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  1. Wow 39k in 1 second? That must be unheard in Aion Most of the classes in Aion are straight broken when full geared. Rangers are not in a good spot but a lot others are, including Gunslinger. Painters/vandals got beaten by templars and clerics and others when painter was op so that video proves nothing. If you watch more of those KR videos and streams you would see Gunslinger is the only class in KR that can burst down fast such robust classes as templars, clerics and chanters. At +15 full ultimate gear they are monsters. And more buffs will come. At +15 of one of their skills can crit all skills for 3 seconds same as assassin. On EU 7.0 altars there is a gunner in top 3-5 dps at altars and forts, so it's not bad in pve either. The problem with this class is the same as sorc and some others. Just bad class when you don't have the gear, when you don't have your daevanion skills (+15 in KR) or stigmas +12 (+15). The balance is done when you have all of that. If you're poor or don't farm much to get op, forget this class.
  2. New map too big for NA aion

    I don't know but there aren't many players around in this game anymore. Yesterday, a bit before 7PM server time, KT had 19% of the server capacity and DN 14% of the server capacity.
  3. GG danaria coming back aswell

    It is called South Katalam. Part of the update connected with North Katalam (Red Katalam) server wide "instance" in 7.2.
  4. Enchantment rates...Again..!

    might as well give the advice to buy from broker. it's just as useless advice as the one before. it is pouring everywhere with ancient enchantment stones if you play the game. you don't need to buy any from broker or to buy the boxes.
  5. Enchantment rates...Again..!

    worst advice you can give to someone. keep the genesis crystals to buy t2 ancient weapons and extract it for fragments. the frags are way more scarce in this game and this is like second best option to get them after crafting.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 28, 2019

    You're doing it wrong. Those are two mini events in one. The Hellpath instance rarely gives hammer from the bag and it's purpose is for AP. Easy run 600k AP and a hammer only after 10 completed quests. The hammers for the event are in gold sand shop for 2 ingots, reset every day and you can buy 2 every day. I'm telling you so you can prepare for when it comes here. I have sent kinah to all my 12 characters and I'm buying ingots and hammers with them every day. So far I got around 5 dark dragon weapon boxes, around 15 lighting dragon weapon boxes, one legendary contract 10 types, 4 ancient contracts 18 types, probably around 30+ stigma enchantment stones, many ancient/legendary/ultimate selectable manastone boxes (can be brokered), hundreds of best pots, a few ulti pvp stones, and lots of other crap like those silver stars and teleport scrolls. The event is a big kinah sink but the rewards are very good and very much worth doing it. Just skip the instance and do it only one the characters that really need AP, which would be painter mostly. Here is basically the event. Go to gold sand shop and buy 2 hammers Go to the meteorite and buy 2 bags of these Open them and get .
  7. Aidps confirmation

    that sorc... for when kaisinel is not enough
  8. still missing skills like in the previous post
  9. sorc vs. anything but

    We were talking about about delay between damage ticks. Right now you have 3 in a second and after that later update it's 1 every second.
  10. sorc vs. anything but

    Not almost. That is 2/3 since lasers in 7.0 are 3 ticks in one second and the new laser is 1 tick every one second. I don't know from where these rumors that in 7.2 the laser that gives you defenses is at 0.5s but that is just a rumor. There is no 0.5 tick lasers in 7.2. They are all at 1s. and btw on the topic, it's still required to play sin without mistakes
  11. FREE Vandal’s Gear Pack Reward Question

    You have the new Prestige Pass that can be considered a sub.
  12. IMPORTANT: for the new class

    Because the internal name for this class in the Korean files is PAINTER (<class>PAINTER</class>) and PA is the prefix for skill names. Same as for Songweaver is BA because the internal name is BARD, or for AT the prefix is RI from RIDER and so on.
  13. About the 7.0 and possible nerfs

    Tbh Gameforge does a lot of shit as well so you might never know.
  14. Let's talk about 7.0

    The value of the new ancient got increased tho. See the difference between an old Garden of Knowledge (CoE) feather and a new ancient feather from holy tower (FM). Left is the old one, right is the new one.
  15. How do we get NCSoft to listen to us?

    A license has to be renewed periodically. Since EU has the most amount of players beside CN, I'm sure they will renew. Innova servers are dead. Almost no players. Look at twitch and see that every Russian out there went to private servers and how the official struggle with players. This is what p2w did to the game.