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  1. no quest to level with

    Level 47 in heiron , stuck on discouraging Balaur quest, would love to level up more but no quest are offered. I was not able to do any of the dungeon or GROUP quest in past because could not get a group. Fire temple, you name it, just abandon them as time went by because nobody wants a high level in Group play as it sucks all the XP out of the play. Hope the game fixes these issues but for now i sit in Heiron and wait, in few weeks if nothing opens for the character, I delete and start a new.
  2. my game experience

    I came here not to complain about game or game play. My reason is to inform those in control of things of what players like me are going through. I was not able to play for about a month due to storm Harvey taking my computer and internet away. When I did return to game my account was empty, no characters, no coins, nothing, all was lost. Through time I had built up 160 mill in coins as I sold items and played game. Starting all over new now I have a Gladiator level 30 that got the black cloud wings, I then leveled up a Templar to level 39 all within a week or two. The Templar did not get any black cloud wings from the event characters in game and the Game told me there will no longer be wings for characters at level 30. Well while your account goes away and you try to save for wings how is that possible? I was right when I began playing game, go to level 30 and delete the character cause when you lose everything like I did then you have not lost such a great investment. What lost my Characters and my items? I will never know and my guess is game will never know as they can find nothing. I use to log into the Forums as " Darkblood " long back when I came here. I have lost 3 accounts since playing from 2009, they just go away for some reason, Inactivity in play? If you do not play say for a month does your account go away? Do not know, but I go to game now and delete my level 39 Templar and move coins to Warehouse and begin my building again but not with a lot of happiness.