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  1. aion 7.0 release in N/A

    By the way, I counted more than one patch https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Update_History 5.1, 5.3, 6.2 from what I see at first glance. Others seems very close, one or two weeks difference as you mentioned. I think it's a great progress from the beginning of Aion EU, when the difference was in lots of months. I know that NA is dropping the news in the last moment but if NA want to release it before EU, it has to do it next week.
  2. aion 7.0 release in N/A

    I don't know if you play on EU or not but it was explained to us that more languages don't slow down the process of getting an update. The localization is first done from Korean to German, as explained to us in the past on forums. Then they further translate from German to all other languages, simultaneously and not one after another, so it has zero impact if the additional languages are 2 or 5. Removing these extra languages was all about cutting costs. It was explained to us in one of the askaion videos that localization, which meant translation, voices, testers and what not, cost a lot. We had merges of all kind of servers and we no longer have those mentioned languages as servers anymore. We have two international servers, one French and one German. Aion is getting smaller each year. It doesn't grow. It makes sense that their team is also cutting costs and downsizing. Whatever explanation they gave us in the latest video, contradicts whatever was said in the past. We do have volunteer testers but so far our events and last 6.5 update still had plenty of bugs you could see withing 5 minutes of playing the game.
  3. aion 7.0 release in N/A

    7.0 in 2 weeks in Europe. NA not much further behind imo.
  4. EU Cares About His Community

    No, but that's my opinion. The patch was bad but we had lots of free events for free enchants, pve and pvp gear, mounts, crafts, xp, free luna and whatever you could imagine. We had events like this: Being f2p it was still nice and I geared up quite a few characters and made them 75. I made their craft level 300. Deposited a few hundreds of stones for upcoming 6.2 patch. My accounts already had over 5k luna at the start of 6.2 because of free events, and of course quite some billions of kinah prepared. I remember here in NA tempering and omega stones being treated such as a shop item and they were way more expensive at broker, mostly because of the power up events. And the safe point for enchanting was lowered in EU because otherwise the gear discrepancy was too big between players. Temperings and omegas were also shop items in EU but at least f2p players had alternatives to get them in bigger quantities, as well as Hero Trials which NA never had. So if you were happy with p2w power up events and fail events like tiamaranta's eye event, good for you. I do remember all the threads about unsubscribing and not paying money and so on.
  5. EU Cares About His Community

    RU players and other more nordic countries are playing games more often. Probably because of their weather. On RU, mmorpg games are very popular, unlike in US where many other types are a lot more popular. They do have more players if you compare it with NA but they do not have more players compared with their private servers. RU official is hosted by Innova, anything else that you can see on twitch most times is not official. Those private servers are a lot more popular than their official. I think it's because in the past it was quite p2w, as you had to pay to use anything above white and green armor and other stupid things like that. In 6.x I saw ultimate enchant stones in their shop so it's probably still mostly p2w. On Aion EU we have a fair share of Russian speaking players that prefer to play on EU rather than RU. EU has a lot more players as well. Too bad because Innova is hosting most NC games (B&S, Lineage2, Aion) for Russians and another game I have played there was way better managed than under NCWest and less p2w.
  6. EU Cares About His Community

    KR is doing the same as before? I don't understand the question. Most of the changes has to be approved by KR and most of the tools and mini patches are developed by KR. Publishers can do some stuff but not something like this. They have to ask KR for help. If you look at RU, that region has the most custom changes, which are never added to KR or NA&EU. For example, the luna system itself is an idea that came from RU and was developed by KR for them but later NA&EU picked up on this while KR still doesn't have luna system. There are other custom things only available in RU and NA&EU never got them.
  7. EU Cares About His Community

    You meant to say better? The drops as we see are pretty nice already, just by farming the first day. It's true that the game is designed around the shop. EU has recipes for morphs but not in the same form. For example, the crystals come from pve and pvp garrisons for free and not from shop, they eat 8 millions xp instead of 20. The downside, they require more enchant stones tho. Kinah bundles came later because initially EU had a much better sell ratio to npc, same as Korea with maximum premium, and everyone had kinah. Then they implemented kinah in instances and kinah bundles at craft but lowered the sell to npc. Transformations scrolls are free weekly from shop and vending machine but most of my transformation contracts, which were over 800 by now, were from afk events since I started playing again in January. This is how I got most of my ancient transform and I fused for legendary, all for free. The game is pretty bad as it comes from Korea but I don't think this should be about EU vs NA. Which region has it better, good for them. It's also pointless to argue because I personally wouldn't come back here even if it was better, mostly because of ping, timezone and friends. People grow up and have other priorities in life than just trying to siege at 3 am with 200 ping.
  8. EU Cares About His Community

    Not really imo. For almost the whole 6.x update, on EU they did several changes. You can sell your unneeded drop from instances to npc for three times its value. Additionally, they added addition kinah to dungeons. Mirash is about 500k for last box, CoE is about 2.4 millions, rest of them about 5-6 millions. Then they added box craft of 10 millions kinah to luna craft. Most of this because 6.x is lacking kinah. Then they kept the legendary PvP enchantment stones at luna craft. A lot of these chances never made it here to NA. Then there is Hero Trials which worked in 5.x and briefly in 6.x and probably coming back when they fix it again. I'm sure it is possible to have this drop change in NA since NCSoft already made them available elsewhere but what is the chance of having this new feature picked up if others much older haven't been added to the game so far? I remember it was the other way around and the reason why me and others moved away from NA in that time. Even if you don't believe me, you could have seen the surge in numbers here.
  9. Roll back

    You guys don't really get it how these things work. Playing on private server for free or on official for free is not the same thing. Official servers need f2p players just as much as paying players. The majority don't pay but they help keeping the game alive with their activities. Without them there wouldn't be many pve or pvp instances runs, healthy economy or sieges. Just a small example, those f2p players are the ones farming stuff to sell on broker, stuff that paying players have no time for it but they pay with their money to buy from broker. Paying players need targets in open world or sieges. If you don't pay it doesn't mean you're not contributing. It is motivating the paying players to keep paying. Another thing is, you might be surprised but private servers didn't steal anything. No artwork, no music, nothing from NC. This is why they get don't get sanctioned. Last time that NC, with the help of FBI, closed some servers was in the case of some Lineage II servers that had stolen files from NC. That happened about ten years ago or so when server files got leaked. In the case of our current Aion pirate servers, the whole server side is built by individuals who put in their own work to emulate the servers. All the artwork, all the music, all the content you see is on client side, downloaded by the player. Nothing like this is on server side, only login, calculation, responses and so on. This is the main reason these servers are still up, because technically it's proprietary software written by individuals that are not part of NC and have no such files from them. The client is also free to download by anyone. On the other hand, modifying the client to connect to these servers, that is the real violation of contract. That is the only way to stop these servers, by going after individuals who modified their client. The thing is, good luck with that hunt! Another thing to mention is that the artists already got paid by NC and all the artwork, music you see is NC proprietary. Remember this?
  10. BTW Kinah is not a problem. If you sell stuff to npc you get 3 times more than selling to inventory shop. Then there are things like this:
  11. It's not worth it the 1500 gold ingots because you can get Tahabata transform on your gladiator then regret it. You could use those ingots more wisely. I have legendary transform for free from past events and most of the ancients, also free. This Gold Sand Shop update is only for players who got their GP converted and they have nothing to do with the ingots. There are ultimate enchantment stones you can buy as well but not worth it either: BTW you can get 4 ingots every day, 3 from Gold Sand Shop and one for those free daily shugo coins from logging in. There is free luna craft as well if you want to go to extreme.
  12. Any info about GP compensation?

    Players have It's a reset because of different reasons. Server merges is one of them. Players hoarding millions of GP from the past and afk at 6.2 sieges or not coming at all. It's much harder to climb the rank right now if you're 100% active and some never get the chance to go above in rank.
  13. Gameforge is kicking ncwest ass

    not kicking any ass so far. it's not that great either on eu. but things are moving... just very slow. on the other hand na is doing a lot worse. the state of the game is mostly the fault of those developers who designed the game in korea so no reason to blame one person who most likely is a messenger and not responsible for all the internal decisions.
  14. P2W much?

    Since Aion team like to share their personnel with the L2 team, I'd say this happened more times that people know. Another case of compensating gear happened this year. People reacted because the GM's were clueless in what they are dealing with, basically a weapon that's worth tens of thousands of real dollars investment, and the result was obviously visible to everyone. The GM's responded, said they talked to each other before that change. Then they talked again and reverted the change after everyone got their pitchforks on forum. This also uncovered other facts, that GM's moved untradable and valuable gear to other characters, at player's requests, and this was available only to few selected players. Feel free to dig through that forum. Yep. You don't know what's happening unless the result is visible to you.
  15. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    16.000 for 1000 shards. The limit for 50k is on a single purchase. There is no limit per day or week.