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  1. Best Glad vs Temp fights

    I think this sure crit idea is pretty bad, and should be removed. But what do I know ? Anyway, more fights from thsoe 2: http://vod.afreecatv.com/PLAYER/STATION/62290835
  2. Best Glad vs Temp fights

    http://vod.afreecatv.com/PLAYER/STATION/61828008 Fights start at the beggining of the stream on discipline.
  3. Best Glad vs Temp fights

    Im not saying that gunners win against all other classes, Im just saying that geared gunners have the ability to blow things like nothing in the quickest time. Look at this fight in video starting at 1:48:00 http://vod.afreecatv.com/PLAYER/STATION/52792936
  4. Best Glad vs Temp fights

    Well, Better has 102k HP, and that Templar has over 120k HP, so it seems natural that they take a little long to die, since they are not being hit with magic. A gunner would kill any of them in 3 or 4 seconds though.
  5. Aion 6.2 damage formula

  6. Best Glad vs Temp fights

    Yeah, you kinda do. Its a record of a stream, not simply a video. I said "fightS", and said that its at the beggining. Its kinda easy to scroll the miniatures in the timeline and find each fight. Literally takes 2 seconds to find them, because i just did that. Also, Better's character is maxed just like the Templar, the Templar isnt twice as strong. That doesnt make the fights easy for him.
  7. Best Glad vs Temp fights

    Then dont watch it. You try to make everything a problem.
  8. Best Glad vs Temp fights

    This is a record of a stream, not an edited video. Just watch it from the beggining. I dont think so.
  9. Aion 6.2 damage formula

    I know that, but a Euro guy made tests and arrived at a slightly different algorithm for magical damage where the skill damage is added a second time. Of course the implications are very big if he is right. Also, he does use power for physical damade.
  10. Aion 6.2 damage formula

    Did you found any difference between magical and physical skill damage or done any more research on it ? One Euro player has done similar research but his magical formula has the skill damage being added a second time in the calculation, which of course makes a big impact on the result.
  11. New Video !! <3 Arena PVP

    While I do think this is indeed a factor, it doesnt get the same effect as the popularity of the game. I douybt you can make a open world pvp video break 10k views today, and if you are really really famous/powerful. Perhaps one player or another can get that many views, but consistently when you look at videos of the golden years, consistently you have around 5 to 10 times more views. One thing I can admit though, is that videos from the 7.x era are getting more views than the 6.x era. Perhaps its a sign that some things are improving.
  12. Nightmare coin survey

    Theres no need to be constructive, this is simply not a valid complaint. Its easy to have a few classes lvled with luna with this exp bonus, barely even have to play the game. and the value of the scroll isnt even 12k, so you dont need 12 classes and you get a fair ammount of coins by playing your class. Its a legendary transformation.
  13. Permanently keep Pvp instances open 24/7

    thats absurd, you had unlimited runs of one instance and you had to do it till you win a number of times. its not like this is now.
  14. Nightmare coin survey

    Arent you the guy who got kaisinel even before 7.0 ? Seriously, those complaints are ridiculous. Do you just want to be given legendary transformations ?
  15. New Video !! <3 Arena PVP

    What a shame what happened to this game. In the times of 4.5, even low quality videos would get like 30-50k views on youtube. Nowadays, even the most famous players get like 2k views too.
  16. New Launcher

    To me isnt isnt running. Game doesnt start anymore.
  17. New Video !! <3 Arena PVP

    Its a magical class dealing damage to a plate class. Templars gets killed in 2 sec if they dont have shields up. And actually, a sin would deal more damage to a cloth class.
  18. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 26, 2020

    I didnt say anything aboutt increase in rates, Im just asking for them to show what are the % of procs, so we know what we are dealing with.
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 26, 2020

    I think you guys should publish the % of procs of each recipe, so we can evaluate if we are just wasting time and resources.
  20. Update on Aetherforge Masters

    THAAAANKS, ill be gathering more frags and etiums meaniwhile.
  21. Monster Hunt Challenge

    25000 mobs is a slow day for me.
  22. Players deserve to read this (the nice form)

    Thats pointless becuase there is a minority willing to spend big bucks and keep things as they are. When those big spenders go away, they will simply close the game.
  23. Im pretty sure i have done every single quest, and didnt had to go to the elyos side, so it must be a wrong description or something like that.
  24. This is probably because NCsoft always forgets there are 2 factions in the game and end up using the same dialogues in NPC and quest transcript without replacing elyos related stuff to asmodian.