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  1. New Server Names

    @Cyan @Hime Maybe I'm just being impatient here, but the new server names were to be released on august 30th and they haven't been yet. It's been 2 days now, and you guess it, I'm dying to know the names or the actual real date of the release... Thank you
  2. New Server Name Suggestions

    And why is that ? Katalam and Danaria are by far the best potential names imo for multiple reasons. Not only would using the names of those unforgettable maps for the newly merged servers pay them due tribute, but they also respect the guidelines in every shape or form. To top it off, as Katalam and Danaria, which I believe most players enjoyed, are not in the game anymore, it would be pleasant to have them as server names to give us, players, the sensation that they were not completely removed. And for those who didn't like those maps, it would serve as a reminder of a darker period of the Aion days to which we hope the game never goes back to, and that their removal was for, as claimed by the developpers, "the best"... I don't know if anyone out there is going to read this, nor if what I'm saying makes any sort of sense, but these were my thoughts on the topic. Looking forward to seeing each and everyone of you in-game post merge regardless of which names will be chosen... Cheers !
  3. New Server Name Suggestions

    I really like the Katalam & Danaria suggestion, and as stated earlier, it doesn't matter which server gets which name