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  1. ohh u remember me!! can be at "group quest" its can be better and legendary cuz we get bit new ppl too i ask this cuz we have a preceding with levinshor quest
  2. Hi, this is a post to suggest 2 quest maybe always active for 1. Help new players get geared with friends help 2. To get more activity in game So.. i explain this, i remember a old quest in levinshor to farm enchant omega "kill 50 or 100 enemy pc" and this move the ppl and was great so i suggest : 1. first quest daily - kill 10 PC enemy (reward 10 ancient enchant) 2.second quest daily - kill 50 PC enemy (reward 1 legendary enchant) 3. third quest weekly - kill 300 PC enemy (reward 1 ultimate enchant) well, this can change, post ur suggestion or something that can change. i hope
  3. ignore him u read "ppl abuse" but where is the abuse? ppl buy 999 xformations? he just want free xformation or delete for all ppl cuz he dont have
  4. r u jealous, let ppl be happy, didnt get xform but i dont ask for rollback, they need give little help maybe to get dat xform... but "ROLLBACK" is 100% jealous. cya and be happy
  5. i remember an old event that ppl buy for 5 coins a skin, but they dont roll back... ur so jealousy Danasa? maybe they only can be more easy to get it be happy
  6. Katalam and Danaria - cuz ppl want this maps back, and all ppl like music from this maps, and this maps dont back so, why we use name of fortress in panesterra ? this the reason why we need remember the best time of aion =)
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