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  1. P2W much?

    Since Aion team like to share their personnel with the L2 team, I'd say this happened more times that people know. Another case of compensating gear happened this year. People reacted because the GM's were clueless in what they are dealing with, basically a weapon that's worth tens of thousands of real dollars investment, and the result was obviously visible to everyone. The GM's responded, said they talked to each other before that change. Then they talked again and reverted the change after everyone got their pitchforks on forum. This also uncovered other facts, that GM's moved untradable and valuable gear to other characters, at player's requests, and this was available only to few selected players. Feel free to dig through that forum. Yep. You don't know what's happening unless the result is visible to you.
  2. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    16.000 for 1000 shards. The limit for 50k is on a single purchase. There is no limit per day or week.
  3. Aion 2

    A little bit of correcting. Mobile is not dead. Mobile games are the future, unfortunately. In China alone there are over 800 millions playing mobile games. It's a big market for Asia. Like you said, it's not created by NCSoft but still has a huge profit. Yet, NCSoft created L1M and that is Lineage M, after Lineage 1. It's only released in Korean so far and from what I remember it is currently top mobile game in Korea. Right now they also develop L2M, and that is Lineage 2 Mobile, a competitor for Lineage 2 Revolution but this time made by NCSoft itself and it's better game. Aion2 is also mobile, no matter how you look at it. Most of the new projects announced last year by NCSoft were mobile games.
  4. Prestige Pass

    That means someone has to play more than one account in order to afford a Prestige pass. I don't remember exactly but from what I remember the weekly kinah limit by selling to npc was around 110 million before 6.2. I haven't reached this limit in this patch but it is probably the same. This means you can make up to 440 millions a month by selling crap to npc. I didn't mention the broker because that is not a method of generating kinah but helps circulating it. But then you have expenses, you need to pay for lots of consumables in this game. You won't have enough kinah with one account to cover the expenses and the Prestige pass. What I can tell you is that on the EK server you won't sell that expensive ever. Even on older servers when your kinah is getting tinier each month. To give a more actual example, gold pack in EU is doing something similar and it costs anywhere between 4 and 10 euros. Do you know their price at broker right now? Look at this. Older players have enough of them from previous patches and new players, the ones that need them, can't really afford them, hence the price. So 500 millions a month is absurd and out of question.
  5. Kinah ~

    The problem is bigger in the long run, if you look at it. A lot of players don't see it because they are old players with lots of leftover kinah but the new players are feeling it already. You need kinah for food, potions, power shards, changing stigmas, transformation scrolls, enchanting, changing equipment stats, siege weapons and many more things if you care about end game. The kinah you get now is not enough at all. To understand it further I can give some other example. I also play in EU and there you can sell items at npc at 3 times the original prices, here in NA at 2 times the original price. It was 4 then 1 but now it's set to 3. On EU they implemented kinah drops to last bosses in instances to compensate the lack of it, for example my mirash runs all have 500k added at the end of it . So overall it is more than here but I still feel like it's not enough. It will probably be enough when I can farm on all 11 characters but I can tell that it is a chore to do this every week so I can enjoy the game on one character I want. Not to forget that 'transferring' kinah from an alt to main it's quite some kinah sink because of the broker fees.
  6. Kinah amount

    They made it 5% to remove the bug then they started adding Kinah to instances. Today with the maintenance they will increased the percentage from 5% to 15% Hopefully they won't change it from 10% to 5% before coming with some solutions because you don't have enough kinah to play the game with the default 5%. Korean model is adding more kinah with their premium after some months of continuous subscription.
  7. Hiding transformations

    I would suggest to read the threads again, on the Lineage 2 Classic forum. Lots of the same complains but less than they were a few weeks ago, about nerfed rates compared to EU and KR, about bots and other things. Players are left with no clear answers. If you read some older threads you can see a lot of players quit and asked a refund. It was quite bad managed from the start. I would say that more players complaining doesn't make something more terrible. If you look at the server population here, you can see there are not many players left to play. EU still has a lot more players. EU have some terrible things, some that will get sorted out next week, some that already been worked on, but the game in general is pretty much the same as here. I really don't see a big difference. On EU you are discouraged to buy from shop because it's expensive and some of the things hidden behind rng, so you have to rely on in game slow methods or spend lots of money. On NA you are encouraged to buy from shop. Any sane person would see the state of this game no matter the region and have the same reaction. This is not the savior patch of Aion.. Anyway, if they fix the things they promised, EU would be better from next week.
  8. Hiding transformations

    From daily Luna you get reward after a week but you better get the level 80 manastone over the transparent transformation scroll. The weekly one takes too many weeks. On EU there is 20 transparent scrolls for 1 ingot. Is it a bug that we don't find it here?

    No need. I've played NA for lots of years and it is very hard to miss the most active people on the forum. Even more interesting, we have been playing on the same server, Israphail, so it's hard to miss the forum. Just because I don't reply often on these boards it doesn't mean I don't read.

    Wouldn't hurt to update your meme bookmarks a little bit. You roll most of the same old ones for years. Anyway, after seeing the new update here I see that some stuff are cheaper in the shop but overall still more P2W and you end up paying more. That if you choose to spend.
  11. Scrolls will just be deleted?

    I had only one slot of crit scrolls and I got almost two rows of potions. I think the other slots of scrolls got converted as well.

    Well, youngsters these days suffer from short span attention so I forgive you Alysine for not reading. As you can see this time I even put pics because people coming and typing so much nonsense are usually the one biased.

    Why not? The Russian population of Europe is playing on Innova so you can exclude them. Then there is the fact that while I played in NA, besides many Americans and Canadians, there are many players from South America. Not to mention that I encountered quite a few players from Australia and even Korea. So you can say it's unfair, towards Europe.

    I started on NA because I have played NCSoft games previously under NA, but I'm European as well. Around 2014 I decided to quit the game because it turned into something I didn't like anymore. Besides, bots were running rampart, kinah spam were scrolling ridiculously fast in chats. When EU-NA servers split in 2012 or so, I remember I had the option to opt-out and move to GF servers. I didn't want to because I have read all kind of shit about GF at that time. No matter, since I quit the game two years later, I decided to test GF and see what's all the fuss about it. I actually got to enjoy it, hence I stayed there for like two years at least. In that time I haven't seen one spam message, no bots either. The server were populated too. Around 2016 when I quit again, this time because of boredom and other game came out, EU had around 25k players and NA were left with like 5k players. I never gave one cent to GF yet I had gold pack active, like the majority of players. At this point I still have around 4 years left of gold pack, without paying anything. In the same time I managed to get best wings, best titles, mounts, inventory and many other things I couldn't get in NA because they were in shop and the only way to acquire was by buying myself with real money. I have to mention that after the game turned to f2p model in NA I didn't pay anything anymore. I then came back on and off to NA to compare with EU. From my own perspective, there was no way I'd start playing actively again on NA because from my point of view it turned into too much p2w. So as you can see, each one have different things to share. NA was for so many years more p2w than EU but for other reasons, not because EU it's more expensive. You see, spending the same amount of money and getting less things on EU is not what defines more p2w. It's the fact that for a long time EU had in game alternatives of farming stuff unlike in NA. Players on EU just don't like stuff being in the shop. Period. Anything that you see in the shop and has value in game, no matter the price, it is considered p2w. Players on EU don't want cheap omegas and tempering in the shop, they want in game farming alternative. That is totally different mentality there. Of course there are others from richer countries in EU that would like to have them in shop cheaper but they are usually marginalized by the amount of complains about having stuff in shop instead of in game. I have played long enough on NA to see that most competitive players actually ran Prestige all the time. Gold pack is also optional. There have been players who refused to pay even kinah to buy them from broker and still managed to get to end game. Obviously it's not the same comparison but neither GP vs Prestige. For prestige I'd have to pay 15€ while with that money I could buy 5 GP on a happy hour sale. That because prices are not fixed for all countries in Europe but cheaper for poorer and more expensive for richer. I have a hard time your ping is the same. Around 2009 my best ping to NA was around 150. Around 2012 when it was f2p it was around 180. Today is over 200. That is without any ping proxy. And it's not because the connection got bad over time, in fact it improved a lot in EU, but it seems once it crosses the ocean it's getting really bad and you do need a ping reducer. On the other hand, the EU servers are far from me, a few countries away. My ping is around 35-40. I have seen the difference, there is no way it feels the same. NCWest is not talkative because they have nothing to communicate on their own, since most of not all the big decisions are done by Korea HQ. Innova is even more talkative than GF but yet the state of the game is bad there as well. This is a result of the developers and less of the publishers. You have no idea why there are delays. It's because NCWest is severely understaffed and their employees are shifted between different titles. NC Interactive is listed officially as having like four employees. For example the last few weeks Hime was very busy on the Lineage 2 and Lineage 2 Classic forum, since they opened that L2C game. Right now lots of players are complaining on that forum for days or weeks because they opened a game in a bad state, with nerfed content compared with EU and KR, and they demand answers from the staff members, answers that don't come. Yet Hime is back to Aion to handle this big update. Then who knows, after that they might have to handle a BnS update and so on. I'm sorry but each NCSoft Korean developed game I've played here under NCWest has been worse managed than in any other region. Do you think it's a coincidence that Aion has much less players today than EU or other regions?