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  1. "Disconnected from server" instantly

    No. I just started trying with all my characters and finally got my 7th try to log in. After that I had no issues.
  2. "Disconnected from server" instantly

    I cannot get logged in either. I've been absent the last few weeks. I thought I might have missed something important. At least I know I am not the only one now. I'm Disconnected from the Server as soon as my character logs in. I'll try File Repair to see if that fixes it.
  3. 64bit after next maintenance??

    Oh Good! I can come back to play again.
  4. Enable 64 bit client

    No seige. No Panda. Even Luna is a Lag-fest. I only put up with it for the Xp bonus then log out after my Luna runs because despite altering my setting every which way as described elsewhere here in the forums, there is just too much lag. Happy Anniversary. I love this game and the next two weeks will be hard for me because I can't do jack crap because of this oh-so awesome event.
  5. What's wrong with SFT?

    See you after the event then. I won't play a beautiful game in crap mode and I won't tolerate the lag in 64 mode. I can't believe you are forcing this for the sake of an event. Thanks for the Anniversary boosts that I won't be using.
  6. turn off client 64bit !!!

    Logged in and could barely finish a Luna run. For goodness sake I died from the lag in a freaking Luna Run. i won't be back until it is changed back. If it never gets changed back, well then Thanks for the fun while it lasted. And NO! Y'all can't have my stuff.