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  1. Guess it depends on your perspective of what crowded is. This game basically has only one map the majority of players would be on, and it is a small map in comparison to most other games. Just checked now at 6:30 AM ( yes I know its early Sunday and most are getting ready for church). Asmo KT had 3 players in Ish and 10 in Beluslan, main map showed 104 which is the max search unless I break it into classes (too lazy). I just logged out of FF14, I am on the novice/returner chat and it showed 324 new or returning players online and 31 mentors. That is on just one server. I do agree with Ressentiment, they are milking what they can out of the remaining player base. They had their chance to increase population with patch launch and blew it. Can't even make simple fixes or respond.
  2. Happy Holidays from the Aion team!

    Happy Chanukah to the CM with less posts than me. Hope you enjoy Crow for holiday dinner.
  3. Death of a Game: Aion

    All games have bots, difference here is we have basically one tiny map compared to other games with several large or one large map. So the bots are much more noticeable here. Add in the fact there is only one type item worth botting ( guiding stones) and you have created basically a nice little profit center for them. This does contribute to the death of this game as some players get frustrated trying to get quests done with rangers and sw's all over the place wiping the mobs. Gigantic gear gap and little to do for about 4-5 days per week is not helping anything.
  4. Start Petition

    I think everything they are putting time into, and money is for future mobile releases.
  5. Start Petition

    Saw something on Glass Door about them hiring a former EA exec for some department, sorry i don't remember what and now can't find it lol. Don't think I need to say anything about EA's reputation. Buckle up rough road ahead.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 19, 2018

    That's what I thought. Maybe he used some song with bad boy words lol, only mech will know that i guess.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 19, 2018

    Blocked by WMG ( Warner Music Group) apparently whatever he used for background music lol.
  8. SnowBalls event statistics from me so far

    LOL yea blocked by Warner Music group, for background music. Just an fyi they have a pretty expansive list of artists under them, over 500 i think dating back to the 60's. Use any of them as background and your vid will get blocked.
  9. SnowBalls event statistics from me so far

    Game is not worth putting any cash into it anymore. That's like buying a new set of tires for your car with only 100 miles of tread left on it.
  10. Nice Snowball rewards for those who like PVP

    5 snowballs for 40 Black Cloud Coin. Was it not 5 snowballs for 1 N coin last year? Nothing to see here move along.

    I have my own legion, just me in it. I have been in a couple of what were bigger legions at one time, they split up and are gone now. Kinda think I am bad luck for other legions lol. Friend list is all like 2A32KLM type names none above level 65. My play time has become erratic for this game, however when I am on I try to help faction or just join QE groups, not unfriendly at all. Nothing wrong with friends joining up making pre-mades, legions, whatever, it is what the experience is about. I have been a loner for quite some time and blame no one but me for it, still have fun. Honestly some the most fun groups I have been in were pugs. Still miss "Sneakies" the most, that was a fun bunch of Aussies right there.
  12. Snowball event Wednesday?

    Possibly, maybe, could be. If so they might be yellow.
  13. rifts and low lvl pvp

    Was in Gelk last week leveling a alt, did a search and there was a total of 4 players on the map. Good luck finding them, have fun knock yourself out.
  14. We can't even get a black eye fixed, which to some is a important. To me could care less I am a evil bunny anyway. A black eye really....can't fix that lol. How did we get a black eye, was that when you looted our inventory
  15. Crafting mats

    Bots yea, its working great. Was 7 of them around Mushroom dwelling today killing the weekly quest mobs. Got half way through and screw it, nothing aggravates me more than having to compete with several rangers for a few mobs. Is no way to stop it unless someone actually cares and monitors it. They are brazen enough now to run around with legion names lol. If they are not going to do anything about it then they just need to let us account trade.
  16. How much BOT owners paid NC for current "event"?

    Isn't there a program already in, Xigncode 3 that they can tell who is botting and delete it? I don't know how that stuff works, but if Ncwest is paying for it and not using it, seems kinda stupid. you are 100% correct about support. I have not seen any reply at all regarding bots from NC and there is plenty of complaints. Maybe I missed the response....if there was one.
  17. How aion now?

    Not too far off in the future there will only be https://imgur.com/fHR9lAz
  18. Locking Threads

    You forgot to mention extreme profanity, or name calling. Seems to be a sure lock.
  19. Won't work now not enough player base to support the staff. Some of them don't deserve to be paid but there is labor laws there. I have played since Nov. 09 and did the sub thing. It was nice and got monthly rewards. Might be wrong but think what happened back then was a huge ban wave of accounts for hacking and botting reduced the population, soon followed by a lot leaving due to the grind fest. Then this first server merges which surprisingly was mishandled, and more left. It could work again if the population was larger and someone knew how to manage it. I do believe all this game is doing now is funding future projects. You guys don't have phones?

    Maybe that is why I have not seen any for awhile now, other than one or two the small bot army jumped on. Junk event Merry Christmas.
  21. Agree with everything you have here, fort buffs I have only done one so really can't comment. Would like to see more of the people that spend a lot come forward with this. Honestly as the player base drops who is going to be left for forts, EC and other content....what little there is. Been back almost 3 weeks and have put some money into it but at this point I am done spending. In fact questioning whether to even stay for now and try again at 6.5, management here is atrocious.
  22. Video - The Proof that Enchant is only fails

    So we can expect it here about early 2020?...(sarcasm)......maybe
  23. Ncwest team.

    Starting to believe that is exactly what they want, better they just leave than close it down.
  24. Ranger BOTS all over map

    Guess that explains why I have seen some bots with larger legion names attached. Thought it was odd that they would allow their legion name to be associated with that, but guess they do not know yet. Time for the BG's to do some house cleaning looks like. So he figured it was ok to do it because he was sleeping lol
  25. Video - The Proof that Enchant is only fails

    Failed 3 times in a row trying for +1......1....seriously NC it can fail at 1.....lol. Stopped at 2 after 7 stones felt very lucky. If you want to pvp I will be the player in all +2 gear shouldn't take you too long to kill me