for many players in Europe and South America, this change will further discourage the participation of sieges, reevaluate this time if possible for earlier 20:00 siege and 19:00 altar siege, another big problem is the birth of bosses during the siege this needs to be changed to a schedule without any kind of siege

  3. This update is the best since 4.7, but the acquisition of pvp / pve enchants and legendary / ultimate manastones is very bad
    1 - It would be very good if you removed the purchase limit for enchant boxes by genesis
    2 - Remove the need for bobonerk gem in the morph for the evolution of enchants
    3 - Place a box that can be purchased with legendary and ultimate blood mark containing legendary or ultimate enchants and legendary manastones or ultimates
    4 - Stigmas below +9 when it fails not to lower the enchantment level with stigma enchant
    5 - Stigmas enchantment save point at +9 and +12 as in korea
    6 - Remove the Daevanion Mark of Knowledge purchase limit and / or be exchangeable with the warehouse account
    7 - Reduce the price of the ultimate pvp / pve retunning items by 50%
    These changes will keep players from abandoning demaha and larkum maps altogether and will encourage them to continue going to katalam even after completing the blood mark equipment

  4. It is ridiculous the luck level of the game, spending more than 50 stigma enchants stones and not being able to raise a stigma to +12, as they want to have a high player number if they don't know how to please their audience!

  5. Not even the European AION compares to the quality of the Korean AION! Play only 1 day in Korea and you will see how wonderful AION is when administered in a way to please the player, all for a cheap and satisfactory price, while here for the calculations it takes 4 months at least to have an ultimate equipment, there if it achieves with 1 month of game, until an old contract selectable for the account they give, besides minion grade A, 30 days of mount of 13.0, between daily win contracts and many other rewards, nor in privates servers saw so many benefits and the VIP Cost equivalent to 10 dollars with VIP Quna coin rewards, even without having a VIP you can get Quna doing daily and weekly quests on account

  6. Every day that passes we see the number of players reduce, all because the Korean company has made an incredible update, in what they have mistakenly corrected immediately and is pleasing its customers more and so much to Europe when North America insists on wanting to change the store inside of the game reducing everything of the game and preventing the evolution of the characters, congratulations are sinking one of the best mmorpg of ncsoft just for selfishness

  7. It would be much nicer if ncwest only did the translation of the game and the conversion of the Korean currency to the North American, but they want to make their own way with this Luna and other things not at all pleasant

  8. How good would it be if ncwest just translated the game and made the actual conversion of the Korean currency to dollar of everything, but China, Europe and NA have to keep insisting on Luna's error and reducing the qualities of the rate enchant of things, reducing the entries of the instance, withdrawing various consumables of the gold sand trader and with a poor quality in game market, ncwest and other distributors are sabotaging AION, makes us believe they really want to end the activities of this game, sad to see one of the best mmorpg released being so poorly managed

  9. This is the big surprise they said they would give us for December !? Holy crap they gave us nothing!
    They could learn from Korea a little
    1. There is a vip that in conversion costs 10 dollars
    2. Give greater and ancient transformation to account
    3. Dão 2 Daevanion Selectable Skill
    4. They give 30 day pack of 13.0 mounts
    5. Give 50,000 Shards and place pack of 1,000 with cost 16,000 kinah
    6. Have 2 ingame shops filled with cheap items by Quna, Kinah and Gold Bar
    7. Has PVP instances to make 2 million AP per day
    8. It has enchant rate that if gets to evolve to the ultimate in 1 month of game
    9. Dão 10 stigma enchant
    10. They don 2 pve complete legendary equipment with 3 complete legendary weapons
    11. Give 1 minion grade A random
    12. There is a npc that stays in each main city from level 1 to level 80 and gives a buff 40% move speed + 20% attack speed / cast speed
    13. They give 150 transparent transformation scroll where each lasts 10min regardless of the type of transformation
    14. We can redeem 1 free transformation contract every day at the Quna store.

    Note *** Most of these items are given in level 10

    Are not they watching the amount of people they are taking away from the game?

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