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  1. That's what I meant after the line you snipped to reply to in the first part about "get it later". As it stands, that toon is about to level past C Dredge anyway. When I logged it out, it was a bubble and a half away from 55, but I'd just run Taloc's, and needed a break.
  2. That's kind of my point, in regards to the twink argument. If FTS was doing all that much for the game, it wouldn't have been necessary to cut it back to two servers from the 5 it had when I left. So obviously, if that was an attempt to keep the population steady, it failed. They can't build to suit the casuals, or LFG won't ever be anything but P2W discussion all day, and it has it's days already. Unless they're planning to market lvl 70 characters with appropriate gear, they're going to have to do something to revitalize the entire game, and no, before it comes up, twinks aren't what I'm
  3. I seem to remember Defcon being around back before I went on "vacation", or maybe retirement is a better word, since it was 3 years long, and that's a heck of a vacation. For me, at this point, I like my Legion's name too much to let it go, I came up with it years ago, and it has been a source of amusement for Asmos and Elyos alike: We Ate Tutty. It's a great troll name, since it's really not much of a troll, but it does put a dig on the Elyos version of Where's Rae. We even got a screenshot of us standing around Tutty on the spit in Dark Poeta for the emblem. I had to get a new one thoug
  4. Is your legion actively recruiting, anywhere, other than 70+? I haven't seen any legion recruitment messages in almost a month back for anything other than 70+, with one ad running saying 72+ and geared so that they could "learn the game together". We actually agree, however, that a legion is a good solution. The problem is availability of said legions. End game is where it's at, is what I was told in the "Filthy Casuals" thread, and end game is the only place legions are recruiting.
  5. The one problem with Aly's perspective is that, despite how bad they apparently hurt her, some of them weren't farming casuals. I know that my twinking didn't even start until my first legion bailed for Runes of Magic because of twinks. So, I made a toon to fight them. Upon returning, and finding that that aspect of the game was dead, I leveled it, despite not really needing two rangers, and now, since that toon can't get a C Dredge to get her Fenris Fangs title, I'm open to even more rage and ridicule, despite not farming her alts for AP... That C Dredge pop issue I mentioned would affect
  6. Reading comprehension is essential in a medium that requires reading for communication. I have laid out exactly what I observed upon returning after a 3 year hiatus, and you have gone on a tirade about twinks. Of course I've replied about them, since it's your main obsession in life, however, I would qualify, at this point, as a casual returning player, and yet, according to your tirade, I was part of the problem, and the devs shouldn't be building the game to suit me, although they should be building it to suit as many players as possible. I run C Dredge, or would, if I could get it, l
  7. I think it's the term if that's what it makes you do. He was really busy tweaking out about twinks, and so a new term is applied.
  8. Show us on the doll where the bad "tweak" touched you. The fact is, there used to be a campaign quest that took you to the abyss at 25. Maybe you were too busy hiding in town from the evil "tweaks" to get it? I know that I had a lot of fun PvPing in the abyss, as well as Morheim, Elten, Beluslan, Heiron and even Gelk. I had a blast PvPing in sieges too. All of that was available, if not advisable, from 25 on in the abyss, anyway. Not so much any more, and reading your post, I'd say it's because of PTSD from low level PvP? I find it more than a little ironic that you feel the devs ha
  9. ...and way to miss the entire point? While I do have a couple of toons that were indeed dedicated to lowbie PvP, I have no problem just leveling them up. However, I don't see how opening a rift to capped toons to go to Morheim/Eltnen was better than "tweaks"? I even listed an example of how it wasn't. I broke the cardinal rule about kisk killing on those two purples that chased my 'sin, I killed it after I killed them with my chanter. If a couple of 50+, at the time, toons didn't have anything better to do than harass lowbies, they needed to be sent home. There is a difference between be
  10. Which is why I stated that salt wasn't intended, just a legitimate question based on the post. There's nothing critical about it, just wondering, because it's a fairly common theme in a lot of MMO forums. Legions can't create content, but they can make existing content fun, and cut the dull out of a grind. I played Rappelz for about 5 years. At the time, the grind there made this look like a cake walk. You could grind out party after party for 4 hours a night to make 1-2% of a level. But I played the grind because my guild was fun, and made it more bearable. The same concept could help r
  11. Here are the things that had me scratching my head after a 3 year hiatus from the game: No abyss before lvl 48. This was particularly jarring, since I had toons that lived there for lowbie PvP, if they weren't chasing rifters in Morheim/Beluslan, or rifting. Speaking of: Rifting, max levels going to Morheim? You know, the camp idea was a decent one, but didn't need to be set up for capped toons. It would have been more fun for all involved if it had stayed at the 3.x levels. I know I popped in for a brief visit once in that three years, and had my 3x assassin chased all the way
  12. Actually, I have a better question: If you're not having any fun, why are you still here? I realize that that is going to come across as salty, but it's not intended that way, at all. I quit having fun at the game 3 years back, and I left. I didn't rage quit, and leave an essay on the forums either, I just logged out and moved on. However, I was here for a very long time, before that. What kept me here as long as I was here was my Legion, and that's true in any MMO, regardless of what they refer to it as, legion, guild, clan, what have you, if you have the right people in there, they
  13. Ok, thx for that, I'll abandon it as soon as I get back on that one.
  14. Most new players are going to think about it the same way I do, after a 3 year hiatus: It's an older game, with people that have been playing since it started, and I'm not going to catch up with them any time soon, and, there's no reason for me to believe that I should, or that I should be able to. Whether that means it's "fair" or not is a matter of perspective, I'd say, but frankly, what's fair about making it easy/easier for someone else? It's already easier, for a reason that you mention in the last line here, "not require rank for pvp gear".
  15. So after a like 3 year or so hiatus, I returned to find a lot of changes. I was sorting out my quest log, and found that I hadn't completed this quest on one of my toons, and since we owned Krotan, I went up there to look around for the NPC. He was nowhere to be found, and all the online guides that I found just told me what the quest log did. Is this quest complete-able now, or is it something that I should just abandon?
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