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  1. AIon 7.0

    "Ohh pretty armor!" Except it'lll be hidden behind a bugs bunny outfit 99% of the time. YAY! Yep this and the ridiculous account trading, hope they go away soon.
  2. P2W much?

    Cyan is innocent until proven guilty, the only guy that seems to listen or respond here. Gideon, well he is busy leaving his book in every motel room across the U.S. Just wait to see what they come up with. It is a holiday for them too so don't expect anything until Monday. Have a great Holiday.
  3. Letter to NCSoft

    I played on Kaisinel back at launch and I seem to remember as a Sin, that if you poisoned someone it flight it dropped their wings and they fell to death. Was a glitch that was corrected pretty fast I think. Was still fun XD.
  4. Ranger BOTS all over map

    Every attempt this and any other game has ever made to stop bots and RMT does nothing but punish the legitimate player base. The game that I have seen do the best at stopping it is BDO yet there is still bots and RMT in a sense of guild payouts and power leveling. Every time I go to Panda there is the OKGOLD spammer still there. Your not going to stop it so please stop screwing over the players that have been dedicated to you. As for the bots now, the only way to slow it down is for someone to get online daily. I don't think anyone pays attention to the report bot function.
  5. Aion August Preview - Updated 8/21

    they are working on a fix right now.
  6. Kumuki's Daring Rescue Event Reward List

    This morning when i logged in I checked instance info for Kumuki. It showed 2 runs ( prestige pack). I did one then another on other character. Now it shows CD 24hrs. Just curious if it is 2 runs per character for Prestige Pack. I think it used to be 2 runs per character? Now on other characters it shows just one available.

    I have been kicked a few times and I am always actively participating. Well until it is an obvious loss anyway. One time I saw my whole alliance being booted one by one, then it was my turn, and got kicked while in action. I always quick enter because I am not geared but at least I try. One time a warning popped up in my chat in white lettering saying something about being reported for not paying internet cafe fees or something like that, it popped up and not only was I booted but game shutdown and crashed my connection before I could read the whole message. I am not sure if that is related or what the heck happened, but I do not use internet cafe in fact closest one to me is 120 miles I think. It is sad that some resort to dirty tactics just to preserve a guaranteed win. There has been the mention of a particular couple of players that are doing this mass kicking, but I won't mention the names and have a CyanHammer derail this. Kick button needs to go, every run I have done in quick enter is full of afk players so it only serves as a means for dirty players to take advantage of the feature.
  8. I just came back recently also and noticed this. Game is pretty dead compared to 8 months ago. Did notice the same old trolls are still here flapping their lips 24/7, would trade 2 particular trolls for 2 gold spammers sitting in Panda.
  9. Verification Code

    Thanks Forgotten, Don't know why i didn't think of a UPS we have a lot of them at work. Yes it is frustrating how long it all takes to get back in game. If you are in a instance when it happens your done with that by the time you get back on.
  10. Verification Code

    I recently came back and had to go through the verification's for 3 accounts. Shortly after I lost my net and had to do the verification emails again. About 30 minutes after I was back on we had a power bump.....and had to do them again.... I have static ip so as long as I can keep it on I am okay. Question is anyway around having to do this? One email from however does this at NCsoft took 27 minutes response ( they are time stamped). Did they forget to lick the stamp before sending it? This is the only game I have seen that has this verification and it is quite a pain. Oh and yea later that evening had another power bump and lost it again. Start all over. Where I live in boondocks it can happen frequently at times, I know it is my problem, just looking for some kind of work around it.
  11. XIGN Crashing

    Yesterday i dc'd in Kamar, EC, and OW. I don't know if it was Xign or not but very frustrating. I use Reduce the Lag anyone know if that can cause it?
  12. gj ncsoft

    I work for a casino, a mid level one. Net profits range around 18 million annually. Slot machines, video poker, games, they are all ranged and they are adjustable within legal percentages. With all the people that come through our doors regularly and most are returning users, the percentage that walk out with big wins in their pockets is less than 10%. The same can be said with players getting gear to +20, +25 whatever. Not all have the same odds in their favor, therefore NcSoft has limited themselves to a smaller player base that will stay and support them. Putting all their eggs in one basket sort of. I remember the days of trying to socket 6 slots on gear, before supplements were around, and get to the last slot and all break. Was common to hear about players going through hundreds of stones for one piece of gear. Personally I know of two that left the game because of it and never came back. Not all have unlimited resources and time to get a full set of +7 accessories, and they will eventually leave. If they didn't break it would be a different story, but they have chosen to stick with a very bad and very unpopular mechanic. They have chosen to not listen to the player base for NA. December 2016 the Korean Devs came and were interested in what the NA player base had to say, and would look into what was needed to be done. Slightly over one year later and....what.
  13. gj ncsoft

    Plus five nothing. I tried 3x at +2 all broke and done screw that. It's all rng and this games rng is not for everyone. Takes alot money, luck and no life commitment. Should be able to earn them same way as the lvl 75. I see a huge gap coming between the high spenders and the average player. I won't put anything into breaking gear not worth it, really don't play this much anymore at all because of bright idea's like this patch.
  14. Congratuations

    Seem to remember a few months ago, another Ely had posted pics with private chat with a high ranking gunner who admitted to account trading, cheating and some other devious intentions. That gunner has changed his name several times. Possibly to avoid action taken. Changed so many times I lost track of who is who. I think evidence of private chat regarding those matters should have been ample for NcSoft to do something other than look the other way. Keep up the good work I am sure your actions or lack there of will attract a huge honest player base. That post was removed within a matter of couple hours.
  15. Bos Glitch - I think i might be superfat

    Casey, The comments/whispers in the pic, lol sorry just struck me as funny
  16. LAG

    The event trees rest after your scheduled server crash. This is an extremely serious issue that need to be resolved. We could be facing a shortage of Enchantment stone dust due to this issue...........
  17. Fallen poeta abuse

    They should be permanently banned. Hacking to me shows a lack of character, a dishonesty in the person. Like a guy plays from Antarctica and bounces 5 skills per second off my forehead, sure he is legit. I have been playing since launch and now rarely log on. Seems now the justification is " everyone hacks so it's okay" mentality. Your name is on this NcSoft, it reflects on you that it goes by with a mere slap on the wrist. How many legitimate and paying players have left for reasons like this. Why is it not handled like GW2 (yes NcSoft) did to that hacker a couple years ago. They posted a video of his character being stripped of gear, all items deleted, then jumped to characters death. At end character deleted and account closed. It made a pretty strong point. They were chastised some for being to harsh but, the guy cheated, was the cause of some others leaving.
  18. Still lame no skill pvp in the game?

    Yes, only now it's mainly AFK pvp
  19. sudden server shutdown

    Can't run SFT anyway, get constant dc's since last maint. and yes I know about the graphics setting. Was in Kamar and lost that run. Supposedly the premier online gaming company lol. I am certain the upcoming merge will go through without a hitch.......
  20. Gideon, Since last maintenance when you went to 32 bit, I have done nothing but constant dc. Can't run the event instance because I may cause someone else to lose their run. Seems like about every 30 minutes. Takes 7 minutes for the game to reload then says I am already logged in and dc's me again. Second time around it logs me in. Can't run dual client at all that's an instant dc. While I am playing and successfully complete an instance, such as Kamar Battlefield, when I get back to regular server I have no chat at all. No lfg, legion, nothing and have to restart the game. So the question, you still plan to merge servers with a lot of known issues right now? I don't have a lot of confidence that this will go smoothly. I am not the only one experiencing this and I play other games, such as GW2 and have no problems whatsoever.
  21. PvP weapon for SM

    Sorry to revive an older topic, but if you have an attack speed weapon +19 is it still good to get attack speed gloves or is that overkill?
  22. Anyone Else

    have this problem. Sometimes when I go from Norsvold to harbringers, the game screen turns grey and game crashes. Unfortunately it stays there just grey screen and can't close it. Task manager will not close it either. I have to go into Processes and manually close aion.bin then I can restart and works okay. I play other games, GW2 included and have never had this problem. Seems only Aion.
  23. Prestige Pack Daily/Weekly

    Since maintenance this morning the daily and weekly Prestige quests are gone. Have heard a few players mention they cannot get the quests.
  24. Siege Optimization

    What happened to this, was it moved, deleted, or am I missing something. I don't siege often so just noticed. Was nice to reduce the graphics to a 1940's cartoon and have less lag. If there is another post for this sorry couldn't find it.
  25. EVENT - Secrets of the Ancients Question

    Yep you are correct, and used all the boxes on all my characters now and have a crap ton of keys left over on all characters. After the first use on all characters I did not have 3 boxes left, so after that at no given point did I have 3 boxes. All 6 characters have a bunch of keys and no boxes to use them on. Regardless that is a fail. Why would I even purchase keys. No boxes to purchase so event is a failure. Say what you want I have all these keys and no boxes, so no I did not get a box every time.