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  1. Yes. Both genesis and compensation (winged) gear turn into the same gear in 7.0 provided they're +15 ultimate.
  2. The veilenthrone

    Who exactly acted "snooty"? Out of the 18 people in the alliance that downed VT, only Waffles and Nurse have posted in this thread. Waffles posted a link to the video and said VT is the new CoE and Nurse addressed some things that Kali-EK said. Nowhere in there did either of them said "lol it's so easy anyone can do it".
  3. Please also add this next Christmas: Rudolph Headdress https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/125060114 It glows.
  4. The purple part, the purple in the screenshot I posted is lighter than the one in Shaidessa's.
  5. Other Fishing Penguin Hat screenshots: In this page.
  6. Thought I'd post some screenshots of the items I'm asking for. Sorry for the huge images, if I was home I would make them smaller instead of linking from Powerbook. Elroco Hat: Fishing Penguin Hat: Butterfly Gem Outfit: Eastern Gothic: Light Follower: Moonlit Hanbok: Punk Rock: Striped Ballet Dress: Scarlet Waltz: Hippo:
  7. Event Rewards.

    Take for example the transformations. The reason their stats and duration are different from other regions is because someone in NCWest asked NCSoft to change them for us. Kaisinel with a 2 minute duration is oof, btw. Kinda glad I don't have it yet.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    Omfg, thank you.
  9. There used to be a thread before where people would post skins they wanted in the BCM and sometimes the person in charge of it would actually add some of them. I didn't feel like necro'n the old post so I made a new one. I would like it if some (or all) of these made it into the BCM (or events, tbh): Elroco Hat - [item: 125040235] Eli's Uniform - [item: 110901645] - This was in there before, please re-add it. Eli's Hairstyle - [item: 125045876] Fishing Penguin Hat - [item: 125046002] Roly-poly Festival Hairpin - [item: 125060094] Sunseeker's Beachwear - [item: 110905163] Butterfly Gem Outfit - [item: 110901788] Small Butterfly Wings - [item/112000157] Eastern Gothic - [item: 110901131] Light Follower - [item: 110901770] Light Follower Lace - [item: 112000145] Moonlit Hanbok - [item: 110901732] Punk Rock - [item: 110905125] Striped Ballet Dress - [item: 110900137] Scarlet Waltz Dress - [item: 110000070] Scarlet Waltz Gloves - [item: 111000111] Scarlet Waltz Skirt - [item: 113000071] Scarlet Waltz Drapery - [item: 112000137] Scarlet Waltz Boots - [item: 114000111] Scarlet Waltz Hairpiece - [item: 125046158] Hippo: [item:190120077] The BCM is really lacking. Please do something about it. Thanks.
  10. Yikes. ._. Sometimes I regret letting people know I'm female (they either asked, they assumed 'cause name or they heard my voice in discord/stream) because holy crap are there creeps around.
  11. 7 months ago...

    Y'know... I was going to say something about him never checking the forums but apparently the last time he logged in was last Monday. Wonder what he logged in for.
  12. I hope a lot and he uses one every new season, hue.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 22, 2019

    Except that you do those once and you're done for the week. As you pointed out, there's already a number of things that you fight your own faction for so why add more?
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 22, 2019

    They probably mean the fact that the daily pve GP quests say they're weekly and the weekly pvp GP quest says it's daily. They will probably end up just changing the text to correctly display they're daily/weekly but I do wish they would change the quests themselves. Having to "fight" your own faction for the completion of these quests is annoying and causes unnecessary strife.