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  1. WTS Vandal Asmo NA Danaria

  2. WTS Vandal Asmo NA Danaria

    You're not very clever, are you?
  3. Will Transfers ever open?

    Like I said, rerolling and regearing might be faster. Make a char there to work on while you wait.
  4. Will Transfers ever open?

    Considering how long it's been broken and that there's a brand new patch? Rerolling and regearing might be faster.
  5. Game Update Maintenance - May 27, 2020

    There was no 7.3 7.4 in Korea. It went straight from 7.2 to 7.5. Next one is straight to 7.8(?). That's how patches have worked in Aion for a very long time. Sometimes we'll get minipatches that add/fix functionality in a .X patch, but they're not .X's themselves.
  6. "Stigma Event"

  7. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    It's Team Para. Enough said.
  8. List of Items Needing to go into Special Cube

    I thought I saw a note in the patch notes that you can now expand your inventory even further (probably with RL money?). Guess this was why, lawl.
  9. Game Update Maintenance - May 27, 2020

    SW at the bottom? laughs in sorc cries in sorc
  10. Ia AION becoming a only PvP game?

    Depends on the class. You'll have a very bad time as an undergeared sorc. Or even a geared sorc. Glad, though? Yeah.
  11. Ia AION becoming a only PvP game?

    Incoming rage: A TONNNNNNNNNN of people quit between Launch - 2.0, not only because of the Korean grindfest but because you couldn't go anywhere to level up without being 100-0'd by permarifters. By 1.9, I was safer leveling in the Abyss than in Morheim/Beluslan (I did 38-45 in the Abyss off the upper fortress repeatables and I almost maxed out on them, lol). They had to add rift buffs in 2.0 because it was so bad. And then I have a rant on other patches and their BS (5.X was 1.X on steroids), but I think the biggest ones were launch -> 2.0 because grindfest and unplayability and then 5.X with its triple whammy of Korean grindfest, breakable gear, and hackers. I was all on board with PvPvE until I saw how it was implemented/the gear disparity/etc, and now I'm 150% trackstar carebear for most areas of the game.
  12. where is the Motion "Wonder Girls' 2 Different Tears" staff?

    Pretty much, that's the dominant theory and what I recall we were told years ago.
  13. where is the Motion "Wonder Girls' 2 Different Tears" staff?

    Licensing costs.
  14. Certain NPCs are untargettable

  15. Guess which server is bugged again?

    Nah, I was just curious if it was still broken.
  16. Guess which server is bugged again?

    Is it still broken?
  17. HACK

  18. HACK

    I think you can click her name and click Follow member and that might notify you of her comments?
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 20, 2020

    The soonest it'd be is a while after the new patch. You're trapped forever.
  20. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    Vantheria translated for me. I just think you don't understand me. I have no dog in the fight = I have no personal reason to be involved. I'm not personally affected by this. I'm just curious because Support has badly messed up at least twice before (Johngunmad with all the manastone restores, and the Ereshkigal weapon incident). Players lie all the time. You could directly ask proven hackers if they hack, and they'll say no. Hence, I don't trust players. Hell, I don't wholly trust the OP of this thread, but Simbok's behavior hasn't exactly been encouraging, either. These screenshots of his gear provide very little information. People need to actually MOUSE OVER the necklace and take a screenshot of that, not a screenshot that he has a shiny necklace. He's not answering whispers nor is he in a location that players have been able to find him (as mentioned earlier). Me finding my login info and messaging him on Cheesecake-KT would accomplish nothing except to lock up my computer for five minutes while waiting for Aion to launch, and I'd rather be playing my other game during that time. I've seen NCsoft make mistakes with investigating players before, but, so far, Hime said he isn't using/owning an item he shouldn't. Unfortunately, that's the most trustworthy information we have in this thread. You can petition Support to investigate this further and make sure they're investigating the correct account, but that's about it, unless someone provides definitive proof that he got the necklace.
  21. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    I'd also have to dig up my login for my KT A account lol.
  22. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    I'm so confused at what you're trying to say.
  23. Katalam bugged again

    Huh, rerolling Katalam might actually be feasible since you'll have even more chances for the gear you need
  24. Why are Cygnia and Enshar removed in 7.5?

    It was hideous, the marla caves were AWFUL, and, iirc, there was a big section of sand on the map that had a massive speed debuff on it at the time.