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  1. GW2 hasn't been royally corrupted by NCsoft yet. >_> It's still largely Anet's game. There are some really shitty decisions with it (certain story content behind paywall if you didn't log in when the episode went live, but you can still get around that by grinding gold and exchanging it for gems and buying the things that way), but it's not a p2w fiasco. They also just announced the next expansion for next year. So don't trashcan it just yet because NC publishes it.

    ESO also isn't too bad. Elder Scrolls just isn't something I'm all that interested in, but it's definitely not a bad game. It's probably worth checking out, too.

    BDO is just the same song as Aion with a slightly different tune. But definitely enjoy it while you are.

  2. 17 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    My current pc is about 1200 euros (it is 5 years old) it was my first major big phat pc I ever got because I finally had my own money and an abundnce of it. My pc would cost like half today or something.

    But due to my work I am about to get a 4k~5k pc soon, super analyzing is a must and those new pcs are like 20 times faster with more cores than 5 year old stuff!

    The core of mine is from 2012 (CPU/Mobo/RAM). :( It's starting to struggle with games. It's done so well for so long, though, so I'm pretty proud of what I built back then. Ready to get the new i5 and stuff, and make it all shiny and glowwy. ...and with a case that doesn't have freaking proprietary fans that are expensive. ._.

    And, yes, the best thing to do now is to save up legendary transforms for these events. Good luck; we're all counting on you.

  3. 48 minutes ago, Treos-DN said:

    I think @Cheesecake-DN Said it's actually 780 dollars. She can correct me if I misquoted. I think it's funny though. There were some people complaining about the rng for getting an ultimate, saying the system is bad, Ncsoft needs to change this, it would be great for everyone and if you go to the Transformation thread those same people are in there going "Thank you!!!", "This is a good deal!", "I won't quit now". Lol. People... Never fail to amaze you..

    ~$790, assuming you get/need all 12 duplicates and don't have any other previously existing duplicates to combine with. :(

    So it could be ~$500 if you already have 4 existing duplicates waiting. Assuming you didn't already try to combine them before the event started and the like.

    It's not perfect math, but y'all get the gist of it.

    30 minutes ago, fearemall-DN said:

    Thats like going to a car dealership and buying a 2004 used mazda when the sales rep says “hey, we’ve lowered the price of this vehicle from 150k to 100k.” 

    The price is still outrageous, but nonetheless you say “wow” and buy the car. Thats how oblivious people are in this game.

    Hahahaha, I get where you're coming from; it's just even funnier for me because I just exchanged my mazda for a new mazda because the dealership offered me a $1k+ discount + refunded first payment if I'd bring my original car in and end the lease early because they needed more used vehicles to sell. >__> My car isn't near $100k tho.

    But, yeah, At least they have a "guaranteed" Kais/Marchu ultimate now if people combine during any events like this.

    Now people can whale to try to get the waifus.

  4. Sorry to hear you went through that. This playerbase as a whole is concentrated toxicity, who will attack anyone for anything. Support is also really good about doing nothing about harassment.

  5. 3 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Most of the people that will throw this amount of money already have all old 10 types.  They just need to keep something like this permanently not a limited times again.


    Just...$790. @_@ I want to buy a new computer that's ~$1200, and a bloody ultimate transform costs a good portion of the payment for the computer. And the computer is more likely to last significantly longer than this game. :(

  6. 2 minutes ago, Viseris-KT said:

    i was looking at the bundle, theres the 5200 one, limit 10 per account, so still not enough and still in the 1000s :)

    Yeah...if I can do math right, with the 5200 x 10 + 8800 x 1 + 2400 x 1 for the special bundle, assuming all duplicates (and that you already don't have duplicates), that's $790USD. Minimum.

  7. 18 minutes ago, Viseris-KT said:

    Not quite, the cheap one is only once per account, then you need the 8800ncoin bundles, which is like 110$, so that and needing the transformations more than once in order to combine, means its going to the 2000$+ range. I'm pretty sure we asked for a reasonable way not spend four figures way, i guess "they heard us loud and clear" wrongly.

    I was going off the 5200 BCC per legendary transform listed on the website. Was there a cap on how many of those you could buy? Didn't realize it was so much more. That's wild.

    But considering that's 12 duplicates that you need for the event...throw down even more money...


  8. In all seriousness, where are you seeing red numbers for Aion NA at?

    So long as people in NA are addicted enough to the gambling system and desire to be in the top 1% of gear, NA is still going to make enough money to justify its continued existence. Because people are still spending money on this game, a lot of money. Look at the threads of people talking about spending thousands of US dollars on the legendary contracts in the store and still not getting an ultimate transform...and continuing to spend money and play the game even after that.

  9. 1 minute ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

    There is a video about this(for the life of me i can not remember the name) in Korea's side of this issue. All that came of it in Korea was that they have to show %'s of being able to obtain something so it will not go away but players can make more informed decisions.

    Tbqh that'd be much better than what's right now.

    As much as I love this other game, I hate the most desirable cosmetics (thank god it's only cosmetics) being gated behind RNG boxes that you don't know the rates on, let alone having necessary items gated behind RNG.

  10. To be fair, a legendary saying in the IT/programming world is this:

    Test != Production


    Otherwise, yes, there's a whole shitstorm of stuff going on today that's pretty fascinating to watch.

  11. 7 hours ago, MetalPhantomEvil-DN said:

    ok !! give feedback after <3 


    let's hope!

    It seemed to play pretty decently, but I didn't play too long. All I had was graphics stutter, which is pretty normal. My computer is getting old, after all. :P

    Supposedly West Coast players are having issues with lag, but that might be a routing issue. Too soon to say whether it's a big improvement or not, so keep an eye out on their forums for players' (salty) feedback. :>

  12. 2 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:



    The sad thing is I TRIED TO GET OUT. I TRIED. I started playing Tera, and I really liked it! Playing a couple weeks, really getting into it, and then En Masse Entertainment posts a notice yesterday that their company is shutting down. They say support will continue elsewhere for Tera, but we all know how that will end.

    Sadly, MMOs are just going the way of the dodo birds. They go massive p2w and then they die. It's depressing.


    That's a bummer. It seemed like it'd improved a lot from what it started as. Haven't played for a long time though.