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  1. 7 months ago...

    Y'know... I was going to say something about him never checking the forums but apparently the last time he logged in was last Monday. Wonder what he logged in for.
  2. I hope a lot and he uses one every new season, hue.
  3. Except that you do those once and you're done for the week. As you pointed out, there's already a number of things that you fight your own faction for so why add more?
  4. They probably mean the fact that the daily pve GP quests say they're weekly and the weekly pvp GP quest says it's daily. They will probably end up just changing the text to correctly display they're daily/weekly but I do wish they would change the quests themselves. Having to "fight" your own faction for the completion of these quests is annoying and causes unnecessary strife.
  5. I think it's about the same as people queuing up against their alts to ensure a victory and thus getting rank 1 prizes (y'know, 99.9% of that list).
  6. Compensation

    I'd like to address the bold parts of what you said. First, it wasn't 3 weeks. It was 2. The issue was first reported on April 26th as you can see here. We can safely assume that it started with that week's maintenance on April 24th. It was then fixed on May 8th as you can see here. Second, as seen here, you were informed in a "timely manner" that there would be compensation but not "what it would be" because they themselves hadn't decided yet on what that compensation would be and honestly if you've played this game long enough you should already know that they never tell you what the compensation will be, just that there will be compensation.
  7. Evergale Canyon Schedule

    EC is open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 2:00PM to 4:00PM EST and from 10:00PM to.... idk I think it's open for 6 hours until 4:00AM EST.
  8. Lower Udas Temple in Gelkmoros

    It's below, allllllllllll the way below.
  9. Warning Roll back?!!!!

    It's not real.
  10. GP From Siege Not Included in Rankings

    Were you logged out when rewards for siege went out? 'Cause I know a few people who have that issue and they were logged out when siege ended. The Abyss Rank list shows their full GP but the other list doesn't.
  11. KT not giving AP

    We just noticed we aren't getting AP from open world PVP... wtf, NCSoft.
  12. Serious issue with todays patch

    Yep that's exactly what we did. We just kept them and finished them quickly and voila, no more freezing.
  13. Unfair for KT-Community

    I don't know... I remember seeing this and going wtf at the time. I was a bit salty I never received that email, lol.
  14. Rank System Bug?

    You're right. There's also this: It says you need over 800gp for 1star.
  15. Rank System Bug?

    That's because........ Only those who reach the GP for 1star+ will appear on that list.