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  1. 5.8 back, please?

    If we were going back to something, it certainly wouldn't be 5.8. If it was 4.7, I would definitively play it.
  2. Aion Legacy server please.

    On 7.0 theres a region on the map and a fort with flight, pretty much like Silona was in Danaria.
  3. Please add more ways to make a little more Kinah!

    The best way to earn kinah for me is the kinah bundle, it gets you bundles of 5M, 10M, 20M or 100M, you can do luna instances with all your lv 10 toons.
  4. Instance entry boost

    I think you have to buy the prestige pack for this now.
  5. <Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone Bundle>

    does having a estate affects the odds ?
  6. New Enchanting System Changes

    200 ancient equal 20 legendaries. besides, there were some pieces I spent around 120 stones to get from +10 to +15.
  7. New Enchanting System Changes

    Ok, guys, after testing in some of my ancient gear toons, I think that still only worth using ancient all the way to +13, and after that use legendaries to get to +15. Some people are trying to go all they way to +15, and although it still works, I had more success and less raging using legendaries.
  8. Morphing-The End Of The Lesser Faction

    Really ? Really ? I think that if ncsoft gives everybody ultimate +15, there would still be people complaining in forum post.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 16, 2019

    Are the rewards tradeable ?
  10. Server Merge

    Honestly, i think the opposite will happen. Asmodians from kt will go to dn, and elyos will go from dn to kt, making both servers even worse.
  11. Why... Why mess up templars...>.>

    It turns out it was sijon, not rhrnjs. But you get the point.
  12. Why... Why mess up templars...>.>

    No. PvP with other players with ultimate +15 and +12 stigmas. Including him beating Rhrjnrs gunner. that's because templars should not have that high dps, so when he is doing more damage and not tanking, he is losing something.
  13. Help! World boss anomos (weak factions need help)

    just form a league, and loot the boxes. In EK asmo, legendary ki is cheaper than ancient most of the time.
  14. wtf is PVP now ? are you kidding me?

    IMO, all players who are lv 76-80 should be counted, regardless of what map they are in. Anyway, the ones on instance server don't appear in the count from the search, so the real number is always a little bit higher.
  15. Why... Why mess up templars...>.>

    I saw many videos of Better with templar beating the **** everyone on 6.2, 6.5 and 7.0 but obviously, templars should not have dps similar of a gladiator. and gladiators shouldn't tank like templars.
  16. Help! World boss anomos (weak factions need help)

    loooool. When they open transfers and Elyos leave DN, while asmos come to DN, you can expect that to get worse.
  17. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    Well, the forts are still there, I dont see why it cant work.
  18. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    @Cyan, do you know when arena rankings and Panesterra will work ?
  19. I remember

    I think in KT there are more elyos in any siege than in this one.
  20. The game is not balanced

    Glads are ok.
  21. Lakrum is too small for hungry tiger

    They never leave, they never rest. They are bots.
  22. Glad Dual, Pole or GS, which is with more dps

    Yes, you can switch weapons much easier when the skill you are using when you switch can be used by both weapons. Thats why the silence is the skill switch on the gunner.
  23. Help! World boss anomos (weak factions need help)

    I second that. If the siege buff worked on Anomos, it probably would fix it.
  24. Aion Needs More Events

    It seems that in 7.0 there will be a lot more interesting content. Look at this stream: http://vod.afreecatv.com/PLAYER/STATION/40356355 Around 40:30 there's a faction fight over a world boss. And if you look at the map at 38:54, there are plenty of them, lot's of bases and etc.
  25. Glad Dual, Pole or GS, which is with more dps

    Found this other video from a !Aion glad, just try to ignore the music: