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  1. Satisfaction survey

    I really dont get why are you guys complaining about 6.0. You are complaining about stuff removed. Most 5.0 instances are boring and worthless. And dont tell me about the XP. This lvling system is lame. So yeah, they did good removing them. Also, Nors and Iluma are also crap. Beautiful maps but insane lag and only Zerging PvP. No thanks. Levinshor was good till 5.0 and it is pretty dead now. Kaldor born dead. I wont even mention Lower abyss. Yas we will miss maps like Morheim and Eltnem but since FT server their PvP died and focusing lvling in few maps will make it easier and less boring. Most skills were not removed, but fused. Also there are new skills. Some were really removed due class rebalance. This will make the skill rotation easier, more slots in skillbar, etc. Lakrum has the same system than old maps, since Elys and Asmos will share it. Way better than Nors and Iluma. "But Koreans didnt like it blablabla". The way they play and see the game are very different than ours. Come on, they liked 5.0 stuff and +40 gear. Meh. No thanks. I think you guys just want to complain.
  2. New Server Name Suggestions

    Come on guys, let's try some bad asses names. Some random NPCs and nerfed bosses are meh. Katalam and Danaria, ok but why not Katalam and Sarpan? Best places ever. Also Apsu and Ahserion or Ahserion and Ereshkigal.