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  1. *Blows in from Stupid Town* Did you call me?
  2. I'm having the exact same problem as you, its frustrating
  3. I would also like to know when we can get off this EK trainwreck
  4. You should really move sieges to a more reasonable hour. With daylights savings time sieges for me are at 11pm. So I wont be on the ranks anytime soon
  5. So they finally got back to me only 3 items were added. Transformation Contract (62 Types)Ancient Transformation Contract (18 Types)Borunerk’s Coin Welp guess my lockbox fixation is over
  6. I opened 150 lockboxes and the only new thing I got was a borunerk(sp) coin. The rest was the same old crap, so I'm not even confident they were updated with new items
  7. @Cyan I left a ticket with support but no one is answering me, I would think that these would be pretty easy to get a list of
  8. But wanted to add that I have a sorc alt with full legendary and the only way i can contribute in an idd and pf is if i Luna. So yeah that sucks.
  9. Feels bad being a clothie with this update, but not really having any problems on pf or idd tho but could be because we have a superstar sorc that doubles everyone's damage, even though I dont know how... ps @yuumachan big fan!
  10. Are they updated with new items and what are the items? Can you list them please? @Cyan
  11. I weave pulse in every 2nd attack and it seems to help my damage vs other songweavers I've ran with
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