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  1. where are our snowballs? so disappointed
  2. 6.0 info

    Another 6.0 stream by our dear friend SiD went live :
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 22, 2017

    No, didnt get any
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 22, 2017

    Wow really. thats p2w!! these minions if maxed are like +10 plume lol But i guess NCwest needs to rely on the few big whales who support our server maintenance
  5. Housing BCM Flash Sale!

    Yes these 2 cabinets are unique and stack with the rest.
  6. Black Friday Sales - Minions

    yeah but you need like 2k+ minium to get it to lvl 3
  7. Black Friday Sales - Minions

    Even if they are putting up minion contracts on BCM, A grade minions still will be hard to get ( RNG) unless you buy hundreds of contracts. I got my A grade minion from combining 4 B on my very first try but thats just newbs luck. Some i know have opened hundreds of contracts and havent gotten A's.
  8. Kicked by angry lead + bugged by system at siege.

    @Rukie-DN Says the person who was defending Pocos like crazy
  9. Congrats! I also can't believe i got back 2 estates for me and my bf . Still thinking its a dream lol. And all my furniture were intact except floor and wallpaper.
  10. Housing Refunds

    Both me and my bf were able to get our old estates back. Yes i paid 3 more bil than i originally paid for it 3 years ago , but i am relieved i wont have to bother with getting a house anymore. and to my surprise most of the estates went for pretty affordable prices, even palaces went for 10b and 11b each. I remember a friend of mine paid25b to get his palace LOL.
  11. Housing Refunds

    Some houses ( yes, you read it right) are already going for 1b.
  12. Housing Refunds

    Auctions are up and it will be interesting to see what happens on Sunday. If the pricing is too ridiculous i wotn even try to bid
  13. Sorcerer DPS

    With your ping its important to have an attack speed weapon combined with your pve weapon. Such as Sophisticated Frigida Orb or Book + Provenance on bottom or if you can afford Harvester weapon + provenance on bottom. The key is to use big skills with long casting times only when you have vaizels wisdom up. Also learn to spam freezing wind between skills. Do mobs and bosses in melee range ( needed for freezing wind . Theres a thing called triple weave when you pop Vaizels+ Big nuke + freezing wind + refracting shard. Normally its big nuke + freezing wind, rise and repeat. Or smaller skills ( when vaizels on CD) + freezing wind + smaller skill again. Also work on your keybinds. One way to smoothly transition from clicking to using keybinds is by learning to use WASD keys to move around in Aion. Once you become comfortable with your keyboard you can start ulitizing keybinds. Another thing i want to point our - Essence. Its important to boost your skills by using essence points. My daeva skills all are +4 except freezing wind which is +8. For Achdaeva skills i got Flame waltz (180p essence skill) +3 and Flames of Wrath +3. Sorry if my suggestion is short and incomplete. I am not the best when it comes to advising other players
  14. What quests reward Kinah?

    You can get a nice yet small amount of kinah by doing crucible spire. Many floors reward you with 3-4m each.
  15. Socketing Harvester sets

    Hi Socketing harvester full with +10 manastones is a waste and overkill. Maybe those people want maxed out stats. Personally i socketed mine with +7 knowledge, some mb/hp and +8 knowledge in harvester weapon.I am Saving those +9 and +10 for pvp gear.
  16. I want to make the 300p Aetherforging mount, but the drop rate from primordials is ridiculous.
  17. The Aion Feel Good Thread

    When i got my +10 plume two years ago.
  18. Event Harvester Equipment solution

    So you don't think you haven't been rewarded enough? I saw BoS weapons go from 2-5bil each, Accessories 1-2 b each, armor depending which piece. And there were people who bought them. If i have to feel sorry for someone, then its the people who bought BoS gear for insane prices prior the event. Their anger would be justified. But You guys were literally swimming in money, and now you are crying because NCsoft ended your monopoly. And where's monopoly- theres no helping or giving tips for alliances who are just starting out because that meant they would undercut your prices on the broker. Its simply pathetic.
  19. Event Harvester Equipment solution

    No , i don't suck. But you need to be friends with someone in those alliances, otherwise they dont care how skilled or geared you are. Friends and butt buddies always get upper treatment :D. Yes , i could make my own alliances. But what i am saying , people who don't have friends in the right places or are bad at leading alliances on their own don't stand a chance, so i dont need your morality lessons, thank you very much
  20. [Aion 5.8] New Craft Items

    Thank you! I love the cloth armor and weapon skins *.*
  21. Event Harvester Equipment solution

    Ofc you guys would have preferred to continue to sell BoS Equipment for several billion each. And i agree with the other poster that you guys have been rewarded more than enough. And knowing how exclusive these alliances can be - most of the server wouldnt have ever seen the interior of BoS , not to mention beating the instance itself. So good Job NCsoft for making these gear available for the general masses. Elitists can go cry in the corner lol
  22. The Aion Pet Peeve Thread

    Theres a certain shugo that says: Nice to Scam... errrr.....Meet you ! That sums up the greedy nature of those furballs lol
  23. What the heck, this is so creepy...

    Just in time for Halloween. Is Nc learning new voodoo practices? On a serious note it looks a skin template for NPC
  24. OMG THE LAG!!!

    And today is completely gone for europeans we soon have to go to sleep ya know. A day without Aion feels like the end of the world *laughs*
  25. OMG THE LAG!!!

    I am sure they are monitoring it. Nothing much they can do against such an attack anyway....