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  1. How do I wrap a wrappable weapon?

    I have some wrappable mythic weapons lev 60 that I would like to pass to some toons and use as skins, but where can I get wrapping scrolls? They used to be on BCM before Dragon Lord's weapons became wrappable, now I don't see them on BCM! No wrapping scrolls and courier passes at all! Did NCSoft invent another way to wrap gear? How??
  2. Enchanting with Omega and Greater Supps

    Thanks! :)
  3. I heard Enchanting with Omega and Greater Supps has been guaranteed to sucees on Archdaeva gear. So far I've been doing only wings and never failed. Can I also do it on Abyss pvp gear with guaranteed success?
  4. Another concept of new class based on muse

    Pls create a Metalhead Songweaver! Dressed in black leather with white spikes, skills like headbanging and pumping horns! (see Beavis and Butthead if you don't know how ;))