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  1. The answer is "it doesn't matter to me". I've played in Elyos dominated servers for my entire Aion career. It made pvp easy to get, or hard to escape, depending on how one wants to view it. The best part of this for me is that the abyss map has turned around years before it did for Asmos where I played in Retail. I was literally playing for 2 years before I knew there were instances in the abyss forts, because it took us that long to actually get one. When I logged out this morning, we still had two. I don't think the instances are in yet, but the map tells a completely different story t
  2. I am agonizing over this very question. However, candy, or imbalance has nothing to do with it. Constant spam in LFG about merges, and how we can't do anything in the abyss, when we have two fortresses in lower? Yeah, that sucks the will to play right out of me. I had to pull two toons out of a legion because their chat looked exactly like LFG. The irony being that a few days later they were running a recruitment ad claiming to be drama free. Apparently they're not aware of what's going on in their own chat, except that, the legion's leader was right there in the drama. So I'm really to
  3. I played from the 2nd closed beta, and my sub was active when the game went F2P, you can be pretty sure, I know the game was P2P... This brings me back to my original point on the matter though, "they expect me to pay a sub for a 10 year old game". Unlike those with an agenda, I don't presume to know what drove the hundreds of players away that have left since this launched. So far it's "they left because candy" or "they left because server imbalance", I'm sure there's more. What they won't tell us is "they left because they got tired of all the crying in LFG". I consider myself a "typica
  4. It's the reason the population dropped in the first week, players wanted a look at what was being offered, got that look, and moved on. What you and your friends do is not representative of anything but what you and your friends do. I didn't bother to locate any complaint posts, and I'm not going to. There's plenty to be found, and plenty of daily complaints that someone has to pay to get their drops, or to be able to gather, after their daily trial runs out. Denial won't change that. The other side to this is, of course, anyone like me, that didn't even know this was coming un
  5. "They want me to pay a sub for a 10 year old game". It wouldn't take a lot of work to find the forum posts complaining about the sub, and there are still people daily complaining that it's not F2P in game. I'd bet both servers saw a drop off in population when the free trial ended. The irony here, of course, is that all of the Elyos that some of the Israphel Asmos are so terrified of will also be transferred in a merge. I wonder, what will they want it merged with then? I mean, I saw a lot of "I can't grind AP because there's Elyos, and I might get killed" in chat yesterday, be
  6. I'd never be able to guess that, reading LFG and the forums. I join Legions/Guilds in MMOs for two reasons: 1. To have people to group with for stuff, and just general chatting; 2. To be able to turn off all the drama in LFG/General chat tabs. I pulled two toons out of a legion yesterday because Legion chat was looking exactly like LFG, w/out the kinah spammers. I didn't make a fuss, and I won't here either, because it's their legion, if they don't mind needing a canoe to navigate through chat, that's their business. I took the recourse that is open to me, and
  7. That they had more "no lifers"? That leveling an Elyos is EZ Mode? That people like me aren't in any rush to get to 50, because we're busy remembering what this game used to be, once we can turn off LFG, which has as much cry spam as kinah spam. To that last point, go check out the Retail version. I was there for 45 minutes the other day, and there were no Kinah spammers on DN. None.
  8. No, I'm legit trying to figure out the difference between quit trying and quit. You say neither applies, I say it doesn't matter which is more accurate, when there's a void trying to light a spark. I'm also saying this from the standpoint of someone that actually plays on the server, and shows up for sieges, when I'm online. My first siege I was literally cannon fodder, a fresh 25 with no gear to speak of, but it's part of what I liked about this game way back when, and so, I participate. I hope it's not given by the FT PvP heroes???
  9. There are a lot of mental gymnastics going on here, but I'm not the one performing them. PvP is exactly what one would presume one to be paying to win in a true P2W scenario, and yet, here you are, telling us all about how some PvP doesn't count, because it doesn't fit into your narrative.
  10. Anyone can, but who's going to? So you don't play here, but you're wise to what's going on? The people that were willing to step up and actually lead, instead of talking about it quit doing it. Whether they quit the game or not is irrelevant, they quit trying to lead, with the end result being that nobody stepped up to fill the void, despite all the "well, I can do it better". So yeah, anyone can, but what happens when no one will? Here's an example: "we need a server merge".
  11. Except that "they need to merge classic" was very much what was being discussed, which is unsurprising, since it comes up every day in LFG, there's even a character with the name "ServerMerge", and because we're in the Classic forum. I've been logged in to retail recently, even the gold spammers were absent. If you want to discuss retail, there's another forum specifically set up for that. So who's supposed to lead those that are willing to participate in sieges? Were you one of the people deriding the people that at least stepped up to try, while linking your blue Kromede we
  12. Yes, my stating that PvP is competitive is wrong... Maybe there's something else at issue here?
  13. Damn, I'm doing something wrong. My Ranger has 3 pieces of blue gear, and I dropped them all. My assassin has one piece of coin gear, a pair of gloves that gives a whopping 1% atk spd. I noticed the difference right away, at how fast things were dropping, let me tell you. But let's discuss being delusional, shall we? "Everything is tradable!!!!" is a delusion. AP gear is not tradable, you can't even store it in the account warehouse, which may or may not change later, because I believe it did change in retail. Everyone's sitting around for hours morphing things is delusional, nobody on
  14. Actually, it's more like you didn't respond to it because you have no answer. "But mah narrative, and if you disagree, you're clueless". What's real is that I have a lot of experience, playing a lot of MMOs. I read the forums in all of them. In most of them, some of the most ridiculous stuff I can imagine has been called P2W. Hell, outfits in a SP game were instantly labeled P2W. Check out AC Odyssey for some of that tasty "but my narrative" logic. I notice there's a distinct lack of links, so I'm just going to suppose those items don't exist, but you had to try to point to
  15. It's the same story in a majority of MMOs. Even the "other companies do it better" argument is the same. I could literally copy/paste threads from other MMO forums here, and nobody would know the difference. Without a dedicated team, 24/7, or removing the impetus to buy currency by making items bound to character, and locking out things like loot rights, there's no way an MMO that's being plagued can stop them. Ban 1000 accounts, they'll make 1000 more, it's what they do for a living. 10 years ago and change, we called them cockroaches, for this very reason.
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