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  1. Can't open two Aion clients

    So, an additional two suggestions I found were to do the same thing as above, but click Run this program as an administrator. An additional suggestion was to use the 19.7.5 driver.
  2. Can't open two Aion clients

    Right click Aion, click properties, go to compatibility, run this program in compatibility mode for: , and I usually use Windows 7 or 8.
  3. Can't open two Aion clients

    Yeah, the only Aion-specific discord I still have connection to is the reddit one, if you want to try to reach me there, lol. (I'm Cheesecake there, not Cake) My existence has only served to annoy people, and I haven't played for a while, so I've avoided other discords. I'm able to run the 32bit client, but it is very slow. Like, veryyyyyyyyyyy slow. At one point, it redownloaded the 64bit client, which is odd. But I'm able to run 2x the 32bit clients and 2x the 64bit clients at the same time on windowed mode with an Nvidia 1660 TI with older drivers, no GeForce experience. Do you use any kind of GeForce Experience-like software with your AMD card? Like I mentioned before, I'm not familiar with AMD cards. The last time I used one was 2012, and I quit it because I got tired of the drivers always having issues. Can you change what ingame zone you're in and then try running the second client? Are you trying to run a streaming/recording software at the same time? Also, try disabling the stupid Windows Game bar by Right-click the Start button. Click Settings. Click Gaming. Click Game Bar. Click the switch below Record game clips. Screenshots, and broadcast using Game Bar so that it turns Off. I turned off everything related to that section of Settings. Can you also download some older drivers for your video card, completely uninstall the current drivers, restart the computer, and then install the older drivers? Aion's been pretty notorious for having issues with graphics card drivers. Can try to rename bin32/bin64, L10N, and data folders to all have .old after them, and then run the launcher again to redownload those files. Affectionately call that the Aion Holy Trinity. Try again. Don't rename the bin64 aion.bin to aion.bin.old yet until you try to launch the clients again. Have you updated your windows lately? What build are you on? 1903? 1909? 18XX? If you super want to get last ditch efforts, try running the second client in a sandbox (like Sandboxie). Just don't try taking screenshots or anything on that client. Also, sorry for the very slow responses. I've been binging another NCsoft game while I'm in between classes for school, lol.
  4. Can't open two Aion clients

    I just played this game for a million years. x_x And I'm stubborn and like solving a good mystery. This is a fun one because I've never heard of it before, and I'm willing to peek out of my retirement to try to figure it out.
  5. Can't open two Aion clients

    You won't get banned, and you can do it. I did it all the time, lol. I'm trying to think of why it'd shrink and crash your game when doing dual client. You have a good video card, from what Google tells me (I'm not familiar with AMD stuff). Are its drivers up to date? Are you waiting for Aion to be loaded entirely before trying to open a second client? Are you running windowed mode or windowed full screen? I've dual cliented with the 32bit fix, so I'm not sure why it's not working for you.
  6. Sad

    Yeah, saw that the other day. Unfortunate.

  8. maybe collusion between elyos and asmos?

    Can confirm litter box sucks and playing anonymously was both the best and most painful thing I've done when I was still playing. Both glad and sorry that those are the steps you had to take to be able to continue to get some enjoyment out the game, Aly.
  9. maybe collusion between elyos and asmos?

    I mean, ten years of this game would drive anyone to drink!
  10. Having Technical Issue Pertaining to Software

    I hope you get it soon! We just got ours today. What PSU wattage do you have in your computer? Also, the 555 looks like a weird card. One post mentioned that it's made for Alienware, and I'm not sure whether that'd be part of the problem but I like to think it shouldn't be. It should use the same drivers as the other cards.
  11. Having Technical Issue Pertaining to Software

    You gotta message Aly or somebody to ping me on Discord, lol. I've 99% retired from doing support stuff and don't look at the forums as often as I used to. I logged in today to see if anyone was still posting about that NPC bug. Did you completely uninstall/wipe out the old AMD drivers? What new nVidia card do you have? Are you using GeForce Experience? I'm sorry to hear you're having to live out of your car. I heard some of the direct deposit checks went out last night, so hopefully yours came in, unless you're waiting for a paper check.
  12. Aly and sugar-coating everything NCsoft does? Oboi, you sweet summer child. If you think Aion tactics are like the CCP, you know nothing of the CCP. Figure out some better hyperbole, and come back later.
  13. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    qol oet(?) cwesh ked woof
  14. maybe collusion between elyos and asmos?

    It's a conspiracy
  15. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    Srsly. That's just my guess on who would make the most sense to get a ban on the forums that I've seen in the last few days. Yeah. Pretty sure he's just the messenger. He's been getting attacked really badly lately for things that aren't his fault. It's so pathetic. There are so many clever and amusing taunts a person can use in a game, and then there's telling someone/someone's family member to die/deserves to die in real life of a horrible, novel disease (or at all, frankly) is just an awe-inspiringly shitty, unoriginal thing to do over a video game. The person who told you that your family member should die from the virus is absolutely an idiot and should be called out as one. Hopefully Support did give them a timeout. People need to realize that that is not an okay behavior. Like Arhangelos pointed out, people also need to remember that, not only is Cyan a human, the other players in the game are human on the other side of the pretty pixel avatars we run around as. Wishing IRL death on another human over some issue with a video game is...I can't even. Of all things. Why? And, for once, I think most of us have something to bond over IRL. We're all being affected by the disease in some way. Is basic decency too much to ask for? Let's play our games, have fun, and be cool to each other.
  16. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    I wonder if it was the guy who posted that Cyan should die of COVID19.
  17. Joker Daily Cards

    So, it's not "daily." It's just enough to get you six total to do a craft?
  18. Players deserve to read this (the nice form)

    lol congratz
  19. Please take stupid Snake costume(s) off BCM

    Most of the followers of Hiss Prismatic Brilliance have long since quit the game. The Cult of Rainbow Snake has fallen. That said, I don't understand why they haven't put all the skins on the BCM. It doesn't make sense. This game doesn't have enough people to benefit from artificial scarcity the way BnS does.
  20. cant choose the server

    He downloaded the wrong version of the game. He needs the one from here: https://www.aiononline.com/
  21. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 18, 2020

    I taped down my right arrow key while sitting in my house in Pernon back in the day. Would reload the client when I woke up in the morning, resetting the 24 hour timer. Also jammed a penny into my keyboard to keep the spacebar pressed back in 2.0 with the first afk event. It looks like you can get 22? free tokens a day and get one free legendary transform when you get top level. So, nice shit from the premium box if you do lugbug and afk for five days? I'm not 100% sure on how daily works. I guess you complete quests? This goes until May, too. It's way too early for tears.
  22. Will NCSoft close for COVID 19?

    They should also more or less easily work from home. Just need internet and a VPN to the office and a computer/other essentials for the job (art tablets, etc).
  23. Will NCSoft close for COVID 19?

    They can do a lot of their jobs from home.

    I mean, it'd just wind up being a rehash of the same argument with Aly saying we don't have enough players, Cheesecake making an appearance and being the biggest meanieface in all the world, and other people coming in going NCSOFT SUCKS/AION SUCKS/EVERYTHING SUCKS/WHY AM I STILL HERE!???, and Cyan inwardly being like the nyerk y'all need to chill the nyerk out while not replying to the thread but knowing of its repeated existence. And, weirdly enough, the OP's post shows how what someone would define as a "Classic server" would be very different among the old/unlikelynew playerbase. They're thinking of the 3.0-initialFTP times, whereas if I think classic server, that's 1.X era because that is classic Aion to me. What patch would NCsoft do as their classic, anyway? 1.9? 2.7? 3.7? 4.7? Blahblahblah, we all know the argument. All that said, yeah, Neleth's right on this. If you can't enjoy the game as it is, it's okay to leave, and this is one of the very few times I'd advocate for an illegal server for if you want to play different, old patches of Aion on. All I want to do is play dress up with my char and try on all the different armors and skins and take screenies of them as future I-want-to-cosplay-this-but-I-don't-have-the-time-or-money.