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  1. I asked for a reply from a mod, not an insufferable c*nt that is still crying about ap trading. god bless hope your day gets better
  2. When fighting Bakarma, there is currently a lure spot whereby you can take the boss to the bottom floor of the boss room (where the lava periodically hits you) and position him on a small cliff. Players can position themselves below the small cliff, and the small elevation difference allows you to dodge Battle Cry, Stun Strike, Flame Shower of Wrath, and Powerful Knockdown. You still get hit by Stun Strike, or whichever ability stuns you but cannot be removed by Remove Shock. I'm curious if this is considered an exploit/bug abuse that is punishable by ban. I have assumed no as many groups
  3. yall stay getting rolled and smoked god bless
  4. The only setting you can't change is "Block whispers from players < level 10", NCSoft is likely partnered with these gold sellers or selling gold themselves. No loyal dog bites the hand that feeds it, stay woke god bless
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