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  1. Someone got an extra entry to Arena of Harmony this week

    I wonder how many scrolls he has saved up for this. lel
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 22, 2019

    And my transformation contracts??
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 22, 2019

    Shoot, even if the buffs were the same, someone would complain about it.
  4. I want to say it was for Korea's eighth anniversary or something crazy like that. Maybe ninth. I was hoping we'd get it, too.
  5. Compensation for the returning players

    Cyan, gimme free stuff, pls. I'd like a Viola legendary transform, pls. For free. Without exerting any effort. Pls.
  6. Kaisinel transform

    Aly wasn't saying anything negative, lol. Congratz, dude! Truly, congrats.
  7. Help with incomplete Campaign gear

    ...I'm so confused. Polearms aren't more "popular," per se. They are literally how you're supposed to play gladiator and have been how you're supposed to play gladiator since the game came out. If you want to use a greatsword, reroll templar. It'd take you a day to level it to 80. Also, PvP gear now comes from vendors in Lakrum, using a currency you get from doing quests from camps in Lakrum, so you can choose a greatsword as your PvP weapon. You'll just get laughed at from Paris to Seattle because no gladiator uses greatsword in PvP, and, if you roll on a greatsword in PvE while grouped with a templar, no one will bring you with them ever again.
  8. Siege Bot Party

    That's so fascinating. People are so bloody weird.
  9. emote cards

    Supposedly we don't have it again because of licensing issues. But who knows? NCsoft released the magical girl stuff in the US, but those weren't an exact rip of Sailor Moon the way the dances are.
  10. Question, Best Aion Patch For You?

    2.7 and 4.7
  11. Gold coins from event

    With different rewards.
  12. Gold coins from event

    At the very least, they'll change the rewards.
  13. aion is dying

    Side discussion because I miss SWG so much: They actually put out some cool things before they shut it down to make way for SWTOR. :< But, yeah, the NGE was one of the biggest MMO mistakes that I've ever seen. Housing was dope, though, especially when you could rotate things around on their axis in a later patch. 5.X was terrible. I hated it, but 6.X has managed to be worse. I'm impressed that "we" could regress so splendidly just to pursue a more mobile-style PC MMO.
  14. The event was planned like this?

    Considering a lot of EK players aren't new players...:|
  15. The event was planned like this?

    The right to a legendary transformation?
  16. Proxy users geting banned

    Because there's a whole shitload of things you have to have access to to ban accounts, and they can't just willynilly give that out to people who aren't punishable employees.
  17. we need change the rule!pls

    Yeah, they're not gonna do that. They don't want you farming and abusing with alts the way we did pre-6.0, especially not for selectable legendary transforms. I think the flowers was an oversight.
  18. Entitled players?

    Y'all do realize events are planned several weeks in advance, right? This event and its rewards have nothing to do with the brokeass game.
  19. Proxy users geting banned

    It's not like this hasn't happened before, with GF and NC. Send them an email, and they'll unban you.
  20. Proxy users geting banned

    Yeah, just send an email to try to get your account back. Cyan can't individually fix it since he's not a GM.
  21. Proxy users geting banned

    I wonder if it was a blanket ban because a certain IP range (like that used by Pingzapper, if this is the case) was the one favored by all the bots.
  22. This program is unavailable in your country

    Are you using a VPN? Have you tried a different one?
  23. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    I'm sorry, what? ^
  24. 8 Sieges and bug continue.

    You can wait for them to reset GP in, like, two weeks. Easier that way. Probably even an automated script set up to run on the 22nd or whatever. At least you'll soon be able to get AP again, and they're removing GP from those resettable instances.
  25. Broken Ice Cream Machine

    Dang, that woman just wanted her McFlurry, nyerk.