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  1. I like Krypps’s design too, I need me those hoofs!
  2. Shugo doesnt give 3+ keys anymore? 5 runs and only two keys with no maps completed or our luck just sawked ?. Worse was final boss with three prince tags -shrugs- How are your post maint drops?
  3. It’s been 3 days are we getting any insights on how June events will be? just so that I know how to plan the rest of my month ?
  4. The first week was the best, in one run 1 person gets 1 omega or tempering at the least but these days our group comes out without any omega/tempering thats 5-7 runs a day. Guess we are all having a bad week”
  5. Hi, I love crafting too. Fluxes that show static in their names are discontinued and can no longer be obtained anywhere (except for other players who may still have them and are willing to sell). So for now it’s just weapon, armor and accessory flux that’s available ingame.
  6. We have the snake event npc that gives 100% crafting boost can this stack with the 500% charm? If so, which do I need to consume first? Buffs not stacking is a thing here in Aion so don’t want to waste my charms thanks
  7. You may be right with the gap between those who pay and those who don’t and again like what everybody is trying to tell you thats the whole point of an event. You clearly underestimate what f2p peeps can do with this event they can be on par with p2w, but that doesn’t limit them (p2w) from doing what f2p peeps can do. This game just showed its true colors with p2w, it would have been nice if the event stayed with the same price making free loaders happy then came with this bcm sale to make p2w happy. Economy damage forecast was already debunked.
  8. This is included in the month of March preview check again.
  9. Maybe if the thread really was more towards that kind of attitude we would get the answer in return “he/she is just dissapointed but will continue to play, he/she understands that’s life it’s always unfair” we dont cry if there’s nothing to cry about, so dont assume we do it just to feel good about ourselves unsubscribing well we dont. But you need to take a stand if you care for the company and complain when there’s something wrong because honestly if these people dont care they would have just left. just give us a good arguement as to why you defend them we’ll understand instead
  10. Good point, 330k used, ingame broker doesnt contain even half of this amount yet quarter even! And yet prices came up from about 100m to 150m, after event like lets say two weeks after it stabled to 95m to 110m on DN at least. I look at broker prices everyday looking for good deals with a good knowledge about the game economy and a lot of people here are too, NC can cross out economy as one of their primary reason for this disrespectful act!
  11. Lol! People who unsubbed we’re joking too, this is all a good joke. Good one!
  12. I completely lost it when I saw Cyan’s new post, a complete slap across the faces of people who took the effort to come up with ideas for the good of both company and community. Lab rats? Indeed we are as they’re testing these inflated npc prices without actual numbers, basing rates from people who obtained the most coins assuming everyone has the luxury to stay in the game 24/7.
  13. Cyan you clearly admitted that these prices are just out of the blue as analayzing comes right after the event, why implement these new rates when its hard in the first place, removing it was the best solution. People will always complain but with good management they can keep complaints at a minimum, but this one is just heartbreaking. It’s broken at the very start why hurt us more by bringing it back. Goodluck seeing people play that event when it comes back, looks like the retarded rates will stay.
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