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  1. @Forgotten-DN Nah it's fine and I know it's not a new subject matter... which is why I didn't bother sending it to support. I figure I would try and start a thread to maybe get talking about the subject. When people don't spend money on the Aion Site, the game dies.... Why? Because the game loses money that they could be using for Advertising or Possibly even making the game better by keeping people employed at NcSoft... Personally I want this desperately taken care of, but I never see a mod or admin or anything in game to talk too in order to keep things in order and have people banned immedi
  2. As I walked around Pandemonium today, I saw a group of people standing around as I was about to head to Norsvold and PvP. A couple of these people had similar names and they were all soldier rank, but what got me to stop was that I noticed they were all from the same legion (D O M I N U S) and they were all Sorcerers surrounding a Kinah Bot that was stationed in Pandemonium. So I decided to sit and watch these guys... they were all stationary and not moving, but after I sat there for several minutes I noticed a couple of them log off, then for each person who logged off another person from the
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