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  1. Everyone complaining about no safe spots but in Korea they added permanent safe spots at +9 and +12 in 7.5
  2. First of all, there is no skill base damage found there on that link, only a comparison between some version of skills with no damage listed. Aionpowerbook has all the skills listed and their power. For example, go to cleric, choose a skill and see it's power through different levels, like Infernal Blaze, last learned at level 71, deals 947 wind damage. That is actually the tooltip damage and we know that skill_base_damage = skill_tooltip_damage * 100 / KNO But it's easier to rework the formula, as Magical skill damage = skill_tooltip_damage * (1 + 100/KNO * (magical_power_boost + p
  3. They are right tho. Common Vandals suck. In order to use your Color Monster vision stigma and keep your 30% stigma, you need +12 or higher set of stigmas. A common vandal with not even +9 set of stigmas, running Color Monster, is very limited in what it can do and defences. That is a 3 stage charging skill, one minute cd and easy to avoid it or get it interrupted. An equally geared sorcerer or sw can do the same damage. When 7.2 was in Korea and you could watch streams from there, gunner was easily in top damage in pvp. Vandal is still strong but in order to keep it strong you need to b
  4. When you compare it with games like that, you're right that it's a lot better. I did try a few more other obscure games out there and I must say, Aion is not the only game with free content but Aion has a greedy and not well thought monetization scheme. Since this game is pay to win and not going back anytime soon, if I try to buy something useful for me with 15 bucks a month, there is nothing useful for me to buy. Everything is expensive, there are too many things to progress in, and finally, everything you buy it might greatly fail because it's RNG. Either you spend a lot more or nothing at
  5. It should have been for anyone so it was probably a script failure or some other technical detail, or the way they do a reset without a maintenance is different. Players shouldn't be online in the weekend at midnight and it's still NC fault.
  6. Except this game has a lot of missing content and most of the missing content for f2p players is still in the cash shop. It's the worst f2p model you can get. It looks like a demo, the stuff is there but not achievable. It can take years to achieve most of the stuff as a f2p player. Getting your ultimate pvp gear to +15 is an insane amount of time and work and require you to buy some of the stuff from others. Same with +15 daevanion skills, as it is impossible to get that as f2p. You could probably do it in a few years but you're limited by the number of entries to instances, rng to get t
  7. What do you mean by that? On EU all the instances did reset for every character, no matter if it was logged in or out. Every single character received the same reset while playing on EU. It was the same as Wednesday maintenance but without a maintenance taking place. People have better things to do Saturday night at 11PM than staying logged in. Btw, the reagent was also one per account on EU. You could afk on multiple characters for fragments but it was only one free from shop. It was 5 hours and not 6. On another account I did it in a bit more than a week and I didn't need 20 days. If i
  8. On EU/KR Pandarung was the first village or the teleport entrance in South Katalam map, named Danaria map in NA. Enshar/Cygnea
  9. I think we had the same drop in both NA and EU and 6.5 was the one with 100% drop of ultimate gear. The 7.0 update was the one with a chance of ultimate part in easy instances and 100% drop in harder instances like Stella NM. IDD had 1 legendary stones and probably 4-5 legendary items, PF had 2 legendary stones and I think 4-5 legendary items, Stella EM had 1 legendary stone, besides the box with 3, and 4 legendary items from the whole instance, and Stella NM had 1 ultimate stone and some legendary stones from bags from bosses. The 7.2 update removed every enchantment stones from a
  10. It was the opposite. In EU you could have absolutely everything in 5.x, with just kinah. By everything I say shop related items that were exclusive to shop players in NA (best titles, best wings, pets, minions etc). Kinah was easy to make. The majority of players had everything they needed from just buying gold packs from broker and use it for elite rewards and veteran rewards (discontinued in NA), which had everything a character needed from cash shop. That was easy to do with how fast and easy was to obtain kinah in that patch, even for new players. Players abused alts for this. I didn't pla
  11. Aion N Shop From +12 to +15 it's exactly the same rate as from +9 to +12, nothing was changed. They added a safe spot at +12 and at +9 during these stigma events but there is none of it outside these events. Here the chances since they added +15 events. What is says there is that the event is from November 6 2019 to November 20, 2019. So comparing the latest one with the one from 2018, we see the same chances. It's a bit sad because in the past, before adding +15 stigmas, their stigma events had increases chances during the events and run for a month long.
  12. Idian Depths, not Indian Deaths. It was a common map, not one for elyos and one for asmos.
  13. That was a waste of time since the success chances were published by KR Aion website ever since 6.0. From left to right it's, step, success rate, chance to retain the level on failure, +2 crit chance, +3 crit chance * only applies on success
  14. We complained on EU that we got with the event only 30% chance after +9 instead of 35% like in KR but I think this default 20% is disrespectful to players. The difference is huge. Quite a number of players made a complete set of +12 on EU and the event lasted a month. In KR they had 35% only with the first event and you had a npc where you could trade a number of stigma enchantment for +8 stigmas. With later events they only had 30% chance but you could buy +9 stigma with stigma enchantment stones at npc, one time per character, and in the last 2 events they had +12 safe spot added besides +9.
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