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  1. So this happened..

    What is...P v P?
  2. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    My back hurts now. /winces
  3. So this happened..

    It's such a great movie :>
  4. So this happened..

  5. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    We were making fun of the boobs in BnS, but it is not the reason why people play the game. It might be some peoples' reason to play, but, for most, that's not it. I personally love the 469587253907 skins in the game and have enjoyed the story and classes, and even enjoyed the PvP at one point. Plus, I think my warlock jin is cute, and I love the skins I've gotten on her. :>
  6. So this happened..

    Remember when you'd get hate comments on your online profile back when NCsoft had that feature? Good times. I managed to get them, and I sucked at PvP. 10 years, Aion players. Please don't ever change. Salt makes things taste better. Aly, remember when we were waiting for a camp to flip in Danaria back when the safe pads were still ground level, and some cleric accused us of hacking because they stepped off the pad during their potato on/off pad thing and someone (I think Ahdol?) yanked them and we killed them, and they called us hackers? That was fun.
  7. That moment when

    Yeah, I was super excited when I realized the transforms I unlocked on KT-E also worked on my DN-A characters. Hopefully 7.0 keeps it that way.
  8. [EU] Aion 7.0 deployment date pushed back by 2 weeks

    Ew the barium stuff is disgusting. One of my friends had to do it recently and said it was worse than the glucose test they do when you're pregnant, lol. And gtfo of Florida. The Dad just moved there, and, while he loves it, there are some serious cons! The pros being us kids will actually go visit him and big pretty birbs (<3), but the cons being gators (he lives near a lake) and skeeters. Keep getting better!
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 10, 2019

    But...you often post your opinion as facts, too... If it triggers you so much, don't click "Show Post" ever. I know curiosity is a fun thing, but it's not hard to not click the button. You're reaching that that poster wants to keep everyone transformed. They didn't even imply that in their post. Their post is a reasonable request and has nothing to do with your endless tirade against the unfairness of Aion life. Korea is not removing transformations or adding the toggle ability to make the choice of if they're visible or not. We, unfortunately, know that. No other region has done it, and I have the highest doubts Korea would do such a thing for a puny region like NA. If Korea suddenly gets it, then there's a chance we'll get it here. Instead, working with what we have and what exists in other regions, we in NA would like to have cheap transparent scrolls. That's an ez change, and it exists in other regions, so it perturbs me that they won't/haven't done it here. So, yeah, working with what we know we can get, that other regions have, that has been done before, it makes sense to ask for cheap transformation scrolls because that's the only way Korea has provided to get around looking like an ugly vampire dude with bad textures. Focusing on currently available facts and ten years of experience with this company, a toggle isn't going to happen unless it happens in Korea first. You attack Aly for assumptions in her post while lowkey doing the same in yours to someone who isn't any kind of threat to you. Come on, man. Here's an assumption of my own based on your post history: You don't like the game. You don't like the direction it's taken. You don't like what basic MMO freedoms it's removed from you and your friends/legionmates/etc. It's okay to go play something else for awhile. If something doesn't make you happy that isn't required for your continued RL existence, why are you doing it?
  10. instance queues

    If I'm getting the person right, Ele's been complaining about no one taking them to do shit for years, starting with EB, and they've never taken the initiative, even when gently or forcibly suggested to, to make their own, even 6 man, group. .-.
  11. instance queues

    That's still not p2w. He did not pay to win, and you don't know if he got carried (if he mentioned that, I missed it?). Dude, seriously, are you okay?
  12. instance queues

    pay to win Usually means spent RL money. Actually, it does mean spent RL money. He didn't spend RL money. So, not sure where you're trying to go... Are you okay?
  13. [Daily] Headache

    Valedia was the last one I saw going full retard in LFG before I started maining on KT-E. Haven't seen Karen in awhile or Brisa in ages. I'd just turn off LFG when I'd get bored.
  14. Quiting game

    Twinks may have hated it, but the rift buffs in 2.X made the game freaking playable, especially when they did the rotating on/off weeks later on. You could schedule when things were gonna be exceptionally hairy and when things were going to be more chill. I found it a decent balance/compromise for PvP in the home lands.
  15. [Daily] Headache

    Dude, Annie is, like, the best thing in LFG. Annie has been around since, like, 2011 or something that I can recall. I have some screenshots of their nonsense floating around somewhere. But it's fun! Way better than that other guy.
  16. Quiting game

    Having some flashbacks to it taking me far longer to level 30-38 than 38-50 back in 1.9 because of twinks. I died less while leveling in the Abyss than I did trying to do Morheim/Beluslan.
  17. [Daily] Headache

    Accurate. 10/10
  18. instance queues

    Their farming game is pretty weak if that's what they're up to.
  19. [EU] Aion 7.0 deployment date pushed back by 2 weeks

    Dang, hope you're all right!
  20. Quiting game

    They were meaning why you think a merge into KT makes things like a lions' cage. Clarify that further. Just pay for a transfer to Danaria if you think it's that bad. I think they were being snarky, too, lol. I hate when I play GW2 for awhile and then log into Aion. /glides /clips wings to fall a bit further and line up better on target /tries gliding again /realizes Aion has a CD on repopping wings /dies horribly
  21. Quiting game

    Thanks, dude! Elyos are totally dying to mobs/failed glides/GMs, not Asmos!
  22. Quiting game

    I identify as an apache attack helicopter.
  23. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    I have some great BnS "plot" screenshots, but I think it'd be too much plot for a thread in general discussion.
  24. Quiting game

    I've totally missed this GM on KT-E then.