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  1. @Cyan, NC should roll back all transformations to the original time again. Like I said before this doesn't help new players at all. Ancient transformation are easily attainable, pretty much everyone has them, and greater transformation potions drop on map all the time. It's better for everyone if at least those 2 last for all 10 minutes like they did before.
  2. To me the striking thing is, considering how many empty arenas you get every week, how exactly can anyone get points in every single one of them ?
  3. Chanter needs a nerf

    Yes, glad red zerk is a completely idiotic skill. But it will be nerfed, although glad is arguably weaker this patch when compared to patches before. As far as SM goes, talking about SM is beating a dead horse. I don't think they will ever nerf the class as much as needed.
  4. Server balance after transfers

    The less numbered faction always will have a buff. That is not the point and the lv of the buff does not matter at all. The point is that, forts will change hand often, perhaps even every 2 defenses. But it also it doesnt matter how many defenses because it takes as many victories or defeats for the buff go up and down.
  5. EK Server Situation

    Well, some "unfair" things have to be done. NOthing ever will be perfect. It wasnt fair when nc gave 50e gear to asmos lv 50.Ppl say siege buff isnt fair too. Ppl say the game being paid to win is unfair. But some of those things have to be done. That's what i think
  6. EK Server Situation

    Here is an idea that could be implemented when they solve whatever problem they have with transfers right now. 1- Check what are the current unbalances regarding population. 2- Open transfers to all servers including EK to the other servers making it cheaper to go to servers when you are going to have a disadvantage, and expensive otherwise. 3- Add to the transfer to a bad place some sort of incentive, like a few weeks of free prestige, items, skins, enchants, whatever. 4- Make transfers a seasonal thing, like, let's say, opened every 3 months or 2 months or so. This way people can check in and out 5- Allow transfers to other faction(while I know this is currently impossible, it is a good idea anyway)
  7. EK Server Situation

    It certainly isn't 25 players, that is an exageration. It's closer to 100 but going down. Asmo numbers are also going down, although I see some new players lvling up on both sides. (can't tell if are just alts or really new players). Anyway, certainly NC is monitoring the numbers, and their decision on what to do will be based on that.
  8. Server balance after transfers

    If your side wins with lv 4, then you don't see lv 5 and would never see lv 10 if existed. Why is he asking for this ?
  9. Chanter needs a nerf

    It was not a troll post lol, it was pretty darn serious. Actually I made that post after watching a korean Chanter win several 6v6 korean style against monster geared Templars, SMS, Sorcs, and Clerics, without losing even once. And at that time Chanter was indeed overpowered, but now the class is just ridiculous.
  10. Chanter needs a nerf

    What ?
  11. Siege EK Lakrum

    Well, in Korea, there were new servers for 7.0, sooooo....
  12. Chanter needs a nerf

    Chanters have been ridiculous since 4.8. Is just that we are slow to chatch up. But IMO, 6.X has a problem with mobs overall being too weak. I think 7.0 will make things a little bit more interesting.
  13. Gameforge is kicking ncwest ass

    I would take his job, if he wants to trade with me.
  14. Siege EK Lakrum

    Well, you guys play on those servers. Was there a mass exodus ? How is the situation after the ppl were xfered ? How are the sieges going ?
  15. Siege EK Lakrum

    Not what they want, but what they paid for. It's only fair. Dude, if unbalance were somewhat of any concern when it comes to transfers, only one way for each faction would be allowed for. I looked at the equation, and it's not there. Well, he said they will be opened again, so it's an indication that it's a technical problem.
  16. Siege EK Lakrum

    Cyan said it's due to an issue, and it will be avaidable again.
  17. Siege EK Lakrum

    What you say doesn't make any sense. There are plenty of people in EK that is more than willing to pay for xfer out of EK. Right now NC has xfers open from KT and DN. So, let's say, NC send an elyo to DN, and then imediatelly he tries to xfer to KT ? Or would they block for this guy, while allowing veterans to xfer ? IMO, the people who are willing to pay, should go wherever they want, just like people from DN and KT, who are also not very much concerned about "health of the game" when they switch servers. As far as EK goes, the reality is, it doesn't make any difference whatsoever for the server if someone let's say, leaves EK to play on KT, like that other guy suggested, or has his character transfered there. In the end, is one player less online in EK.
  18. Siege EK Lakrum

    They did that with servers that are similar in terms of time of existence. So, they have gear, GP, ammount of kinah all similar. If there were another server similar to EK, doing this would be no problem, perhaps. You might be talking about a decent ammount of people who spend a "lot". You are not looking at this from the NC perspective... A mistake. I don't know the numbers, but NC knows. The guy was talking about people from EK abandoning their toons and playing in the older servers. So, your argument is a fallacy, not mine, because no one is proposing that people in the older servers abandon their toons and start over somewhere else.
  19. Siege EK Lakrum

    That is actually not an option. People have spent tons of time, and in some case tons of money. Aside from the fact that many work hard to keep a high rank, that they have no chance to obtain in other servers. No one can tell those people to abandon their toons, and they will not do it anyway. The problem with this is, that force transfering people to a server they don't want to be will anger a lot of people. NC won't do that anyway, not in the current state of the game. second problem is, letting people chose where to go, means ppl simply going to the server where their faction is more numerous, making the problem of the existing servers even worse.
  20. Facton balance completely made game rubbish

    while at the same time making people on the other side unhappy and quitting.
  21. No Ultimate drops in PF/IDD is bullshit

    IMO those extra entries from luna shouldn't exist to begin with, but anyway, if people get what they want then they don't have a reason to buy entries anyway.
  22. Facton balance completely made game rubbish

    Looking at the board it doesn't seem to me that many important people have xfered to DN(from the asmo side). Is there any estimate of how many people have xfered from each side ?
  23. Facton balance completely made game rubbish

    well, its a huge diiference paying 10k or 10M on a single kibrium.
  24. EK is single player

    There's always plenty of drama. Anomos drama. Legendary kibrium drama. Ninja drama. Broker sniper drama. EK LFG is the best
  25. looking for reasons to renew my prestige pass

    In EK, it's pretty much a must if you wanna keep your rank, since the GP difference is so small among players, that's why pretty much everyone have it. Also, if you wanna gear up, there's no other way to get the AP. Of course, if you are already geared, and have a billion GP, it's a waste of money.