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  1. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    That's what I meant after the line you snipped to reply to in the first part about "get it later". As it stands, that toon is about to level past C Dredge anyway. When I logged it out, it was a bubble and a half away from 55, but I'd just run Taloc's, and needed a break.
  2. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    That's kind of my point, in regards to the twink argument. If FTS was doing all that much for the game, it wouldn't have been necessary to cut it back to two servers from the 5 it had when I left. So obviously, if that was an attempt to keep the population steady, it failed. They can't build to suit the casuals, or LFG won't ever be anything but P2W discussion all day, and it has it's days already. Unless they're planning to market lvl 70 characters with appropriate gear, they're going to have to do something to revitalize the entire game, and no, before it comes up, twinks aren't what I'm referring to, but in order to retain new players, and casual ones, they're going to have to do something to get them, and retain them so that they can get as far into end game as they want to. I have no doubt that I could level a toon from 10 to 70+ running just Luna, but since part of the argument is "doing the same repetitive quests day in and day out" that's not much of a solution, since it's running the same quest day in and day out.
  3. State of the aion??? Come back?

    I seem to remember Defcon being around back before I went on "vacation", or maybe retirement is a better word, since it was 3 years long, and that's a heck of a vacation. For me, at this point, I like my Legion's name too much to let it go, I came up with it years ago, and it has been a source of amusement for Asmos and Elyos alike: We Ate Tutty. It's a great troll name, since it's really not much of a troll, but it does put a dig on the Elyos version of Where's Rae. We even got a screenshot of us standing around Tutty on the spit in Dark Poeta for the emblem. I had to get a new one though, since the legion had been dead for a year when I got back around to Aion.
  4. State of the aion??? Come back?

    Is your legion actively recruiting, anywhere, other than 70+? I haven't seen any legion recruitment messages in almost a month back for anything other than 70+, with one ad running saying 72+ and geared so that they could "learn the game together". We actually agree, however, that a legion is a good solution. The problem is availability of said legions. End game is where it's at, is what I was told in the "Filthy Casuals" thread, and end game is the only place legions are recruiting.
  5. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    The one problem with Aly's perspective is that, despite how bad they apparently hurt her, some of them weren't farming casuals. I know that my twinking didn't even start until my first legion bailed for Runes of Magic because of twinks. So, I made a toon to fight them. Upon returning, and finding that that aspect of the game was dead, I leveled it, despite not really needing two rangers, and now, since that toon can't get a C Dredge to get her Fenris Fangs title, I'm open to even more rage and ridicule, despite not farming her alts for AP... That C Dredge pop issue I mentioned would affect new players a lot more than it affects me, I know I can probably get it later, if any of the dredges are popping, so as much as I want to get that title and close that chapter, I can't, but I can play toons that are a lot closer to cap than that ranger. Ironically, linking Elyos in the upper level range has the same effect that linking twinks did in the past, everyone's too busy running Kumuki(sp) to be bothered, all while complaining about the PvE... When the same guy is posting the same set of Elyos for an hour, in the same place, there's no improvement for casuals, and there's no Fast Track for 'em to jump to either. So, at 66, they're subjected to the same things that Aly is crying about happening in the past, getting nuked and being unable to progress. Only now, it's not twinks, it's capped toons farming people that can barely hit them due to levels and gear separation, and that's even if they're just trying to run their campaigns. How many "well, I'll come back later"s do you think it takes before they decide "well, I'll just go back to (insert MMO here)"? Of course, I pointed this out earlier, but in the blind rage against twinks, it was lost to the aether.
  6. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    Reading comprehension is essential in a medium that requires reading for communication. I have laid out exactly what I observed upon returning after a 3 year hiatus, and you have gone on a tirade about twinks. Of course I've replied about them, since it's your main obsession in life, however, I would qualify, at this point, as a casual returning player, and yet, according to your tirade, I was part of the problem, and the devs shouldn't be building the game to suit me, although they should be building it to suit as many players as possible. I run C Dredge, or would, if I could get it, leveling up one of the toons that you have spent the last two pages crying about. Those new players that we're supposed to be discussing? They may want to run it too. Way to drop the ball on catering to new players, eh? So long as those filthy twinks are nuked, you're fine. Perhaps you should evaluate where it is you really stand, and then edit your posts accordingly? Ironically, I was looking at one of my lowbies yesterday, clearing out inventories and shuffling stuff into the legion warehouse, and it had a whopping 6 kills. Then I realized what the issue was, I'd looked at the level, and thought I had been using it to PvP. Turns out, I was using it to store a +10 Flash set that I had made sometime around 2009-2010. I get that you believe that date has major significance, and maybe that you think that that date gives you superior knowledge to anyone else posting in the forums, but I preordered my Collector's Edition after playing during the closed betas, and rolled up my pre-select toons as soon as I could get in. As to what it has to do with casuals, I addressed that too, but in your blind rage to "thrash that twink in forum PvP", you completely missed it, making blind rage the most appropriate term to describe your tirade. We can't address casual players, because they may not want us to address them. They may not have the time to play in order to be competitive, or they may simply not want to be. The problem is, if they dumb the game down any more there won't be a game left. The "anti-twink" measures they've taken have been absolutely stellar for retaining players, I mean, let's look, the game went from 5 servers to 2... Wait, that's not right, is it? That means that, despite these efforts to "thwart the twink", the population is in an overall worse state now than when I left. Using my little ranger as evidence of what's wrong with the game, your half hearted attempt at ridicule demonstrates it perfectly: She can't get a C Dredge to pop, and she needs one win for her title. I can get it later, if any of those are popping, or I can be SoL. If I were a new player, and this was my only toon, I'd quit after a week of that. How are your "anti-twink" measures accounting for that player? They're not 70+ or geared, so they're not getting into a legion. I made my own, and the act of taking my two accounts and getting 13 of my toons into it raised it to level 3 on the first day. I surely didn't do that by farming Rank 9s and bots in Elysea. Short of making every instance in the game solo-able, there's not much more they can do to accommodate a casual play style. Short of handing out, or selling lvl 75, fully geared toons, there's not much else they can do. I mentioned in another thread that I was going to be playing out an Elyos toon until Archdaeva, to see how that story compares to the Asmo version, but after that, I'm probably out of here, again. They took away the things that I found the most entertaining in the game, and while you focus on "twink", there was a lot more context to it than that, even in the initial post that got you started on this tirade. {b]You{/b] are the one focusing this discussion on twinks, not me. I've even reiterated some of what I see as a problem for new players, but hey, they nuked the twinks, screw the new players, right? Save the white knighting of design choices for someone that hasn't been around for a while, they may actually believe it's good for the game. I know better, and I know better because I've been around for a long time too.
  7. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    I think it's the term if that's what it makes you do. He was really busy tweaking out about twinks, and so a new term is applied.
  8. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    Show us on the doll where the bad "tweak" touched you. The fact is, there used to be a campaign quest that took you to the abyss at 25. Maybe you were too busy hiding in town from the evil "tweaks" to get it? I know that I had a lot of fun PvPing in the abyss, as well as Morheim, Elten, Beluslan, Heiron and even Gelk. I had a blast PvPing in sieges too. All of that was available, if not advisable, from 25 on in the abyss, anyway. Not so much any more, and reading your post, I'd say it's because of PTSD from low level PvP? I find it more than a little ironic that you feel the devs have to build the game to please as many players as possible (except those evil tweaks). Pick a side of the fence and come down on it, mate, because I'm getting dizzy from trying to follow your diametrically opposed view points. As to "Aion passed you by, tweak boy", in three weeks I have 3 Archdaevas, and a brand spanking new level 4 legion with exactly one person in it, me. It would seem that, despite your fear of "tweaks", when I came back, after three years gone, to a different game, I adapted just fine. Sorry if you can't see how a new player that may want to get shoulder deep in PvP is going to feel left way behind when they can't start generating the AP they need for entry level PvP gear until it made you happy. So see a therapist mate, your issue with "tweaks" has little to nothing to do with me. You made it all about "tweaks" mate, not me. I made it about being able to generate AP for entry level PvP based gear. The lower abyss went from 25 to 48. How is that helping, when there aren't any groups running instances for those 48s? New players may want to PvP too, you know, and frankly, they're shut out of it until they hit the abyss, although, with the fast track servers, spy quests are 100 times easier, if 2000 times more boring.
  9. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    ...and way to miss the entire point? While I do have a couple of toons that were indeed dedicated to lowbie PvP, I have no problem just leveling them up. However, I don't see how opening a rift to capped toons to go to Morheim/Eltnen was better than "tweaks"? I even listed an example of how it wasn't. I broke the cardinal rule about kisk killing on those two purples that chased my 'sin, I killed it after I killed them with my chanter. If a couple of 50+, at the time, toons didn't have anything better to do than harass lowbies, they needed to be sent home. There is a difference between being attacked by a 3x and a 5x while you're trying to level, especially when you're 3x yourself. However, that's exactly what they set up when they removed level caps from rifts. That was more the point than your rant against "tweaks".
  10. State of the aion??? Come back?

    Which is why I stated that salt wasn't intended, just a legitimate question based on the post. There's nothing critical about it, just wondering, because it's a fairly common theme in a lot of MMO forums. Legions can't create content, but they can make existing content fun, and cut the dull out of a grind. I played Rappelz for about 5 years. At the time, the grind there made this look like a cake walk. You could grind out party after party for 4 hours a night to make 1-2% of a level. But I played the grind because my guild was fun, and made it more bearable. The same concept could help retain players. Instead of ostracizing them from the start with "Recruiting lvl 70+, geared players". Not a very good way to retain any new or casual players, or to get returning players to stick around, especially if they, as I did, come back to a dead legion. So while it would indeed behoove developers to keep players interested, it would also behoove the community to make an effort to help new players/casual players become more invested in the game. A lot, however, depends on why a player is "casual". If it's a case of "they have a life", there's not much anyone can do, other than make a schedule of things to do while they're on. If it's simply that they don't want to invest the time to get the gear for PvP, or that they're not interested in PvP there's still nothing that can be done. PvP is at the core of this game, and always has been. Back in the early days, you could find yourself doing nothing but lowbie PvP in either lowbie zone, or in Beluslan, or Heiron, or even the abyss. It was a selling point for me in the closed betas. It sucked for casuals, or could, if there weren't any players willing to go fight the rifters, which is something that I spent a lot of time doing over several alts on several different classes. It garnered a sense of community, even if they weren't in your legion, they felt like they were actually part of the faction. Nowadays, from what I'm seeing, it's a case of "You're on your own". This hurts the game every bit as much as "no content".
  11. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    Here are the things that had me scratching my head after a 3 year hiatus from the game: No abyss before lvl 48. This was particularly jarring, since I had toons that lived there for lowbie PvP, if they weren't chasing rifters in Morheim/Beluslan, or rifting. Speaking of: Rifting, max levels going to Morheim? You know, the camp idea was a decent one, but didn't need to be set up for capped toons. It would have been more fun for all involved if it had stayed at the 3.x levels. I know I popped in for a brief visit once in that three years, and had my 3x assassin chased all the way to Kellan's Cabin by two purple Elyos, whom I then killed on my chanter. But the response to the purple Elyos in Morheim was "Cya later". They have completely destroyed the 25-49ish game, in order to cater to what, high levels? AP may have gone the way of the Dodo for high level players, but it would sure be nice to be able to earn it on lowbies, who may actually need it for whatever gear they can get, or to level a legion. Another thing I noticed today was a C Dredge that didn't pop the entire time it was open. Now, it could be time of day, it was noon on a Tuesday, CST, but with all the people in chat, I was sort of surprised, but not really, since the focus is now on 70-75, including legion recruitment spam, that I've seen to date, so far. These things hurt new/returning players as much as anything else. Taking away the opportunity to learn to play a class in PvP, for those that were interested, as a prime example, and then these players are dumped into the mix at 66 with experienced PvPers, and get blown up, even if they're not fighting hackers. About the only thing that's really held my interest was deciding that, after playing Asmo since pre-select, I'd roll an Elyos to see how the other side lives. I plan to play to at least 66, but after that, I'm not sure what I'll do, but it's probably not going to be what I did the first time around, and play for years. My sub was still active when this game went F2P, but I'm not sure I'll be keeping that kind of trend going once I sate my curiosity on the Archdaeva line for Elyos. I used to love to siege, but that seems to have gone the way of the dodo as well, since the Balaur now automatically take all fortresses, instead of actual sieges, where we're either attacking or defending a contested area. I noticed that all of that was gone in Gelk too, the other day. It makes the early game really boring for someone that knows what it used to be like.
  12. State of the aion??? Come back?

    Actually, I have a better question: If you're not having any fun, why are you still here? I realize that that is going to come across as salty, but it's not intended that way, at all. I quit having fun at the game 3 years back, and I left. I didn't rage quit, and leave an essay on the forums either, I just logged out and moved on. However, I was here for a very long time, before that. What kept me here as long as I was here was my Legion, and that's true in any MMO, regardless of what they refer to it as, legion, guild, clan, what have you, if you have the right people in there, they can make the game fun. That's something that new/returning players will be denied, however, unless they make their own, because if they're not 70+, nobody's looking to recruit them. Having a Legion full of people means that you might be able to fill a FT group, if there isn't one going, even if it's mentored. It means that you may not have to do what I did today, and watch a C Dredge pop go the entire time, w/out getting a group to pop. So, I submit to you that the answer to your question is, quite simply, a good legion.
  13. Ancient Weapons

    Ok, thx for that, I'll abandon it as soon as I get back on that one.
  14. Is GP system broken?

    Most new players are going to think about it the same way I do, after a 3 year hiatus: It's an older game, with people that have been playing since it started, and I'm not going to catch up with them any time soon, and, there's no reason for me to believe that I should, or that I should be able to. Whether that means it's "fair" or not is a matter of perspective, I'd say, but frankly, what's fair about making it easy/easier for someone else? It's already easier, for a reason that you mention in the last line here, "not require rank for pvp gear".
  15. Ancient Weapons

    So after a like 3 year or so hiatus, I returned to find a lot of changes. I was sorting out my quest log, and found that I hadn't completed this quest on one of my toons, and since we owned Krotan, I went up there to look around for the NPC. He was nowhere to be found, and all the online guides that I found just told me what the quest log did. Is this quest complete-able now, or is it something that I should just abandon?