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  1. you must have been asmo as that side yes has many siel
  2. lol there was barely any eb runs cross server in the beginning in fact majority of the community failed at EB with the resurgence gear lets keep fabricating storys to make your siel peen bigger
  3. talk negatively? I speak my mind to those whom are lazy, not productive, or cheaters or all 3 now those individuals do not need named here and you already see what the server has to say enough said those few voices dont speak for the server
  4. oh and my reason for leaving was stated after me calling Authiel out i refused to work with a cheater told him to clean it up with enough warning i left then Laviz made him quit
  5. wrong majority of rerolls was from Tiamat and Kahrun not siel good number of beritra was fresh players as well as from europe
  6. last i checked this was a video game and much of what a game requires is competition give it to them
  7. it's funny how Siel players think they know why people joined Beritra i was comfortable with my rank on israphel fact i left Israphel due to peoples cheating. The fact of the matter is i no longer would give all i got for a faction of cheaters thats why i left at that time. Authiel and his cheating the asmodians i advised them to knock it the hell off they chose to continue i left end of story. But now we are forced back into general population.
  8. GP merchant was in game currency nobody but DavidPM was dumb enough to buy the items off BCM
  9. i would gladly give up my general to earn it again people will be competitive once again
  10. i believe it's more so of what he did when he was active as well
  11. all im hearing is excuses of people not to compete as intended here boo hoo
  12. afk arena would not contend with those who actually play them out
  13. Who does it punish you? lol you are a cleric therefor you can join any group for GP contribution as your class is in demand for you to not have confidence in this 4-6 months? does not amount to 4 years if the gap was only a few months gap sure people would still play Beritra is a ghost town after the announcement yet for them to not deliver in spring as intended
  14. yes but Ncsoft can rebalance that this time around no ap exchange let people pvp for it well PVE in EB too i guess who is it punishing those active players will maintain there rank the very next day your smart enough of a guy to understand that erasing a large number means nothing
  15. my concern is not my rank i gave that up freely it's the X amount of the general population who had given up progressing in december players had returned to TM KR IS SL as they had been informed they would be wasting there time on beritra. The fact Beritra was a very strong server to nothing should tell you the numbers in limbo here. I still play but im speaking for those who do not have the interest. current ranking of the merger is nothing but a number let the active generals commander governor be on top again competing a million GP could soon be 100k fact of the matter is the
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