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  1. Such a hard duel! I don't understand what you're getting at. Disabling your opponent and bursting them until they're dead is how the pvp works on every class in the game. That's part of what makes the class more enjoyable
  2. Hope you guys enjoy it despite my amateur editing ~
  3. Yeah I've heard the 'mixed' opinions about sorc too. It's always somebody who mains sorc and actually understands the class or has valid criticism vs some idiot saying "git gud rubbish", "sorc strong and op", "can win anyone" LOL what a joke. Earlier while surfing through some sorc pvp videos I came across the best, most blunt yet accurate comment chain I have seen about sorc in a while from this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-s5leFVNhxQ "you play like a clown and thats the reason why you lost and think sorc is strong" ...savage af but true In all seriousness, sorc
  4. If sorcs are "really far from bottom tier" I'm curious about the many classes you would say rank lower? SM? Painter? Cleric? Sin? Templar? AT? We're talking about PvP right? Sorc is definitely high up there in terms of PvE since sorc damage output in PvE spec is really good... but for the current patch in PvP sorc has been bottom-tier since the 6.x updates.
  5. lol That glad just gets outplayed hard throughout the arena. Also if you actually watch the arena vs that cleric then you'd see that the match was clearly in favor of the cleric pvp-wise but ofc it's arena so other bs mechanics kick in. The score ends up 1-0, with the sorc "winning". But go through and actually watch the pvp. The sorc gets 1 kill in that entire 9 minutes of pvp in a moment where the cleric doesn't even play off sorc's RS gameplay well (which is what any cleric that knows what they're doing should do, or any class for that matter). Clearly had an opening to use prayer o
  6. Dude what? " You don't need burst as a sorc"? What does that even mean? Do you think you auto win people by spamming sleep? wtf I won't even go into your comparison with 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 bla bla etc etc as I haven't even played this game that far back. As for skilled play being lost, that might be more attributed to how the skillcap for every class in this game in general has been lowered after 6.0 due to skill changes (many skills lost/combined so less skills to understand or manage on every class, many skills becoming usable while moving, many cds lowered on a lot of classes, gear playing
  7. Aion in 2019: dodge pvp so you can gear up for pvp to then be the one to get dodged in pvp then get bored cus nobody wants to pvp besides the same ppl youve been pvping against for the past 5 years (of pvp) pvp pvp pvp, pvp pvp aion pvp
  8. Don't worry this game is pretty dead so all the top players who farm every spawn for now will have their weps by the next few weeks then you'll get your turn. Also, who's greedier? The undergeared players who expect the tryhards with 10x their aion gameplay-time, gear, money spent on the game, dps and effort to carry them for some of the most sought out weapons in the current patch? Or the tryhards who don't want to share with undergeared players who don't care about the drops nearly as much and won't use them as often or maybe even as effectively? Think about it! Let's
  9. I've never seen Aion trending on YouTube before but he did it... he actually did it... just goes to show you that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and put in the hard work...
  10. Well yeah. If you look at my older videos there might be some damage output/tanking differences because I've been gradually enchanting/improving my gear since I came back to this game at the start of summer and some of those vids you mentioned are weeks old. However, any pvp involving clerics this patch will make anyone's damage look 'meh'. There's also many other things to consider especially if you're comparing with Korean sorcs where they all have easier access to better gear options such as Kaisinel (which is huge for sorc) and full cloud war instead of craft(majority of my gear)/compensat
  11. Yes. Me. Well not quite full +15 ultimate but close enough. Already posted on your youtube links thread but here's my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3FMQ2Ub862tkFZEsn_-h2A some sample vids (2 latest ones):
  12. ^^ Whew that post was longer than I intended but once I started talking about sorc I just kept going. I'm sure most ppl won't even read it. O well, back to the memes... sorc: anything but:
  13. Interesting thread. I've been invested in sorc lately and enjoy seeing information/content and opinions on sorc and one thing I've noticed is that this kind of criticism on the class is a commonality across multiple regions. It's not just a bunch of NA bads complaining because they suck despite what some people seem to think (as evident in that other sorc thread under pvp discussion). Sorc is consistently ranked at or near the bottom of the totem pole. You go on the EU forums and can easily find many posts about how sorc sucks now. That 7.0 class tier video linked earlier in this thread ranks
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