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  1. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    It was the only way to play all the classes in the game. Plus the only way to play Elyos and Asmos on same server (not even for malicious reasons).
  2. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    I could run four accounts of luna on my comp at the same time and still do other things. .-. The mobo and i5 CPU are both from 2012, 16 GB RAM, 1660 TI gfx card, and SSD. If I used my husband's computer, that's another four. Two crappy laptops are potentially two to four more clients. It's really not as difficult as you think, especially if you have a program that violates the TOS to do things for you on multiple accounts while you sleep. 10s of billions might be an exaggeration, but you can still make good kinah off it if you wanted to.
  3. Shattered Abyssal Splinter Temporarily Disabled

    Arhangelos? Whale? Bruh, I'm probably a bigger whale than he is.
  4. the game is speaking korean

    EU and NA are totally separate entities run by separate companies. They have separate titles and even differing features in their games. NA has things EU doesn't in their game, and EU has things that NA doesn't in their game. I'm not sure why you're posting on the NA forums if you're playing the EU version of the game. It's completely and totally different. You need to be posting on the Gameforge forums to get help because what you're experiencing isn't a problem found in NA version of the game.
  5. the game is speaking korean

    NA is on 7.5, man. I know of literally no one else with the Korean voice problems. Did you download the game from the correct source?
  6. @Kibbelz Look here

    I'm more amused at how you all advertise the hack program when discussing it. Ice Cream Creator, is that you?
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 29, 2020

  8. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    2 posts in a row with full caps lock are cruise control for cool kids.
  9. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    Oh definitely, but having 0 events was worse than the p2w ones. And the p2w ones are awful. I believe Kibbelz mentioned elsewhere that their focus is more on current players than new/returning players, but I'm too lazy to search that post out again.
  10. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    Sandboxes and other virtual machines can run more clients off same device. :>
  11. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    Shoot, dude, a ton of people quit during 6.X because there were no events of any kind. >_>
  12. Katalam server bugged again

    I love it.
  13. Katalam server bugged again

    Have we come up with a cute nickname for Katalam's issue yet? Like how Danaria's nickname is "Downaria"?
  14. World boss

    Welcome to Aion.
  15. Game Teams Request - Feedback

  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 22, 2020

    Arkaida is just a really, really bad troll. Don't worry about it.
  17. We need a good event tomorrow !! Please Ncsoft

    Technically, that's RMT. Which is bannable.
  18. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    They're PvE based around dungeons and raids, with the open world (still PvE) maps feeling more like pretty filler material. The PvP part is a whole separate part of the game and is an afterthought, and I never bothered with it when I did play. It's a PvE game. That's what it markets itself as. Also, Shaidessa nailed everything that needs look at in Aion. I didn't realize how much more RNG there is now than there even was in the past. Everything is RNG, and it shouldn't be. Aion doesn't need to be a mobile-game-turned-PC gacha. Many of my RL friends quit because they couldn't compete against the wallet-warriors, no matter how much time/effort they put in.
  19. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    Hackers. Kinah acquisition. Access to Ultimate Transforms. Second half of 7.5. Skins. There are like 600 skins in this game (mild exaggeration), and players haven't gotten to get most of them in NA.
  20. Hidden Mobs

  21. My suggestions to bring former players back :)

    My beautiful waifus. T_T Why do they both have to have so many details on their outfits. T____T Tiamat had quite the glow up
  22. My suggestions to bring former players back :)

    Sorc already hits like paper at max cast time. .-. Sorc is rubbish in the game and has been for a long while. That was a big part of why I got mad at the game.
  23. Nostalgia event ! Please

    What year is it
  24. My suggestions to bring former players back :)

    You know that ban wave that just happened the other day? It was related to RMT. There are still effective ways to RMT. .-. And there are players in the playerbase who are doing the selling, not just your traditional Asian/Russian farmers. Tbqh, all they've done is increase the desire for people to RMT since removing tradable kinah and jacking up the price of everything to require kinah, creating a greater kinah sink than kinah gain. From what I understand, the best way to get kinah right now is to run all your chars through the luna instances every day and pray for the kinah boxes from the luna crafts of the day, so people are botting it on multiple accounts and using both the broker and hacks to sell that kinah. >_< But I need that Tiamat transform. x_x I have the perfect wig for her already. I just need to spam screenshots and dream of making the cosplay a reality. @Loki I need screenshots of the Tiamat ultimate transform pls. She and Ereshkigal are in a later part of 7.5. :<
  25. Hidden Mobs

    Aion Community Best Community