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  1. Stigma enchant rates, I loled

    Are you Arhanchelos craying for Aion's RNG? Aren't you the same person who posted thousands of times his two Kaisinel transformations without suffering with the RNG? well let me tell you something, welcome to the real world where 95% of players live. Keep trying, in the end it's all about the RNG
  2. Tomorrow EU got the update 7.2: Shadows Over Red Katalam (https://forum.aion.gameforge.com/forum/thread/4946-7-2-update-maintenance-30-10-2019/) Here you can find the patchnote: https://cmsstatic.aion.gameforge.com/Misc/Patchnotes_Update_7_2_en.pdf Sit back and wait comfortably, this update is expected here s o o n s h l y