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  1. Can we get more Violent Tuca spawns

    If someone does that, report them. I have seen Support actively ban people for that. Lord knows if they will now, but they have in the past.
  2. Aion 7.5 translation gave me headache

    yeee the best shit

    Maybe I'm just really tired, but there are only 4 clerics on both screenshots? And a spiritmaster is #2 on both screenshots? Bruh, tf you cryin' 'bout, boi? and that looks very interesting, no sarcasm.
  4. DCs/Sendlogs during PVP instances

    Maybe try the instructions here https://www.windowscentral.com/how-change-your-pcs-dns-settings-windows-10 and use Google Public DNS: and ?
  5. DCs/Sendlogs during PVP instances

    I'm no networking pro, so take my idea with a grain of salt, but maybe DNS issue? Either way, sorry to hear you're all going through that.
  6. Aion 7.5 translation gave me headache

    Hey, if you spend enough money, you can abuse support to get your broken item back at the last level it was successful. /notquitesarcasm
  7. DCs/Sendlogs during PVP instances

    The only guess I have is if you're using any kind of VPN might be having a problem, check your firewall, and maybe try the 32 bit client of Aion. (NCsoft/Aion/bin64 folder rename aion.bin to aion.bin.old)
  8. Aion 7.5 translation gave me headache

    Yup. Hold on to your hats, bois. It's only going to get crazier from here.
  9. Aion 7.5 translation gave me headache

    "Current Ancient, Legendary and Ultimate T2 PvP Gear is not obtainable anymore." And the "addition of new gear." + the new enchanting and odiums and runes and what the nyerk else they're coming up with.
  10. Aion 7.5 translation gave me headache

    Cygnea and Enshar. My favorite thing is they're invalidating all your 7.0/7.2 gear within the same 7.X patch series. They're trying to kill their game.
  11. Vote Jake for NCsoft NA

    Hello, fellow Idahoan.
  12. Yeah, equipment and build templates. They're overpriced right now, too. By a lot. Like, for the price they are, they should unlock across your entire account, not per char. But #NCsoft. Even then, the angry mob isn't that big. It's the hardcore who are upset. The casuals, most of whom weren't using the mod anyway, don't have any particular opinion outside of "this is overpriced," and a bunch of the whales I'm in guild with have already maxed out their build slots on almost all of their characters.
  13. Vote Jake for NCsoft NA

    NCK: Hold my beer.
  14. crashes on startup

    Go to your NCsoft/Aion/bin64 folder Rename aion.bin to aion.bin.old Relaunch game. Let me know if it works.
  15. Make abusers pay for extra entries and then unban them?

    The worst part is we probably wouldn't see the firestorm on the forums or in game. We'd have to have people tell us about it on Discord, and I'm only kind of sure the whales doing the chargebacks and having to fight NCsoft are going to stay quiet about it and claim they got their money back. And maybe!
  16. Make abusers pay for extra entries and then unban them?

    See...the fun thing about this is... NCsoft can dispute the chargeback and get the money back, especially in the amounts the whales have spent. They won't pursue someone who chargeback'd $100, but $20k? Hooooboy you better believe there are going to be some lawyers and accountants involved.
  17. Make abusers pay for extra entries and then unban them?

    Oh nice. At least there's one game that did it! Do you remember when we had the stolen credit cards being used by gold sellers to sell the bundle pack things items? Good times. DX
  18. How player-friendly is this game now?

    I'll be straight with you. It has significantly fewer people than Gameforge. The next patches aren't looking too good, if word out of EU is accurate. We have no word on when we're getting those next patches. We've had a main PvP instance closed for three months or so(?) because of a bug that NC-Korea apparently can't fix, a bug that led to a huge banwave a few days ago. You're going to have to spend a lot of time or money to catch up. NC-West hasn't been subtle with its latest cashgrab, which is blatant p2w. The dependence on RNG to enchant your gear/skills/etc in this game can be brutal. It is a pretty game, especially for a game that came out in, like, 2008 in Korea, but it's really not in good shape. We have one community manager, and he works primarily on another NCsoft game, Blade and Soul. The RL money store is kind of pitiful compared to other regions. There's a whole host of other reasons to play or not play, but I'm not in a cheerful enough mood to give the good things. @Aly-DN might be able to give the good parts of this game.
  19. Make abusers pay for extra entries and then unban them?

    That requires even more work on NCsoft's end, especially since it involves RL kinah, which means accounting department shit. I imagine their accounting and legal departments are already busy dealing with the whales who I nearly guarantee filed a chargeback with their bank/card provider (automatically keeping their accounts permabanned with no chance of appeal, anyway). The last thing NCsoft is going to want to organize/work on is a way for players to pay them back. It's not as simple as it sounds, and a ton of players would protest at how many runs they'd be charged for (because "I dIDn'T dO ThAT mAnY. NcSoFt tOTalLy FlUbBeD tHe CouNts tO gET moRe MoNeY"). What game has allowed players to pay them back? I can't readily think of one.
  20. Make abusers pay for extra entries and then unban them?

    That's a lot harder to do than to just ban the accounts. I wanted them stripped, too, but, yeah.
  21. Make abusers pay for extra entries and then unban them?

    That's unrealistic on every front. This is just the same/similar treatment NCsoft gave the people who abused the instance entry bug back in the EB Online days.
  22. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    That's my favorite one. I like to believe y'all are smart enough to know not to play with an exploit that blatantly costs NCsoft money, or maybe even have the memory of NCsoft previously banning players for instance count abuse due to a bug back in 4.X, but I guess not.
  23. Terms of service for forums

  24. just an advice

    And what do you do when you don't have enough players left in the game after throwing in some big p2w events for a while?