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  1. This is for the newer players, Why not put ultimate dark talon weapon / armor boxes as rewards? They are obtainable through guard rifting with a low chance, let's put the armors in there! Also A rank minium and enchantment stone!
  2. Thank you GM Kibblez, you stopped my friends from quitting!
  3. Server transfers has been on discussion for a while now and a lot of people are disappointed that they could not transfer. You're ruining the hopes of e-daters from DN to enjoy their time here in KT. People like because-dn have been waiting for transfer since it was announced and he is also trying to get away from his ex-girlfriend. Ps. Please sell us Ultimate transformation through BCM or an event, our unemployment benefits are running out and the 2nd stimulus package is coming up.
  4. @Kibbelz My guy, you are single handedly saving aion, keep it up brothaaa! Also I don't see ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION But we'll forgive you for now
  5. End game content standpoint 1) Ultimate Transformation (even put the pot in BCM for 20-80 nc coin each) 2) A rank Minium (it takes 2 months worth of resetting daily to have a CHANCE to get an S rank) 3) Platinum cubic (It's been introduced to the game since 7.0 and there are NO WAY of obtaining it other than pity 10 cubic a week) I cannot stress this enough, Ultimate transformation. People enjoy the game a lot more when you're fighting someone with equal footing
  6. I wish top tier and valiant would respect other members of the factions!
  7. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  8. KT-E doesn't deserve a leader, I've tried and all i got in return was complains, shit talk and hate. I made every alliances and we've always won but I got nothing but hate
  9. HELL YE DUDE! $25 skin in fortnite is 100x more worth it!
  10. I used to defend Aion when my friends that quit say "the game is dead, why do you still play?" Now I'm finally realizing what they meant
  11. I guess i'd rather play with level 0 augment than give another cent. They showed how much they cared about us, now we'll show how much we care about them. Thank you for making this easier for me not to spend.
  12. People will never catch up on gear at this rate, I myself is very very geared compared to the average joe and people finally had hopes of coming back and at least getting 1 step behind instead of 3 steps behind. The game is already dying and this just made sure it die, this also is the worst time to make mistakes that Bless Online is coming out in a month and Archage is getting a fresh start. Players will leave because of bad customer server, just like in real life. Please reconsider the prices.
  13. Roses are Red, Omegas are Blue, You broke the event, and the blame is on YOU Please reconsider these prices...
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