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  1. Roll back transformations or let us have our apostles , its simple half of the server got their apostles and the rest, we have to shut up and get nothing? good joke roll back transformations or open egg transf once again
  2. this is unfair and i'm really disappointed a lot of people got their apostles alr, thanks ncosft for being unfair once again. company disappointment
  3. in the hypothetical case that ncsoft bans scripts people with the lowest ms will always win the rewards and guess what? they will not stop. the same ppl gonna take the rewards every day how to fix this: - make Combat Support system available for NA(then bots wont have the advantage of farm 24/7 without effort) - increase the cost of each reward x10 times - remove the purchase limit Great everyone will be happy at least most of us
  4. but well like always people just want to complain without offering good ideas to fix this, just ban everyone that uses scripts or bots w e and suddently everyone we gonna enjoy the event
  5. problem is plebs think if we ban everyone that uses scripts suddenly everyone will get their rewards, NO, the problem is the stock, instead of making QQ post we should force ncsoft to rework this event and remove the pucharse limit also let us use the Combat Support System then bots wont have a unfair advantage
  6. Hey sup its Haon the gladiator that is weaving and doing 4 skill at the same time while hes pveing (probably you have 0ms like everyone who uses so many skills in a single second they giving that excuse) nice to see you reporting those rubbish hackers when I grow up I want to be like you and have that insane dps and atk speed https://myaion.eu/PvEPlayerSession/62806
  7. should be nice to play in GF but the ping problem ...
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