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  1. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    Are pvp enchantment stones (any grade above ancient) going to become more readily available to the common playerbase, or are the majority of players (who didn't previously purchase stacks of tempering solutions from the cash shop last patch) going to be stuck in yellow gear forever? Your plan to have Aion be more "free to play" is invalidated by the fact that Players needed to have previously spent a lot of money last patch in order to have any kind of viable compensation gear this patch Players need to purchase luna in order to reset pvp instances for the chance to get legendary pvp enchantment stones. I personally don't care if it's a cash shop item, luna craft item, instance drop item, or if there's some sort of "x amount of ancient stones to 1 legendary stone" upgrade vendor, I'm just sure the majority of the playerbase want to be able to progress further in the game than yellow gear. ty for coming to my ted talk