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  1. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    Everyone complaining about no safe spots but in Korea they added permanent safe spots at +9 and +12 in 7.5
  2. First of all, there is no skill base damage found there on that link, only a comparison between some version of skills with no damage listed. Aionpowerbook has all the skills listed and their power. For example, go to cleric, choose a skill and see it's power through different levels, like Infernal Blaze, last learned at level 71, deals 947 wind damage. That is actually the tooltip damage and we know that skill_base_damage = skill_tooltip_damage * 100 / KNO But it's easier to rework the formula, as Magical skill damage = skill_tooltip_damage * (1 + 100/KNO * (magical_power_boost + pve_power_boost - magical_power_boost_resist)/1000) and skill_tooltip_damage is easier to find. And while it's reworked, this formula isn't correct, but not incorrect either. It's only available before level 76. For level 76+ you have to multiply all by 2 (200% increase in damage). And again, this damage is without shards. If your skills consume shards, then it's another 25% increase in damage. For more in depth about that damage, there is a video from 6.0, from the same guy that does the dps meter (which is working here)
  3. So Vandals got nerfed?

    They are right tho. Common Vandals suck. In order to use your Color Monster vision stigma and keep your 30% stigma, you need +12 or higher set of stigmas. A common vandal with not even +9 set of stigmas, running Color Monster, is very limited in what it can do and defences. That is a 3 stage charging skill, one minute cd and easy to avoid it or get it interrupted. An equally geared sorcerer or sw can do the same damage. When 7.2 was in Korea and you could watch streams from there, gunner was easily in top damage in pvp. Vandal is still strong but in order to keep it strong you need to be p2w because the strongest skills are in stigmas and daevanion skills upgrades, which totally sucks for non p2w players. But in the end all classes can be stupud when are p2w
  4. When you compare it with games like that, you're right that it's a lot better. I did try a few more other obscure games out there and I must say, Aion is not the only game with free content but Aion has a greedy and not well thought monetization scheme. Since this game is pay to win and not going back anytime soon, if I try to buy something useful for me with 15 bucks a month, there is nothing useful for me to buy. Everything is expensive, there are too many things to progress in, and finally, everything you buy it might greatly fail because it's RNG. Either you spend a lot more or nothing at all and get left behind or quit the game. That is not happening in other games. Other games are encouraging me to spend because I like how they did things and the few bucks you spend are useful for me and supporting the game. This game is encouraging addiction and nothing else at this point. The shop makes no sense most of the times and there is so many stuff to buy and big quantities to actually accomplish something, with this amount of RNG. This game turned from an AAA quality game to some garbage pay to win junkyard game. The population speaks for itself, as it's worse that was once considered rubbish games.
  5. It should have been for anyone so it was probably a script failure or some other technical detail, or the way they do a reset without a maintenance is different. Players shouldn't be online in the weekend at midnight and it's still NC fault.
  6. Except this game has a lot of missing content and most of the missing content for f2p players is still in the cash shop. It's the worst f2p model you can get. It looks like a demo, the stuff is there but not achievable. It can take years to achieve most of the stuff as a f2p player. Getting your ultimate pvp gear to +15 is an insane amount of time and work and require you to buy some of the stuff from others. Same with +15 daevanion skills, as it is impossible to get that as f2p. You could probably do it in a few years but you're limited by the number of entries to instances, rng to get the shugo, rng to get past +5 without many failures. Same with +15 stigmas and S-rank minions that is coming soon. Then another amount of work is getting the right legendary transform for your class, while ultimate transformation is out of the question. Just because something is theoretically achievable as f2p players, it doesn't mean it will happen. They are literally depriving you of items so that you're never catching up with those who spend, and then when new patch is arriving you're always left behind more and more. With every patch they add something more to farm while you're still farming for older stuff. It's an illusion that is f2p. It's more like free to log in. Start the game now from scratch and tell me how far you can get in this game, spending a few hours every day. Not to mention that for years of f2p, players that paid had the possibility to get the best titles and best wings, giving you stats, or more GP from sieges. Less needed but there is inventory space and pets, something that f2p players can't get. Look at a game like Path of Exile. It's not a mmorpg but a mmoarpg. It started much later than Aion, with a few thousands players. Nowadays you find even 200k players in a queue to log in. The shop is completely cosmetics and more inventory space. The biggest moba games doesn't have to sell ingame stats items to survive. Aion is selling most of the missing game content through shop. How is that best f2p?
  7. What do you mean by that? On EU all the instances did reset for every character, no matter if it was logged in or out. Every single character received the same reset while playing on EU. It was the same as Wednesday maintenance but without a maintenance taking place. People have better things to do Saturday night at 11PM than staying logged in. Btw, the reagent was also one per account on EU. You could afk on multiple characters for fragments but it was only one free from shop. It was 5 hours and not 6. On another account I did it in a bit more than a week and I didn't need 20 days. If it's just one account, put a book on your space bar and go to sleep. It was a bit disappointing for many, as it's a random one for so much time being logged in.
  8. Aion 7.5 translation gave me headache

    On EU/KR Pandarung was the first village or the teleport entrance in South Katalam map, named Danaria map in NA. Enshar/Cygnea
  9. I think we had the same drop in both NA and EU and 6.5 was the one with 100% drop of ultimate gear. The 7.0 update was the one with a chance of ultimate part in easy instances and 100% drop in harder instances like Stella NM. IDD had 1 legendary stones and probably 4-5 legendary items, PF had 2 legendary stones and I think 4-5 legendary items, Stella EM had 1 legendary stone, besides the box with 3, and 4 legendary items from the whole instance, and Stella NM had 1 ultimate stone and some legendary stones from bags from bosses. The 7.2 update removed every enchantment stones from any bosses and some legendary items. That means -1 legendary stone in IDD and only 2 legendary items instead of 4-5, PF easy -2 legendary stones and I think only 2-3 legendary items in the whole instance, Stella EM has only the 3 from the box and less legendary items, and finally Stella NM doesn't have the drop of ultimate stone anymore, no more random legendary bags from bosses and less legendary gear drops. On top of everything, the value of gear was nerfed a lot, almost -25% less value to vendor it. The enchantment stones were 'supposedly' added as weekly quests but with a catch. You can do maximum 2 weekly quests for each instances and there is a chance for a better enchant stone. No matter if you do an instance 2 times or 5 times, you can do only 2 weekly quests for enchant stones and that is the only source you will have, except the box with 3 stones in Stella. I think only BoS and FM has 100% chance for ancient enchant stones. IDD and PF has weekly with a chance of either 5 ancient or 1 legendary stone. Since 7.2 update (3 weeks already) I never got legendary stones from those quests on multiple characters. Stella has a chance from either 1 legendary and 1 ultimate stone and obviously I got only legendary. I think the chance to get a better stone is slim at best. The 7.2 update made a lot of players quit the game. PvE nerf and kinah nerf from 7.2 were some of the reasons and therefore GF reverted the drop to 7.0 and added some kinah to instances to make things less worse. But the overall 7.2 patch is bad and it's better if it comes later than sooner. I was one of the many that played here since the beginning. I had the chance to move out my characters to EU in 3.x but as everyone else, I heard bad things about GF. They never had a good reputation to start with. They messed up some of the events, the updates were behind, they started with active GM's and banned some players. I think with 4.x updated they started doing better but the majority were suspicios and of course we had that image in our mind. I played both for a while and didn't see a difference for a while, except the obvious ping and better timezone. Things started to get better on EU, had much better population while here everyone I knew moved to other server or quit. Things snowballed till the very end. I think today it matters more what's your ping and the schedule you have. In the past we had multiple sieges in a day and EU players could easily attend some, which is not possible anymore. As publishers, some things are better in NA, some better on EU, but overall Aion as a game is in the dumpster no matter the region you play on.
  10. It was the opposite. In EU you could have absolutely everything in 5.x, with just kinah. By everything I say shop related items that were exclusive to shop players in NA (best titles, best wings, pets, minions etc). Kinah was easy to make. The majority of players had everything they needed from just buying gold packs from broker and use it for elite rewards and veteran rewards (discontinued in NA), which had everything a character needed from cash shop. That was easy to do with how fast and easy was to obtain kinah in that patch, even for new players. Players abused alts for this. I didn't play hardcore and I made a few accounts full veteran with elite rewards (that means 50+20 gold pack for one account) with just using kinah, I had many billions kinah left over and all the items I needed. Hardcore players had much more than me and they still collect the rewards to this day (veteran rewards reset every half year). They didn't remove drop from instances. It was the luna 100% drop of omegas from those bags that was removed and caused all the big drama. It had only a chance and that wasn't enough to calm down the players. Players were abusing this on hundreds of alts since luna was for level 10 characters, using tradable gear to max everything very easy. Because of how things went, they added Hero Trials, with daily items very needed by the players. You had to do a bit of work so less abused on lots of alts. They added omegas and tempering to every easy instances but it was a chance. The events were better. If you were an active player you could have 300 craft and level 75 much faster than in NA. I had 3 characters full craft and level 75 and too lazy to do it on more alts. EU removed the safe cap at +25, in order to not have many players with imbalanced gear. They removed the extra pvp from feather/plume in order to not have further imbalance. They removed the ability of minion to not one shot players like in NA. All these chances were for the better. Most players were complaining because first of all, they thought if the game is advertised as f2p, everything should have been completely free, without ever using the shop. That meant not even buying gold pack, that was quite needed. The 5.x patch was a p2w patch and players wanted everything for free, as it was in earlier patches. They compared present EU with the times they were under NA, with monthly subscription, but most of them were not aware NA also went f2p and p2w. They just remembered the golden days of monthly subscription. It was true that prestige pack wasn't mandatory in NA but it had its benefits for using it. Besides, prestige subscription was for one character while gold pack was (still is) for an entire account (all characters) and cheaper, 3-10 euros depending of discount sales and the country you buy it, The other things were the luna nerf, an instance that wasn't even a core instance in Korea, and patch related things like p2w, harder to level up and so on. As someone mentioned, things were supposed to come from the shop, like in Korea but players really disliked this. It doesn't matter, the EU f2p model was still better than NA till the end of 5.8, as a complete f2p player in EU could have maxed his character (including vest titles and what was shop related) with just kinah. NA broker was so expensive because things were more scarce over here and most things came from shop and not the game. Some of the things you had to buy with real money, and still is the case. Past 5.8 With 6.x and 7.x, both EU and NA are in the dumpster but I think NA has a better f2p model at this point. It's still harder to make kinah in NA compared with EU but the overall f2p model is more friendly towards complete f2p players. Not much to say at this point, as the game is going down slowly and surely, mostly because of Korea and then the publishers.
  11. Stigma Enchantment Data (+11 stigmas, 164 stones used)

    Aion N Shop From +12 to +15 it's exactly the same rate as from +9 to +12, nothing was changed. They added a safe spot at +12 and at +9 during these stigma events but there is none of it outside these events. Here the chances since they added +15 events. What is says there is that the event is from November 6 2019 to November 20, 2019. So comparing the latest one with the one from 2018, we see the same chances. It's a bit sad because in the past, before adding +15 stigmas, their stigma events had increases chances during the events and run for a month long.
  12. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    Idian Depths, not Indian Deaths. It was a common map, not one for elyos and one for asmos.
  13. Stigma Enchantment Data (+11 stigmas, 164 stones used)

    That was a waste of time since the success chances were published by KR Aion website ever since 6.0. From left to right it's, step, success rate, chance to retain the level on failure, +2 crit chance, +3 crit chance * only applies on success
  14. Interesting how a 13k bar is higher than a 21k bar.
  15. Stigma Enchantment Data (+11 stigmas, 164 stones used)

    We complained on EU that we got with the event only 30% chance after +9 instead of 35% like in KR but I think this default 20% is disrespectful to players. The difference is huge. Quite a number of players made a complete set of +12 on EU and the event lasted a month. In KR they had 35% only with the first event and you had a npc where you could trade a number of stigma enchantment for +8 stigmas. With later events they only had 30% chance but you could buy +9 stigma with stigma enchantment stones at npc, one time per character, and in the last 2 events they had +12 safe spot added besides +9.