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  1. My suggestions to bring former players back :)

    You know that ban wave that just happened the other day? It was related to RMT. There are still effective ways to RMT. .-. And there are players in the playerbase who are doing the selling, not just your traditional Asian/Russian farmers. Tbqh, all they've done is increase the desire for people to RMT since removing tradable kinah and jacking up the price of everything to require kinah, creating a greater kinah sink than kinah gain. From what I understand, the best way to get kinah right now is to run all your chars through the luna instances every day and pray for the kinah boxes from the luna crafts of the day, so people are botting it on multiple accounts and using both the broker and hacks to sell that kinah. >_< But I need that Tiamat transform. x_x I have the perfect wig for her already. I just need to spam screenshots and dream of making the cosplay a reality. @Loki I need screenshots of the Tiamat ultimate transform pls. She and Ereshkigal are in a later part of 7.5. :<
  2. Hidden Mobs

    Aion Community Best Community
  3. My suggestions to bring former players back :)

    You have me curious to what that would entail lol. A big thing NCsoft needs to do to retain their population is increase the availability and attainability of kinah. It'd be nice if they brought back player to player trading (literally every other cat has it; why did NCK remove it?). Has the drop rate and attainability of gear and stones improved? Add more skins that every other region has, to the BCM and the ingame shops. With the exception of the trading, I like to think everything else is plausible. To bring people back, though? We know what we're getting next. We haven't even gotten the entire 7.5 patch yet (I need someone to get the Tiamat ult transform, so I can spam screenshots of it). I don't think what's up next will draw old players back and get them to stay. And Eltnen definitely won't bring them back.
  4. My suggestions to bring former players back :)

    Wait, iirc, Eltnen was destroyed by Ereshkigal when she pulled the Abyss apart. Seriously, there is no Eltnen anymore, and it was an awful zone. It wasn't what ruined the game for me and bringing it back wouldn't bring me back. It's been so long, no matter what Ncsoft did, people aren't gonna want to come play a gacha or leave the other "cats they're looking at" for this one. I have appreciated some of their events lately that are very helpful for players, but not enough to come back, not with all the other things that still exist that I'm reminded of every time I login. And I know I'm not the only one, unfortunately.
  5. Images are back!

  6. What exactly is the problem with SAS?

    Legit surprised no one's opened their mouth and said why. (Not at NCsoft, in the playerbase lol)
  7. My suggestions to bring former players back :)

    Bots would easily abuse that daily lol. Real players wouldn't be able to do it because a bunch of bots would be there killing all the mobs. Lorewise, Eltnen is a wasteland now because of Beritra. I otherwise admire your optimism.
  8. Bid ban

    Ooo, yeah, there might have been a lower fort one, but, if it wasn't on all servers, I missed it. We could make a list of all the governors that have gotten banned. That'd be fun.
  9. Bid ban

    I don't remember a ban for glitched fort mail. I recall that Azphel server had a bug that sent out foooooktons of kinah after one fort take, and they had to rollback the server because of it. I think there was a kinah buying/botting ban that occurred in the first few months, and thousands of accounts got hacked afterward and stripped of everything they had by gold sellers/botters. If that is the right banwave, I think that one was the one that gutted the Asmodian faction on most servers of the time. I know Lumiel Asmo took a big hit in one banwave.
  10. Katalam server bugged again

    Wasn't yesterday Tuesday?
  11. Bid ban

  12. Quick question about BAN

    That, and the guy who was hacking in UA forts + no ani. Was he banned at ~the same time or was he a little before/after? I loved the "Is Cheese here? I need to talk to Cheese." in Vent from him or his friend after he got banned. If anyone plays the forums, it's me, and this is some of the most exciting and outlandish things to happen to Aion in agessssss.
  13. Bid ban

    https://i.imgur.com/qOwb9Vk.gif The mental gymnastics here are amazing. I love it. The drama! The delivery! The justification! Just need to stick that landing!
  14. Bid ban

  15. Bid ban

    There was also the great St Patty's Day Massacre back in 2010, which was pretty epic. I have a video of Buster showing up in Pandy in 2015 and spawning Sematariux. I probably have screenshots of the other celebrations with Valor and them showing up over the years, but I'm too lazy to dig through 11 years of history for them.
  16. Bid ban

    Good times. I vaguely remember that. That was from kinah buying back then, too, right? And botting? I feel like all those account compromises happened after that first ban wave, but I'm trying to remember almost 11 years ago when I can't remember what I ate for breakfast this morning. https://i.imgur.com/fGZti3u.gif
  17. Bid ban

    How do you know if a crackton of people on the other faction/server were or were not banned? And aren't the Elyos on KT the highest population right now, so there'd be more people banned there based on population alone? Or it's a conspiracy. It's always a conspiracy.
  18. Bid ban

    hahahaha this game is great
  19. Bid ban

    Bad news, OP: Some people supposedly did only get a week. RIP to you, boy. Guess it's time to start over and play fair, yes?
  20. Bid ban

  21. Images not showing on forums for me

    I need my reaction gifs! https://i.imgur.com/pe8N9zB.png
  22. Character Transfers Temporarily Suspended

    Ate too much paste as a child.
  23. Images not showing on forums for me

    They legit turned them off on the last forum, tho, because security issue or something, and I recall a setting to turn off pics being available on this forum software, too. We're worse than Reddit now. All my reaction gifs T_T I mentioned that my pics weren't showing up too in another thread but didn't call out anything specific. On the plus side, posting Cheesecake nudes is gonna get really fun.
  24. Images not showing on forums for me

    It looks like Loki or Hime turned off pictures.
  25. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    I have one today. When the Weather Channel says 15% chance of rain in your area/Expect dry conditions over the next six hours and there is no sign of anything on the local radar, so you go on a walk and, when you're still a quarter mile from your house, it starts POURING rain. *insert gif of Tarkin saying "She lied. She lied to us!" because somebody was a meanieface and turned off images on the forums* Legit Where tf did that cloud come from. The South in the summer is a rude beast. That's what I get for going outside. I should have stayed indoors and played video games instead.