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  1. Thank you! I went ahead and deleted the 'xhunter' stuff as well as any files with 'xigncode' in them, just wondering at this point if there's any other related files/reg edits to do besides 'xigncode' and 'xhunter'. Sucks that we have to manually delete it this way.
  2. So now that xigncode has been removed (as a lot of us suspected it would eventually... xigncode is useless garbage and people bypassed it soon after it was used for multiple games including Aion) how do I remove it completely from my pc? I ask because even after I deleted the files I found some unwanted leftovers while doing a sweep on my PC. I don't want this garbage on my pc now that it's not being used for Aion. I found this old thread from another game it was used on: https://forums.mmorpg.com/discussion/446453/xigncode3-remains-on-your-pc-after-black-desert-client-uninstall-easy-uninstall-procedure When I searched for "xhunter" on my pc it was still there even after I had deleted any files/registry keys with the name "Xigncode" in it. Anyone experienced can help me with this? Any other specific files / registry keys or whatever to remove?
  3. SM vs Sorc

    Sorc has always had the advantage vs SM in 1v1 outside of the classic instafear -> fearlock opener. In old patches SM could have a chance if they started from 40m distance with the wing root combo but after they nerfed that in 4.8 you pretty much had to get a perfect earth spirit wall to cancel a sorc cc and bury silence into fear, and even then if the sorc knows how to counter it then the sorc should win. Medivac is right though. You could bypass the need for skill by just using msupp set as SM and tanking any burst the sorc outputs. Because that's what Aion has come to. Who needs skill when you can just switch to the right gear and auto-win? Every bad tryhard in 5.x just abuses gear and wins cuz aion autism lul
  4. Minions are ruining Competitive pvp

    Yeah minions are pretty ridiculous. Honestly though even if they weren't so buffed this last patch there still wouldn't be much of a semblance of real competitive pvp in 5.x. The 5.x patches were really bad for pvp. Just look at the competition rankings... top ranks are just a list of the most uber-geared players. 6.0 is this game's only hope to get good again imo. If it's bad and the game dies even more then it's gg aion
  5. 6.0 info

    I'm not surprised with this response given your post history. You're the same guy who's recently said things like "the current enchantment system isn't bad", "gearing is easy", pay2win is an illusion", "I refuse to put on my +35 gear until I have a +20 greatsword" etc. You're delusional. It's players like you who can thrive in recent patches because Aion has catered to your idiocy yet when 6.0 rolls around you'll go out to pvp and flop because level and gear is more equalized, dying to every other player you run into thinking that the other guy must be hacking. You once made 500bil from a lucky drop therefore gearing is easy and everybody else shouldn't complain about the current patch and should stop being salty and just git gud. Just lol.
  6. 6.0 info

    I'd honestly rather fight a hacker than the uber-geared, stat-carried, gear-abusing tryhards who have maxed out minions, have +7 accs and switch to msupp/health +10/will +10 etc sets every few seconds because 'hurr durr aIoN pVp Is BaLaNcEd' (provided that the hacker isn't doing something completely ridiculous such as playing a gunner while no animation hacking while levitating in the air so you can't reach him). If you're one of these 'competitive' pvpers that have this retarded gear and you're fighting somebody who doesn't have the gear to counter it then you might as well be hacking. On top of that you have some players with the best of both worlds - uber-geared players who also hack in pvp. A few examples come to mind but I won't name names. There are a lot of insanely good aion players out there who don't touch the game because of the rampant p2w bs, the type of players who would dominate pvp if they were actually geared. It might be too early to tell but some of these players might come back to the game if 6.0 lives up to the hype. If this happens then the pvp community could drastically change. Players who thought they were really good could get a rude awakening when the shit mechanics that feed them wins gets removed (godstone, archdaeva set abuse, etc). Some lowkey godtier players who seemed bad because they're undergeared could take over the ranks. Just look at the current competition rankings, namely tenacity/arena of discipline. It's a nice idea that the game could've used for a long time before but lately it really only reflects who can abuse set switching or who is uber-geared rather than a reflection of who's at the top of pvp. A strong gear reset/overhaul is exactly what this game needs. Honestly though it's all just speculation... I wouldn't be surprised at all if NCsoft butchers 6.0. It's NCsoft. It sounds like there are already a lot of complaints about the patch but it'll take some time to see if the patch is overall positive or whatnot. For those of us interested in this game for the pvp, it definitely sounds like a step in the right direction. If 6.0 flops then it's probably (imo) goodbye Aion.
  7. 6.0 info

    I understand why plenty of players dislike these changes. Aion's pvp is plagued by trashy mechanics in recent patches. Lately winning in pvp has become more about abusing sets, having high level minions and high level accessories/armor/plume/bracelet/stigmas/essence cores/whatever else. Skill is nonexistent when you do 50% more damage than your opponent while tanking their entire rotation like it's nothing, but in the eyes of the current 'competitive' pvp community it doesn't matter because winning is winning, fair competition be damned. Just look at the rampant set abuse going on between all the 'top' players these days. Every 'good' cleric/chanter/templar has a will +10 set or a health +10 set to switch to. You have rangers with +10 agility sets, bards and SMs with msupp sets and the list goes on and on. Many of the "competitive" players abuse gear pretty hard and have multiple sets to switch between. The Archdaeva system on top of other things such as being able to enchant armor to +20 and obtain broken skills, being able to level up your minion for a whopping 3k hp and take off a huge chunk of a geared player's hp with 1 skill, or being able to enchant accessories past +5 and now even purify them has all devolved this game's pvp further and further. This rampant stat abuse is absolute cancer and only serves to increase the gear ceiling/requirement for everybody. Instead of just having a simple MB set or simple attack/crit set and winning based off skillful gameplay you have to make multiple sets just to counter this idiocy. A large part of Aion pvp in recent patches has become more about rotating gear than having proper skill rotations. Everything that prevents Aion's pvp from being remotely competitive has been buffed again and again each patch. From minions to godstones to stat abuse to stigma enchanting etc etc. Now imagine you're one of these players who rely on shit mechanics to win, then you hear about 6.0 removing all of this. No more godstones? No more 6-manastone slotted gear? No more archdaeva transforms or archdaeva stats? Enchant levels are limited? No more tempering? Scary! Thus the resistance to 6.0. This next patch got these shit players shook.
  8. Black Friday Fail

    Yeah I was ready to drop some money for the black friday sales but this is just disappointing. To be fair though it's still early so maybe the real stuff isn't up yet and there will be more sales later today.
  9. Is GP system broken?

    The GP system is currently one of the most broken things about Aion. Don't listen to the apologists above who think it's a reasonable system. These are the type of people who would argue that enchant levels shouldn't be capped because "if I'm willing to work for it then it's fair and not ridiculous at all!". I mean, just look at this kind of reasoning. "Ranking up is easy, i got 5 star in 14 months!" Just lmao. You're not working for tenure here, people. You're not working towards a degree or some sort of special certification. We're talking about a rank in a video game. I guarantee you I could take a fresh level 1 character with absolutely nothing and grind it to 75 with competitive end-game gear (+15 full prime, +5 prime accs) way faster than it would take for me to take a maxed out level 75 character from 0 GP to general rank or even 5 star. I have an old, ex high rank toon I pretty much completely quit 3 years ago with ~180k GP. How many months would it take for me to catch up to this amount of GP with my current main toon with ~12k GP? If somebody like me with my experience and knowledge with the game is discouraged from trying to rank up, how do you think newer players must feel? Anyone remember when ranking up could be fun at times? You could feed a friend through the ranks and a couple of weeks later enjoy running around xforming with them. You'd often have new governors/commanders/etc running around every now and then, leading sieges or even xforming for pvp. Despite all its flaws the AP system was way more balanced. Now ranking up is an afterthought. If a new player asked an experienced and sensible old player for advice on ranking up the response would be to not worry about rank at all (or at least not until much later once decent gear is obtained). I bet the ex-gov and former commanders from Beritra don't even bother trying to catch up with the top ranks after the merge with Siel. At least NCsoft had the sense to not require rank for pvp gear lately. Also, xform isn't nearly as fun or important as it was years ago. Even so, let's not pretend the GP system is fair and balanced because that simply isn't the case.