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  1. Server Down

    I hope we get a reset for instances
  2. If i was you i would be looking for a new internet provider in my region instead of whining in the forums, if you really do have other people in your residence who plays the game(which I really think its a big lie, just trying to get a reaction from NC) they shouldn't be nyerked because of your greedynes.
  3. I don't know if this guy is really that dumb that he thinks he did nothing wrong or if he is doing it just to try and get out of this and fool the GMs, He is the only one who actually managed to get NCWest to pay attention to the manastone restoration thing, a lot of people did it,and he is the only one who got banned, no one else got not even a warning or 3days ban or a perma ban even, just him... And why is that? because he actually exagerated in doing it, like I said before at some point he had 60b worth of manastones on broker, imagine how much kinah he made over the past 9 months? He probably even RMT'd some of the kinah he made and profited some good money irl. NC wouldn't just permaban you for nothing when a lot of other people did it.
  4. Maybe because you actually exagerated in doing it? You totally deserve getting perma banned LUL, at some point you had over 60b worth of manastones in the broker and you kept cutting people off like it was nothing, also didn't you make your set full +30 with the kinah you made from selling the manastones? at least thats what you been telling people or was telling people lmfao. Good luck finding a new ISP in your region buddy :')