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  1. Guess which server is bugged again?

    Is it still broken?
  2. HACK

  3. HACK

    I think you can click her name and click Follow member and that might notify you of her comments?
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 20, 2020

    The soonest it'd be is a while after the new patch. You're trapped forever.
  5. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    Vantheria translated for me. I just think you don't understand me. I have no dog in the fight = I have no personal reason to be involved. I'm not personally affected by this. I'm just curious because Support has badly messed up at least twice before (Johngunmad with all the manastone restores, and the Ereshkigal weapon incident). Players lie all the time. You could directly ask proven hackers if they hack, and they'll say no. Hence, I don't trust players. Hell, I don't wholly trust the OP of this thread, but Simbok's behavior hasn't exactly been encouraging, either. These screenshots of his gear provide very little information. People need to actually MOUSE OVER the necklace and take a screenshot of that, not a screenshot that he has a shiny necklace. He's not answering whispers nor is he in a location that players have been able to find him (as mentioned earlier). Me finding my login info and messaging him on Cheesecake-KT would accomplish nothing except to lock up my computer for five minutes while waiting for Aion to launch, and I'd rather be playing my other game during that time. I've seen NCsoft make mistakes with investigating players before, but, so far, Hime said he isn't using/owning an item he shouldn't. Unfortunately, that's the most trustworthy information we have in this thread. You can petition Support to investigate this further and make sure they're investigating the correct account, but that's about it, unless someone provides definitive proof that he got the necklace.
  6. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    I'd also have to dig up my login for my KT A account lol.
  7. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    I'm so confused at what you're trying to say.
  8. Katalam bugged again

    Huh, rerolling Katalam might actually be feasible since you'll have even more chances for the gear you need
  9. Why are Cygnia and Enshar removed in 7.5?

    It was hideous, the marla caves were AWFUL, and, iirc, there was a big section of sand on the map that had a massive speed debuff on it at the time.
  10. Why are Cygnia and Enshar removed in 7.5?

    Theobomos, one of the zones I despised in this game.
  11. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    I'm confused by what you mean. All you need to mouseover is the item everyone is freaking out about and confirm on if it's the item and take a screenshot of that result. No one cares about the rest of his gear (currently). I have no idea who the guy is. I have no dog in this fight. I also trust players as far as I can throw them, and I'm not very strong; I can't throw them very far. There have been players who have sworn up and down that they haven't cheated/exploited in this game, even though they've streamed themselves with their hacks up. I know Hime and co. can make mistakes in investigating the player, but, for now, it appears he does not have the item, according to her. The (New) Israphel Elyos sorc or SM or whatever he was? Good times.
  12. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    Yeah, I'm confused why you didn't mouseover and screenshot it.
  13. Beritra had a second humanoid/daeva disguise that he used to trick your character into finding Hyperion and stuff. There was also a book in Tiamaranta that referenced Apsu as Beritra's lover and a guy, iirc. This really isn't quite new lore.
  14. Katalam bugged again

    Reroll on KT
  15. The login screen is kinda cool, with the hourglass sand flowing backwards.
  16. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    Some people aren't very smart, especially in this game. Example: See the Ereshkigal Support nyerkup drama because the guy was an idiot and upgraded his weapon or whatever, which showed up in chat, people streaming themselves hacking, and so much more!
  17. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    It's 4:48pm Sunday. You gotta wait until tomorrow at the soonest.
  18. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    I mean, they permabanned that one guy so hard for abusing Support that he was publicly messaging them on Twitter to unban him because hE DiD nOtHiNg WrOnG. He was even arguing that he did nothing wrong on the forums just prior to his ban.
  19. Farewell Daevas!

    She was joking, too. >_>
  20. 7.5 New Transforms

    I don't understand this game anymore, lol
  21. 7.5 New Transforms

    Do it, Van! I really want to make the Tiamat ultimate. I already have a wig for it and stuff.
  22. 7.5 New Transforms

    The first part is so ridiculous. It's not real, is it? D: The Apostles look cool, tho.
  23. Farewell Daevas!

    Gonna miss you, Justin! <3 Thanks for all that you've done for the last few years!
  24. Temporary Everything Isn't Rewarding

    I'm kinda disappointed that there's no skin offered with this. Hell, a free ancient transform of your choice would be cool. 30 day mount hurts.
  25. Installation Help

    Launcher has to be installed on the C drive, but, when you're installing the game itself, you should be able to set the D drive as the destination drive for the game. Have you entirely uninstalled everything before reinstalling the launcher and the game?