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  1. LFG channels bug

    So I contacted support about this issue already; my LFG channel, trade channel and region (all the pink ones) won't work. I tried typing /3, /lfg, nothing works. They told me to remove some stuff from folders in the game which I did, that didn't fix it. Then they requested to re-install the game, which took around 9 hours. Still not fixed, and I'm having the same issue on my other account as well. I contacted them yesterday and they said since it's not resolved they ''are forwarding the information that you've provided about this issue to our Quality Assurance Team for investigation. After replicating and confirming the bug, it will be entered into our bug tracking system so that the Development Team can address it." Do you guys here on the forums know if I can fix this myself, or do I have to wait for the weekly maintenance on wednesday in hopes they'll fix it?
  2. Starter PvP set + AP?

    I never thought I'd say this but... I wanna try PvP. What are some good beginner sets to help me get started? I'm currently rerolling a Templar which will be my main. Second question is, how do you get your Abyss Points? I sell my Ancient Crowns ets to the npc's in the Abyss for a bit extra income. Any tips? Thanks!
  3. Aion Mouseclic - "failed to load obj file"?

    <Noble Prone's Orb> This is one of the items which doesn't load and an example of the message; all the new ones (past 5.x) like the High Guard Praetor and the Epis' set or weapons won't load at all.
  4. When I'm trying to view the 3D models of armor or weapons, I keep getting the message "failed to load obj file" and then an unclickable link with the mesh item's name. Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried it both in Safari and Chrome, but that doesn't seem to solve the problem either. Thanks!
  5. Mouseclic.com RETURNS !

    Hi! I noticed some of the armor and weapons aren't loading? The Prowess set and Epis set I'm a costume maker and I use your site for 3D views
  6. So I'm almost at 70. My question is, will people take a rather "newbie" in the lvl 55 gear from Enshar with them to the Tower of Eternity instances or any high end stuff? I want to get decently geared on my gunner so I at least have some resistance against high lvl mobs later. (And maybe some pvp'ers who ganked my ass too much while trying to do my dailies) Thanks!
  7. Bobonerk had no quest?

    Oh my god I'm so stupid sometimes. I already accepted it but hid it in my quest tracker thanks for the reminder though!
  8. Drakenseer's Lair glitch?

    Haha thanks for all the replies guys. First I felt guilty but now I'm laughing so hard Funny thing is, after this happened I went in with another group and the same thing happened but we were able to undo the spell in time.
  9. Bobonerk had no quest?

    I'm a lvl 69 Gunslinger and I tried to check on Bobonerk yesterday. He has no red quest marker, and only "End dialog" in the quest window. I never did the first quest which is Adma's Fall I believe. Is my level too high or am I missing something?
  10. Drakenseer's Lair glitch?

    So today I was in a group with a SM and a Chanter. After we defeated the boss, the SM's name changed into "Elyos 3-star Army Officer" and turned red. Naturally, when I see red I attack. And then they got mad at me for killing them? Was this a glitch or something?
  11. Cleric help?

    Thank you!
  12. Cleric help?

    Hello all, I decided to reroll a Cleric as a main but I have some questions. I have leveled with the white and black Fledgling gear before and while the proces was super fast, it took away almost all the fun for me. Now I'm going to play without it because I can My question is, what gear do I need? I just started out (lvl 11) so I can use the gear you get from quests I guess. What manastones should I socket? I plan on making a hybrid dps/heal cleric because I like dpsing but also healing. Thanks in advance!
  13. Armor set name?

    I'm actually making the Resplendent Plate set for myself haha. It's not that hard once you know what you're doing though.
  14. 6.0 info

    I just read on Aszurance's Tumblr that the Abyss will be removed as well, but the Divine Fortress stays ._. http://azsurance.tumblr.com/tagged/aion
  15. Armor set name?

    Hey everyone, I know that this armor is a set you can get from the Crucible challenges and the like, but what is the official name for it? I'm a hobbyist costume maker and would love to make one of the sets! I've already started on the Resplendent Plate Set (Gladiator) and hope to finish it by august this year.