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  1. Locking Threads

    You forgot to mention extreme profanity, or name calling. Seems to be a sure lock.
  2. Won't work now not enough player base to support the staff. Some of them don't deserve to be paid but there is labor laws there. I have played since Nov. 09 and did the sub thing. It was nice and got monthly rewards. Might be wrong but think what happened back then was a huge ban wave of accounts for hacking and botting reduced the population, soon followed by a lot leaving due to the grind fest. Then this first server merges which surprisingly was mishandled, and more left. It could work again if the population was larger and someone knew how to manage it. I do believe all this game is doing now is funding future projects. You guys don't have phones?

    Maybe that is why I have not seen any for awhile now, other than one or two the small bot army jumped on. Junk event Merry Christmas.
  4. Agree with everything you have here, fort buffs I have only done one so really can't comment. Would like to see more of the people that spend a lot come forward with this. Honestly as the player base drops who is going to be left for forts, EC and other content....what little there is. Been back almost 3 weeks and have put some money into it but at this point I am done spending. In fact questioning whether to even stay for now and try again at 6.5, management here is atrocious.
  5. Video - The Proof that Enchant is only fails

    So we can expect it here about early 2020?...(sarcasm)......maybe
  6. Ncwest team.

    Starting to believe that is exactly what they want, better they just leave than close it down.
  7. Ranger BOTS all over map

    Guess that explains why I have seen some bots with larger legion names attached. Thought it was odd that they would allow their legion name to be associated with that, but guess they do not know yet. Time for the BG's to do some house cleaning looks like. So he figured it was ok to do it because he was sleeping lol
  8. Video - The Proof that Enchant is only fails

    Failed 3 times in a row trying for +1......1....seriously NC it can fail at 1.....lol. Stopped at 2 after 7 stones felt very lucky. If you want to pvp I will be the player in all +2 gear shouldn't take you too long to kill me
  9. Hard to find the shugo in certain area's, but you can watch the bots killing them. Pretty comical as much that has been said about the botting problem and they respond by basically giving an event for the bots to participate.
  10. Nc Will Kill Aion

    Sethos, I don't think the planning people play this game at all. Seem to remember a vid of I think it was Gideon trying to play templar and couldn't figure out how to use the skills. Past events when the level cap was 75 and event rewards were level 60ish type gear and stuff. No clue what was going on completely blind to the player base.
  11. 82 pvp enc stones .. for a +5 Ancient Pauldron?

    Sounds about right. 26 stones to get boots +1. Went 1-2-3-2-1-2....you get the idea.
  12. Nc Will Kill Aion

    Cyan is an employee who has superiors to answer to, and that tell him what he can and can't do. Flame me if you want idc, the problem is not the worker it is the management. No I do not know him at all, just have been in his position during my career and was my job to go face to face with the pissed customer. Only to be able to say what management wanted me to.
  13. I have never been one to complain about events, because well it is free stuff. This event though, you know you have server imbalance you mentioned it yourself. You come up with a pvp oriented event that will favor select individuals. A smart company researches what their competition is doing and adjusts the business to be competitive. It is the holiday season now, did you look at what other games are doing for the holiday? You didn't address some of the issues that your player base (customers) have been complaining about since the update. Except the shards, which to some has been a huge complaint. What about the other issues? Personally for me this is a non event, I am not geared enough with a +7 weapon only and out of stones for now. It is just a matter of few hours to finish camps/weeklies log in to get EC, Dredge, and a fort done then go play something else. Guess I could try for that stone bundle, get "one" so I can have a +6 weapon. Really nothing here except logging in for the instances and done for the week. Good plan.
  14. Not sure why anyone thought it would be different rewards. Always beware of Ncsoft wording "Bundle". Bundle- a collection of things, or a quantity of material, tied or wrapped up together Bundle- tie or roll up (a number of things) together as though into a parcel.
  15. Long Awaited Event

    Snowballs!! Wait snowball event with no platinum coin scammers how different!!
  16. Don't be a jerk, NC :D

    They don't have ancient enchantment stone dust yet do they?
  17. What is this?

    Good question Kubei, I don't see it on asmo side in the BCM or Gold sand or Luna game. Must be a drop? From where lol. That would definitely not give anyone an advantage right? Been back for little over 2 weeks and have yet to get a single legendary stone from any pvp instance.
  18. 6.2 nothing much to do!!!

    Always hated Idgel dome. Favorites were Kamar Battlefield and OW. Both gone, no idea why. I used to log in at around 11AM and it was almost constant something to do through the afternoon. Dredge, OW, Kamar and some daily quests. Now it seems I log in and bored to death . Dredge is just a run to the loot bag and done, most afk after that. Evenings was abyss forts, now we have 2 and done for a few days. Guess if you wanted to chase away people with boredom you have accomplished your goal.
  19. Maybe this was previously mentioned, but I am too lazy to read through all this. At Mushroom dwelling, two of the quest giving Npc's do not reset. Skadir and Barvis. They chase after Ely's and stay sometimes near where the elyos scout mobs spawn, they start fighting and you can't interact with them. Not sure exactly what the quests are, minor issue I know. I'll use the asking for a friend excuse, seems to work sometimes.

    A good option for you could be either GW2 or FF14 (sub game). You don't have to pvp all the time, only when you want. And both games have a lot faster standard run/attack than the current Aion. Matter of fact I think all games have faster standard movement than Aion.
  21. P2W much?

    It's the Never ending Story, Atreyu
  22. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    Cyan, Is that you in the picture? Look exactly like the County Sheriff that ticketed me last week for a cracked windshield. I know you were disappointed the Crown Royal bag only had screws and bolts from work in it.
  23. Account Warehouse

    This is one of the most ridiculous changes in this patch and I do not like it either. They don't want you to play just one character, I believe the idea is for you to spend money on several characters. This used to be the case for me as I would spend on costumes or mounts (pre Luna) for characters. I won't buy scrolls with only a 9 minute time, or whatever it is, and pop them like candy. Then again, I used to play this game more often, now it is just secondary for me. Play two other games and can account trade all day every day. Personally think this was a bad idea for a money grab, and not well thought out. If they claim it was done to prevent RMT or botting, well guess what, it didn't work.
  24. Grazt NC Soft you win

    Actually you win, if you don't spend any money to them and continue to play. You can get geared eventually, may take a little longer but is possible. I do agree it was a rip getting your inventory ransacked, I was not happy with that either, kinda felt like the Internal Revenue went through it.
  25. P2W much?

    To get back on track this is about a player Jiahci I think, that got exchange gear on the new server? Hopefully on Monday when all the staff gets back to work they can give a response. If any other players got the same, then that needs investigating also. Not sure how they go about a server wide investigation, but that is their job not mine. Now back to my coffee.