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  1. new 7.3 sorc pvp vid

    Such a hard duel! I don't understand what you're getting at. Disabling your opponent and bursting them until they're dead is how the pvp works on every class in the game. That's part of what makes the class more enjoyable
  2. new 7.3 sorc pvp vid

    hope you enjoy
  3. made a new sorc pvp vid for 7.0

    Hope you guys enjoy it despite my amateur editing ~
  4. Yeah I've heard the 'mixed' opinions about sorc too. It's always somebody who mains sorc and actually understands the class or has valid criticism vs some idiot saying "git gud rubbish", "sorc strong and op", "can win anyone" LOL what a joke. Earlier while surfing through some sorc pvp videos I came across the best, most blunt yet accurate comment chain I have seen about sorc in a while from this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-s5leFVNhxQ "you play like a clown and thats the reason why you lost and think sorc is strong" ...savage af but true In all seriousness, sorc is a class scaled for very, very late-game. By that I mean it becomes more and more viable when you get max gear/stigmas/daeva skill enchants and kaisinel transform and if the player has immense game knowledge about every class, low ping, high skill, fast aion reactions, makes zero or almost no mistakes, 200 IQ, physics PhD etc etc. Sweaty tryhard class. PvPing on sorc this patch is a horrible experience if you're just playing casually and you're undergeared. Scratch that, it's just a horrible experience in general. Any mouse clicking 200-ping 0 knowledge/skill/reaction SM or painter is more useful than you. Countless hours of practice, experience and learning just to get 3 shot by some random mouse clicking painter who made their character 1 month ago just LMAO @ Aion's current balance. There's a lot more sorc criticism in this thread: And I go into more detail about what makes sorc bad in this post: Although those threads/posts are from months ago not much has changed for sorc this patch. It's still pretty much the same. That being said, IMO it's pretty lame to force yourself to be a metaslave. Aion isn't even worth taking seriously anymore. The days of tryharding this game are over. It's dead af, the overall Aion meta became retarded after 6.x and the devs killed the game's skillful gameplay by making every class easier to play. So just play what you enjoy. Personally I still enjoy sorc. It's actually challenging as opposed to pretty much every other class these days. I will admit though that I often feel like I made the wrong choice rerolling to this class especially the few times I even bother to do arenas. But what makes sorc so bad is part of why it's my favorite class in the game now. It's one of the few classes I even enjoy watching others' gameplay on because as a sorc you have to actually outplay your opponents well to win. The difference between a good sorc and a bad sorc is night and day. For the majority of the other classes in the game the difference between a good and bad ____ is nonexistent.
  5. If sorcs are "really far from bottom tier" I'm curious about the many classes you would say rank lower? SM? Painter? Cleric? Sin? Templar? AT? We're talking about PvP right? Sorc is definitely high up there in terms of PvE since sorc damage output in PvE spec is really good... but for the current patch in PvP sorc has been bottom-tier since the 6.x updates.
  6. What a Shame

    lol That glad just gets outplayed hard throughout the arena. Also if you actually watch the arena vs that cleric then you'd see that the match was clearly in favor of the cleric pvp-wise but ofc it's arena so other bs mechanics kick in. The score ends up 1-0, with the sorc "winning". But go through and actually watch the pvp. The sorc gets 1 kill in that entire 9 minutes of pvp in a moment where the cleric doesn't even play off sorc's RS gameplay well (which is what any cleric that knows what they're doing should do, or any class for that matter). Clearly had an opening to use prayer or modor buff to easily survive after RS pop or in between the poorly timed stunlock and doesn't. Which led to the 1 kill for the sorc in this entire arena. How many times does the cleric use RS during the arena? 1 kill for the sorc for the whole arena is a bad example of a sorc being able to 5 second burst an opponent without RS. This cleric's actually playing really poorly yet the sorc still struggles to get a kill at all. Consider the cooldown for cleric's prayer this patch and watch how often the cleric uses it. Also at 1:28:17 the cleric was going to get a kill but the sorc jumps down presumably to prevent 3rd round point mechanics kicking in, keeping the cleric's kill score at 0 . 1:30:48 the sorc uses a full heal pot at low hp which he got from one of the arena chest spawns which basically gives him an extra life and even after all that he barely survives at the very end of the arena with like 9k hp left. So it should have been 2-1 in favor of the cleric, 3-1 if given just a couple more seconds for the sorc to die from those dots. The huge point difference comes from the sorc playing off arena mechanics and sleeping then collecting pve points as well as suiciding before the 3rd round to deflate points. If anything, that arena is more of an example of the struggles of playing sorc. But sure I guess you could take that 1 kill out of context and say a sorc can 100-0 burst in 5 seconds ezmode op class git gud etc etc lol Read what I typed above and go back and watch the arenas he refers to. They're really not good examples of sorc strength. Also, Kaisinel doesn't change sorc's overall strength too much. The class still has the same problems. Kaisinel benefits every class in the game and makes everyone's gameplay faster. It speeds things up for everybody. So while a sorc's bury gets faster and thus harder to react to, so does a sin's. So does a SM's. Same for every class. Sure, some classes benefit from Kaisinel more than others (mainly casters due to a heavy lack of/need for both attack and cast speeds) and one of these classes is sorc but literally none of sorc's hard matchups turn easy just because of Kaisinel (given that both players have it). There's no sorc matchup that turns from not being sorc-sided to being sorc-sided with it. It's still the same gameplay and rotations. It just seems really OP for us in NA because Kaisinel is rare and we're comparing them to legendaries thinking "if I just had Kaisinel I would win!" or we watch Kaisinel gameplay and it looks so crisp and fast seeing those speeds and we wish we could play in those conditions. Also consider that melee classes may not feel as much benefit from Kaisinel but they arguably have an easier time dealing with ranged classes in 7.0 from having more accessible extendies available. Great duel video, thanks for posting. I really enjoy watching these kind of high level duels and seeing how good players play the matchups especially when it comes to sorc pvp where it's basically impossible for me to find good sorc pvp videos (from NA) to learn from for the latest patches. The curse of weakness -> crippling spear -> soul freeze opener seems solid and fast af with Kaisinel. I like it. It's an impossible question to answer because there isn't one. Even winning as a sorc in sorc's current most winnable matchup (glad) has to be earned. It's not an easy win the way AT or leather vs sorc is, or SM vs chanter or certain other matchups are. Even with Kaisinel. Well yeah sure there are a couple of times in that video that the sorc wins as you say. In the second duel you mentioned the sorc bursts the templar down before the temp gets to use any defensive CDs. If he had popped iron skin or empyrean armor rather than pulling on iron clad he could have survived it. In another duel where the temp loses quickly the sorc catches the temp with arcane thunderbolt right as he pops RS which gave him a free win. Kind of a troll win, not like he actually outplayed the guy there. I don't recall the 3rd one you mentioned, don't feel like going back through the video just to see exactly what happened. Anyway, what was the final score between them? 7-4 in favor of the templar? 8-4? I forget, but the temp wins more than he loses. He 100-0's the sorc multiple times as well so it's not sorc-sided at all. Anyway, who cares what the score was. It's clear the templar won more but many duels were close and they're both clearly very good and know what they're doing. It's just good pvp. Keep in mind though that this video you linked is from 7.2 where sorc burst is undoubtedly better than what is possible in the current patch for us NA players. The sorc is running glacial shard / whirlwind / flame spray / sleep storm spec with full +12 stigmas for 7.2's perma aetherblaze buff along with enchanted crippling spear which also gets buffed in 7.2 and in that patch you don't lose damage when you burst on CC because sleeps no longer increase mdef.
  7. What a Shame

    Dude what? " You don't need burst as a sorc"? What does that even mean? Do you think you auto win people by spamming sleep? wtf I won't even go into your comparison with 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 bla bla etc etc as I haven't even played this game that far back. As for skilled play being lost, that might be more attributed to how the skillcap for every class in this game in general has been lowered after 6.0 due to skill changes (many skills lost/combined so less skills to understand or manage on every class, many skills becoming usable while moving, many cds lowered on a lot of classes, gear playing more of a role than ever, some op new skill effects etc etc). And sure you can argue that the gameplay has remained the same. This is true for every class. The basic principles of cc/stunlock after RS baiting and burying silence then bursting still holds true. But any experienced sorc who has played at endgame level post 6.x can tell you how much more of their kit they have to use to earn a win in comparison to sorc pre 6.x. However, it looks like 7.0+ may be better. We'll see.
  8. Fixing AD in 7.0

    Aion in 2019: dodge pvp so you can gear up for pvp to then be the one to get dodged in pvp then get bored cus nobody wants to pvp besides the same ppl youve been pvping against for the past 5 years (of pvp) pvp pvp pvp, pvp pvp aion pvp
  9. Valiant and Top Tier

    Don't worry this game is pretty dead so all the top players who farm every spawn for now will have their weps by the next few weeks then you'll get your turn. Also, who's greedier? The undergeared players who expect the tryhards with 10x their aion gameplay-time, gear, money spent on the game, dps and effort to carry them for some of the most sought out weapons in the current patch? Or the tryhards who don't want to share with undergeared players who don't care about the drops nearly as much and won't use them as often or maybe even as effectively? Think about it! Let's say you're a sweaty Aion tryhard. You play Aion 10 hours a day, as opposed to some filthy portugal casual who plays 1 hour a day (at that point are you even a true Aion gamer?). If this 1 hour a day player gets it, then in the next 10 days he will have a possible total of 10 hours of weapon usage. Meanwhile, the sweaty would have 100 hours of possible usage in those 10 days. By that math it only makes sense that the sweaties should get the drops over the casuals. Maybe sweat more and go outside less then you too could join the top legion and get your chance for the drops. Or you could complain that they won't hold your hand, like a babyback b*tch You are man. You are powerful beyond measure. You have the ability to become an Aion master and carve your name into the Aion history books. Are you going to be an alpha legend who will be talked about for generations to come? Or will you choose to be a beta and never make anything of yourself on Aion? You just have to believe in yourself. Realize you are a vessel of love. Love yourself enough to put in the work/effort into becoming a real Aion player. Then maybe, just maybe, you will get a drop off a world boss.
  10. Aion Trending on YouTube

  11. Aion Trending on YouTube

    I've never seen Aion trending on YouTube before but he did it... he actually did it... just goes to show you that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and put in the hard work...
  12. sorc vs. anything but

    Well yeah. If you look at my older videos there might be some damage output/tanking differences because I've been gradually enchanting/improving my gear since I came back to this game at the start of summer and some of those vids you mentioned are weeks old. However, any pvp involving clerics this patch will make anyone's damage look 'meh'. There's also many other things to consider especially if you're comparing with Korean sorcs where they all have easier access to better gear options such as Kaisinel (which is huge for sorc) and full cloud war instead of craft(majority of my gear)/compensation due to stone availability, extendables for melee along with godly ping and better damage in new patch (if looking at 7.x) which is always going to make them look better/faster/more damage etc etc. Not to mention crit rng. There's just way too many factors involved. All of that is whatever though. As long as you're geared enough for your rotations to kill your opponent when you play well then you're good to go. What you really should be paying attention to in pvp videos are skill rotations, good combos/reactions and other skill-based mechanics, imo.
  13. sorc vs. anything but

    Yes. Me. Well not quite full +15 ultimate but close enough. Already posted on your youtube links thread but here's my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3FMQ2Ub862tkFZEsn_-h2A some sample vids (2 latest ones):
  14. sorc vs. anything but

    ^^ Whew that post was longer than I intended but once I started talking about sorc I just kept going. I'm sure most ppl won't even read it. O well, back to the memes... sorc: anything but:
  15. sorc vs. anything but

    Interesting thread. I've been invested in sorc lately and enjoy seeing information/content and opinions on sorc and one thing I've noticed is that this kind of criticism on the class is a commonality across multiple regions. It's not just a bunch of NA bads complaining because they suck despite what some people seem to think (as evident in that other sorc thread under pvp discussion). Sorc is consistently ranked at or near the bottom of the totem pole. You go on the EU forums and can easily find many posts about how sorc sucks now. That 7.0 class tier video linked earlier in this thread ranks sorc as the lowest and has multiple comments about sorc's current situation. The tier list some guy in another recent thread I forget took from some Koreans ranks sorc low as well. Man even the Russian skillcapped sorc god I look up to said that after 6.2 sorc isn't doing well in pvp. Sorc is just in a bad spot lately pvp-wise. Any experienced sorc who reaches endgame-level gear/skill will know this after playing against other endgame-level players and seeing how much it takes for a sorc to even get a kill on pretty much any class these days. Yet when you mention any of sorc's legitimate problems this patch there's always an idiot to tell you "just git gud noob rubbish stop crying jajaja, sorc is strong and op, I saw this video of this Korean sorc who beat this underskilled player this one time in this patch that isn't even in our region yet". eksdeeee It just doesn't feel like sorc is properly updated for the current patch/meta compared to other classes, both cooldown-wise and damage-wise. Even getting a proper aetherhold after RS is down isn't nearly the death sentence it used to be due to how nerfed the sorc aetherhold damage skills are compared to old patches. Remember when you could delete 60%+ of somebody's hp without using your big burst cds if you caught them with an aetherhold and no RS? Any sorcs here remember when popping wintry actually stopped people from hitting you? Or when you could easily play off absolute zero with somnolence? Not to mention how many 1v1 matchups used to be sorc-sided and just aren't anymore, most notably bard, SM and cleric. Sorc used to counter these so well. You used to have to be paraplegic to lose to cleric as a sorc in 1v1 yet now clerics (and bards) can just run around trolling you until you literally run out of skills to burst with. And SM used to get bullied by sorcs. I remember back when SM needed to be on point with the 40m wing root combo to have a chance (outside of the contract+instafear auto-win rotation). After 4.8 when that was nerfed SMs needed to get a perfect spirit wall to win a good sorc. In 5.x they could throw out the need for skill by tacking on a msupp set and tanking a sorc's entire skillbar. Well now there are no msupp sets so it should go back to being sorc-sided right? Nope. On top of the auto-win instafear rotation they now have an almost instant fear shriek. Another auto-win rotation to use. Oh and let's not forget that if you get your magic rush stripped and don't burst with at least magic rush + flame fusion on a SM then you auto lose as they will survive your entire rotation due to how tanky they are this patch with their vision buff or BG. Yet it just takes them one fear then they can bury silence/fear chain u to death. Sorc's most winnable matchups in 6.x are vs glads and gunners in full CD duels, both of which sorc loses to in arena lol (well the true best matchup for sorc is other sorcs tbh). I do arenas every week on my sorc and it's rage inducing at times. You don't even have the toolkit to continuously outplay competent players, especially when you have absurdly long cooldowns and it takes your entire kit to get a kill while most other classes have nonexistent cds or can at least get kills with their basic cds. Never had these problems while playing SM, bard, cleric, AT or even ranger. It's not even necessarily that this class is 'hard to play' or all that complicated. It's just underpowered, so to get decent results you have to overcome that outplaying others hard. Sorc just sucks donkey balls in any pvp format besides full CD 1v1 duels and even then sorcs have to play really well and earn their wins. Meanwhile certain other classes can just spam their buttons and win, thus the memes.