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  1. They should change the rewards of the bosses of Dredgion, Idgel Dome and Evergale Canyon to give only legendary and ultimate enchant, as well as improve the rate enchant and increase the entrance to 3x in each of them, to make a vip decent and of high quality as in Korea at a price of 10 dollars as it is in Korea
  2. @Cyan @Gideon @Hime It needs a greater availability of legendary and ultimate enchants, it can include in the box purchase of nuggets of enchants the boxes with legendary and ultimate by genesys crystal or an npc that could be changed every 3 ancient enchants by 1 legendary and every 5 legendary for 1 ultimate, the lack of this availability is discouraging the players, exchange the rewards of sieges only for ultimate stones, we want a fair and competitive game where everyone can progress to a quality end game even if it is a bit laborious, thank you to understanding and I ask you to listen t
  3. @Cyan @Hime I ask once again that you consider the inclusion of the Quna Shop as in Korea, just take the number of players growth and acceptance that the Koreans had in relation to the number of rejection in Europe with the Luna Shop, let the players free users have a Quna quest minimum daily and weekly as in Korea and can follow the same price patterns, leaving the monthly Vip in the average of 10 dollars with a table equal to Korean with a level of vip from 1 to 10, this way they will be able to bring players from Europe who are dissatisfied with the Luna Shop and are many, will make the p
  4. @Hime @Cyan This is perfect ^^ Refly - Cash Shop & VIP Membership I don’t think this was widely touched on since 6.0′s release, so for players who are still interested in dropping a motherload on Aion, this is what you’re in for. The cash shop is now directly and indirectly tied towards the quna shop, it serves three main functions: 1. Quna purchase 2. VIP Membership purchase 3. Server Transfer (currently unavailable) While NCsoft did promise to make quna obtainable via in-game methods, there is still the high road option. Cu
  5. @Hime @CyanDo a different work from the European, implant the same system of Quna Shop, will attract more players from Europe and North America, put the vip with a value of 10 dollars as it is in the Korean conversion, bringing the same rate, ended up bringing a good balance in all players, with this have achieved so many players and AION returned to the top 10 best mmorpg in Korea, watch the video and watch the satisfaction of one of the many promoters
  6. Quna Shop please destroy Luna, make the same Korea, same Korea Vip @Hime @Cyan
  7. Without Kumuki !? One more week without playing AION, until the next event or AION Refly even if it is in Gameforge
  8. Azphel ( IS + TM + KR ) and Ariel ( SL + BR)
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